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  1. I'm sure it is.... I'm just curious about the placement being so horrible.
  2. Did Broadway Joe apply his own decals? I mean that thing is downhill big time!
  3. Damn. Styles win clean. Didn't see that one coming!
  4. Nice hint there at Bullet Club with Finn.
  5. It was one HELL of a fight. We didn't want it to end. McGregor definitely won, though.
  6. My predictions: Billie Kay vs. EMBER MOON Almas vs. BOBBY ROOOOOOO Revival vs. GARGANO & CIAMPA Bayley vs. ASUKA Nakamura vs. JOE (There will be a rematch later Nakamura wins) Thats gonna be fun trying to watch NXT and UFC 202 tonight....
  7. As it pertains to WWE weekend.... I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Revival vs. Gargano & Ciampa is gonna steal the show and be match of the weekend.... although I'm definitely looking forward to Joe / Nakamura most. BTW... We haven't heard from Tye Dillinger in a while. Not on the recent taping schedules I guess. Also, not that I care AT ALL, but where is Elias Sampson?
  8. No particular order here.... but here's a few of my faves. UK Union Jack Canada Sweden Ireland State Flags: South Carolina (Homer pick) Arizona Colorado Hawaii My favorite 2 All time flags fly on my flagpole at home:
  9. Oh, I figured it had something to do with Kane, but that's the best they could come up with? Your WWE at work, I guess.
  10. nfl

    This may be nitpicky, but the Broncos cover the back vents up on the speed helmets.
  11. The Demon KING? WTF have I missed in 3 weeks?
  12. The shield allowed the Broncos to do a memorial decal for the Aurora shootings, but the Cowboys aren't allowed to. There's your line in the sand, fellas. /NFLlogic
  13. FTFY. I too also thought match of the night was going to Metalik & Tajiri. That was a great match as well, especially since I wasn't too sure who was going over.
  14. Every damn week now we have to discuss how great one specific match was on CWC. This week: Ibishi vs. Alexander. Holy cow.... There's just no words. Action packed as Hell.