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  1. Oh man... The fist helmet sent me down another rabbit hole all the way back to the WWE Are You Serious YouTube series. Pure joy, those. Especially Puppet H
  2. Wow! That might be the least Warrior ever said during a promo. That paired with no paint job makes me think something might've been going on with him that particular day. Late 80s / Early 90's WWF was so awesome.
  3. I just randomly thought about how much effort UW, the Rockers and the Anvil had to put into coming up with the name of their Survivor Series team. Seriously... wtf is Warrior doing in this promo? He's literally taping his team up! HBK seems to get just a bit annoyed with him towards the end when the tape gets around his neck, Anvil just goes along with it while Janetty seems indifferent lol. I think Warrior almost breaks character and laughs at the end, too. #vintagewarrior Oh the old days.... And how I miss Warrior.
  4. That's an EGOP on my impulse. Standard generic clips & screws
  5. It'd be a lot more gorgeous if the stripes weren't flipped on the body
  6. Looks to me like a Rawlings Impulse. I think it's the same as my "White Red Army" helmet shown above. It's also the second most comfortable helmet in my collection.
  7. Within 2 months, me and my GF went through all 10 seasons of Friends. We couldn't believe it was over already. Before that we watched: - Three's Company (DVD set, all 8 seasons) - Friday Night Tykes - Last Chance U We're currently on Lie to Me*. I loved it when it was on originally, so now I've gotten her hooked on it years after the fact. As individuals : I'm watching Cheers (early season 4) and Lucha Underground (Not far past the inaugural Aztec Warfare). She's been watching Prison Break.
  8. Not a chance.
  9. I'm pretty sure those decals are smaller than normal. But if they are it's not by much.
  10. Yep, I'm jelly. I had one of those a while back and I regret growing out of it.
  11. Very nice "killing" of the ringpost LED board. Comical, really. Edit: RR came nowhere close to getting the shoulder up. This is bad.
  12. So they just posed the question "how do you stop Braun Strowman?" The obvious answer is have him feud with RR
  13. I've got the home pins with the patch (patch added later). I also had the dreaded periwinkle alt at one point. To this day I still wear my "Winged Angels" shirt and 5950. The road pins are still my biggest whale. I can't find it anywhere!
  14. Actually looks like he's avoiding a slide while turning 2.
  15. It's been quite some time since I updated you guys on my collection. There have been several additions over the last couple of years. Since I'm a movie nerd, I added this one a good while back. Central Wildcats Then I added a Broncos Authentic back in early 2016. Then I decided to make an alternate Red Army helmet (My Fantasy Football team) to match with the original Red one found on page 2. ........................................................ And then I added the jewel of my collection about a month ago: