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  1. As it pertains to the CWC, I'm gonna give an unpopular opinion. Yeah, I don't see why some people around here or the IWC in general cream their pants over ZSJ. That was BY FAR the most boring match in the first round thus far. Also, dude looks like he's never seen a weight room in his life. I don't even believe he's 180lbs.
  2. IMO Finn shouldn't DEMON himself for SS, or right away, even. Let him get some wins under his belt before they break out the demon. That should be saved for a REALLY special moment.
  3. Oh man.... childhood here I come! Looks as though they have spring-loaded finishing moves too. Thats awesome. Edit: look how young UT looks!
  4. Damn it!!!!! Who am I supposed to watch for on NXT now? Seriously... who's left in NXT? The cupboard is looking pretty bare for the time being. Joe, Nakamura, Bayley (I believe she's Sasha's mystery partner Sunday), Revival, Dillinger, Asuka, Aries. Even Mojo Rawley got drafted. He's terrible.
  5. Nia Jax = Ryan Leaf
  6. I haven't watched wrestling live in probably a year or so but I turned it on for the occasion. WTF happened to Dana Brooke since NXT? She looks.... girly. And stupid. She looked better with silver hair.
  7. Funny story... I was cruising my local Pawn Shop for DVDs this afternoon (all DVDs $1), when I found a DVD of TNA Victory Road 11. I'm sure everyone here knows exactly what happened at that event, so I geeked out and bought it. I figured at $1, it was worth it to have a MINUS 5 STARS match on hand whenever I feel like watching it. Also, the DVD case has two autographs on it.... and I have no idea whose they are.
  8. My older brother bought a "New Day Rocks" shirt just to wear to the gym. He doesn't even wear t-shirts. Now he doesn't go to the gym anymore.
  9. NYG just moved up in the uniform rankings.... at home anyway. In an unrelated note: Let's not talk about the 1986 Giants.
  10. Nice to see Sable again.... BROCK FTW!!!
  11. Its time to go to Suplex City! Let's go Lesnar!
  12. My eyes were cleansed with this week's NXT. Bliss/Bayley was Takeover worthy as was AA/Revival. Just great action all around.
  13. Ok. First of all, I just watched "The Final Deletion". Second of all, What the Eff did i just watch? There are literally no words. Huh.
  14. Washington has 3 too many sets of stripes. Thats the accepted (and correct, IMO) answer. Hell, if they just went back to double stripes on the pants and socks, I could live with the helmet stripes being different.
  15. Those are some legit terrible Photoshop jobs