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  1. I was telling my gf earlier about this whole ordeal with the "Broncos helmet fiasco & message board people". She said "that's all interesting, but who REALLY cares about a stupid football helmet stripe?" THAT'S WHY I LOVE THIS PLACE.
  2. Just something about Broncos helmets are always a mystery. First, the brown/blue bronco fiasco from the 60's and now this. <Character eating Popcorn gif goes here>
  3. Next thing you know, the Ravens and Titans are going to shock the world and say they do the same thing lol
  4. Those are definitely 3 individual stripes.
  5. I think we broke the thread
  6. What's the most puzzling to me is that the stripe vinyl is nowhere near as thick as the logo. It's pretty much equivalent to a bumper sticker. Not at all like the 3M decals. Can't believe you never see them Peel or rip during games and practices . Even more puzzling than that is how seemingly nobody else on here noticed this before now
  7. Incorrect. The underside of the stripes are WHITE vinyl. No transparency whatsoever. (See pictured) The "scuff mark" you're referring to was the aforementioned lens flare. Looks to me like the stripes start out as white, and then get printed orange and blue. Obviously they get die cut after. At least you know that if you ever get a Bronco helmet elsewhere and it doesn't have the navy trim on the stripes/decals, call the cops, cuz you've been rooked.
  8. Luckily... I've got an authentic. I can upload pics! Here's what we got- three individual stripes - all navy/orange/navy. It's just all.... Weird. But, it's still the jewel of my collection. Parson the lens flare, by the way.
  9. The stripe is one piece. Navy outlines around every bit of it. Side Logos included. In fact, when you Peel the stripe off, the underside of the vinyl is white. I've always disliked it, but that's the way it's always been.
  10. Nobody messes with Adam We!
  11. I don't do the roast beef ever, but all their chicken options are very good. CBR, CBS, and Buffalo to be exact. The Gyros are awesome as well. Remember when they had 2 for $6 gyros like 2 months ago? They made a killing on me alone.
  12. What? No Roanoke Express fans in the house??
  13. God I used to hate them when they used to be in the ECHL.
  14. Absolutely. Horrible. By the way... is that your real name?
  15. All these years later.... Everytime I attend a graduation (which is where I am now) I can't keep images of Randy Savage out of my head. Wrestling nerd I guess.