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  1. Me too, my friend. Every one of their songs I remember doing something in my life while listening to their music. Although their sound has changed over the years, my ears have always adapted. Every song. Every album. They'll always be my favorite band. Nobody will ever top them. Side note- had to cut my grass last night.... Guess what my playlist was? 51 songs. All LP. Celebrity deaths don't usually get to me, but this one absolutely hits home.
  2. 7 1/2 Cover shipping and it's yours
  3. Still looking to unload it you're interested
  4. Oh man... the stripes on the back of those Clemson helmets look TERRIBLE. Looks like the helmet is constructed of spare parts that don't really fit together.
  5. We got tired of disagreeing on which Netflix show/movie to watch next so we binged a bunch of RedBox movies. Blood Father - Good, not great. 7/10 Everybody Loves Somebody - chick flick - 7.5/10. Not bad at all for a lady film CHIPs - 6.5/10. Funny as Hell. Lots of language, though. Enjoyed it. Hell or High Water - diamond in the rough. I loved every bit of it. I'm not sure I stopped laughing for any more than 30 seconds between. This movie reminds me so much of Seven Psychopaths, which is a VERY underrated movie in my book. I would definitely watch this one again. I swear we watched more, but these are the only ones I seem to remember.
  6. Sprinkle Spangles
  7. I did a double take when I saw them in Walmart on Monday. Didn't know they were back
  8. Yeah. The time Bret wore an actual singlet instead of long tights.... That's the only reason I remember this match.
  9. Several more Yankees in Trenton: Jeter, Pettitte, A-Rod
  10. Brett Gardner in Charleston:
  11. A-Rod in his Rehab stint in Charleston:
  12. I was telling my gf earlier about this whole ordeal with the "Broncos helmet fiasco & message board people". She said "that's all interesting, but who REALLY cares about a stupid football helmet stripe?" THAT'S WHY I LOVE THIS PLACE.
  13. Just something about Broncos helmets are always a mystery. First, the brown/blue bronco fiasco from the 60's and now this. <Character eating Popcorn gif goes here>
  14. Next thing you know, the Ravens and Titans are going to shock the world and say they do the same thing lol
  15. Those are definitely 3 individual stripes.