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  1. I guess I'm out of my bloody mind. Holy cow. Those stripes were huge then and they're still huge now
  2. I prefer to not think of this game. They broke up our perfect season.
  3. ...but is the football team still gonna wear BFBS uniforms?
  4. Deal or no Deal was almost unbearable. If the people on there were so bad off, stop opening cases when your offers are in the 6 digits already. Poor people can be greedy too, and it almost always comes back to bite them.
  5. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Without giving anything away..... I could not believe how that ONE red ball made a direct B-line towards that ONE spot on the last drop and that couple ended up the way they did. Absolutely crazy. I didn't see that particular ending coming at all. The fault was the husband's. He never should have tripled up on that final drop.
  6. I had a Koho replica Kovalchuk in that style. That thing was CRAZY comfortable. And it looked damn good, too. Every time one shows up I kick myself for getting rid of mine.
  7. I'm so torn on this topic. I love the old OC template, but the current set has all the success. My happy medium would be the color rush tops with white pants and the current helmet. No changes to the helmet, please.
  8. Its a sad day indeed. I just re-watched Episodes 4&5 yesterday, and I'm watching 6 this afternoon. I have a feeling it's going to be a lot harder to watch today than they were yesterday RIP Princess Leia
  9. .
  10. Good luck, Miami. We don't want to make the playoffs. This Broncos offense makes me sick. Stephenson will be undoubtedly looking for a job as will most of our O-Linemen. Take all of our draft picks and draft an all new O-Line. THAT'S what I want for Christmas next year. I'll take Romo, too.
  11. Just read a report that Carrie Fischer has had a heart attack. Send your prayers, guys. May the force be with Princess Leia now more than ever.
  12. Rogue One was absolutely outstanding. I would've paid full price just for that last scene alone. What an ending. Absolutely seamless segue into ANH.
  13. Yeah. Bad Emma was the best Emma. No question. Sexy AF.
  14. nfl

    You misspelled stupid
  15. Can I LOVE a post instead of just like it? This is a quality post.