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  1. I've thought the same for a while, myself. I liked the WBW triple stripe they used in the past. The plain white stripe never made sense to me. All this being said, I absolutely LOVE UGA's uniforms and I think the blackouts are outstanding.
  2. OK... So I'm through the first 8 episodes of LU and only one thing about it is bugging the crap out of me. WHY does luchador ABC (and sometimes groups of them) stand outside of the ring, look up at Luchador 123 for a minimum of three seconds BEFORE said Luchador jumps onto him? I mean, couldn't they just take several steps one way before the guy even jumps? It's absolute lunacy how many times this happens each episode. Im already to the point that I don't even watch the aggressor, and just watch the guys that are fixing to catch him just to see how long they stand there like gargoyles before the action happens
  3. My other half had surgery this morning at 8am, which left me with several hours in the waiting room / normal room to kill. I started Lucha Underground
  4. Wow. Thanks for the info. I NEVER watched the Turner product at all, so I missed a lot of this crazy shtick (that maybe wasn't covered in the MNW series)
  5. OK I'll bite. What was the white faced character for Dustin Rhodes? Never seen that before. Must've been in his WCW run? Before or after King of the Road?
  6. Sad day indeed. A true comedy legend. Anyway, here is HANDS DOWN my favorite bit of his:
  7. Nope. I hate Cena as much as the next guy, but there's literally NO WAY I'd ever willingly cheer for RR
  8. Man! U are relentless! I don't like him either. I think we're the only 2
  9. If this isn't the end... It sure feels like it. Thank You, Deadman.
  10. Let the trash fly!
  11. Who took more spears? Taker or Lesnar?
  12. Botchamania!!!
  13. That was a terrible kick out attempt there, RR
  14. Jeezus. U can just see how much pain Mean Mark is in. I'm hurting for him already.
  15. Hilarious. Even WWE couldn't make him walk the whole ramp