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  1. Ohno wears knee pads under his street clothes,,,,,. What a goof
  2. Totally digging the direction this thread is going. There can never be enough Alexa talk IMO.
  3. It seems since she got up to the main roster she hasn't looked the same at all. Like she's a completely different person altogether than she was in NXT
  4. At least Peyton is kinda hot... But hey at least she's not trippin on flowers anymore (I guess)
  5. Watching NXT an hour late, but I have to ask this question: Is there ANY redeeming quality to be had with Billie Kay? Her movement in the ring looks STIFF AS HELL, and frankly unbelievable. Even when she's running the ropes, she looks like the slowest person I've ever seen. Even her in-ring outfit is terrible. Not a good character.... nothing good at all. I mean I know Liv is green as hell, but even She makes Billie Kay look like a beginner. I can't be alone in this school of thought can I?
  6. Bray just had to Bo-lieve. ....and Daddy is already working on a way for Bray to evade his taxes that come from being the Champ.
  7. Easy PPV paycheck for Miz, eh?
  8. That's some weak $hit, WWE
  9. Styles with the Tye Breaker! The surrounding flooring in the chamber sure doesn't seem as lethal as it used to.
  10. Cena a Gator fan? I thought it when I saw RR but didn't bother asking.
  11. My knees get weak. Whenever she's (Alexa) around.
  12. Luke Harper can NOT take an RKO to save his life. 0/2 so far. Good match, though.
  13. Boy am I glad I keep up with NXT... Otherwise I wouldn't know any of these people lol