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  1. So.... an entire PPV goes by and this thread grew by 4 posts. I'm guessing I won't be missing a whole lot by not watching it later on.
  2. nfl

    Looks like about 40% or the Skins have the sock stripes upside down. It certainly isn't just KC.
  3. C - 0 M - 0 Y - 0 K - 0
  4. White is the absence of color. /Art 101
  5. You know where you are, right??? The stripes are driving me crazy as well.
  6. Another thing I find interesting about that Broncos helmet.... that it's three separate stripes. I love little caveats like that. Speaking of..... Does anybody know if Washington uses three separate stripes or one that includes clear in between? It seems like they're separate, I've just always been curious.
  7. I can't believe it. I'm in love. All over again. These MAY look better than the current. Edit: The promo shots reveal that they were OBVIOUSLY photoshopped now. What a difference a stripe makes. Promo shot of helmet <<<<<<<< Actual helmet
  8. I've seen Dippin' Dots served in mini hockey helmets before.... I had one, once.
  9. THAT is absolutely perfect. If my Broncos have to get away from the current set, these are absolutely the best possible choice. I'm actually looking forward to this, actually.
  10. I've been crushing on her since she went heel back in NXT. She's absolutely perfect. As we all know, I also felt the same about Emma. I guess I have a thing for bad girls with good looks and great bods.
  11. That's a custom Mini helmet.
  12. I hate the helmet the broncos went with. Other than that, I don't mind our set. I'm a big time fan of the orange crush era, but the navy helmet with the triple stripe just doesn't do it for me. Probably because the previous blue helmet had a white mask. This one just doesn't look good. Please Broncos keep the current helmet following CR!
  13. Been preaching to the masses on this topic since her debut on NXT. She's awful.
  14. What brand/style helmet is David Johnson wearing?
  15. He said "What time is it? " I kinda had 3 Punk mark out moments during that fight. 1. Cult of Personality 2. "What time is it? " 3. After fight interview. He's still the best on the mic.