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  1. We couldn't turn it off lol. One of the wackiest games I've ever seen start to finish. All 3 games I watched every minute of this weekend went to OT. The Citadel / Wofford Falcons / Chargers And this :censored:ing game Let's hope the Broncos don't go for four tomorrow night.
  2. nfl

    Look at him in live action. Horrible. Bolts are sooooo low and appear tilted backwards
  3. nfl

    Looks really bad with the Chargers too. See: Bosa, Joey.
  4. nfl

    Several Falcon players have different sock stripes than others. It's quite maddening.
  5. nfl

    @DustDevil61 just nailed it. Broncos belong in white pants. Period. End of story. (So does Washington)
  6. nfl

    Yep. Amazing look. I couldn't believe how much I had missed it while it was away. And the result of the game was even better!
  7. El Cid has a new helmet.... Apparently to be used with our "Duty" uniforms at some point. Here are the "Duty" uniforms for reference.
  8. Now that I've seen them next to each other.... Yeah, I still like the current Broncos helmet better than the Color Rush version. I didn't know the orange was THAT much different. The orange on the current SCREAMS at you. Perhaps we could keep the current helmet and the CR tops with white pants in the future.
  9. nfl

    Aww, you CAN spell after all. I'm proud of you, kid.
  10. nfl

    The Jets R waring white sockz dude. Also, da Stillers bumblebees paired with pink accessories looks pretty horrendous.
  11. ^^^ I'll agree with that. The Revo Speed is definitely easy on the eyes. I like the more common mask better, seen on the likes of Demaryius Thomas.
  12. Maybe WavePunter can help me out here.... But I think Summerville High School started using it in the '60s as well. Either way... The letter in an oval is OLD.
  13. I've seen catalog pages from years ago showing all the "letter in an oval" choices. I'm of the opinion that it originated with a decal maker somewhere.... There's been a TON of them used over the years.
  14. Moncks Corner, SC