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  1. Can I LOVE a post instead of just like it? This is a quality post.
  2. Wow. WWE is soooo stupid sometimes. Glad I didn't pay $50 for that match alone. Apparently a 50 year old man can beat WWE's top commodity in 2 minutes. F you, WWE.
  3. As an unmuddied lake
  4. Big time boner by the sound guy there at the conclusion of the Joe/Nakamura match. Played Joe's original horrible lifeless theme before fixing it.
  5. I know. Absolutely horrible. Saw em in Charleston 2 weeks ago. Could not believe somebody actually signed off on those. As far as the decals go... Is that a permanent switch? This would be 3 different decal designs in 3 seasons. Pretty hefty number for a SoCon school
  6. I wonder if this means the SU logo on the current helmets is bound for the dumpster.
  7. Back in the 90s, we went to tapings in Charleston anytime WWF(E) was there. I remember one particular night Yokozuna wrestled 3 times. Different outfits all 3 matches. Bret wrestled twice, Taker twice as well. The main event one time was Bret vs. Bam Bam. (I remember that because Bret gave me his glasses that night and had the match written on there along with his sig.) And I remember one thing above all else... The smoke used for Papa Shango's entrances STANK. Never smelled anything worse since then.
  8. It's not really her first name, either.
  9. We couldn't turn it off lol. One of the wackiest games I've ever seen start to finish. All 3 games I watched every minute of this weekend went to OT. The Citadel / Wofford Falcons / Chargers And this :censored:ing game Let's hope the Broncos don't go for four tomorrow night.
  10. nfl

    Look at him in live action. Horrible. Bolts are sooooo low and appear tilted backwards
  11. nfl

    Looks really bad with the Chargers too. See: Bosa, Joey.
  12. nfl

    Several Falcon players have different sock stripes than others. It's quite maddening.
  13. nfl

    @DustDevil61 just nailed it. Broncos belong in white pants. Period. End of story. (So does Washington)
  14. nfl

    Yep. Amazing look. I couldn't believe how much I had missed it while it was away. And the result of the game was even better!
  15. El Cid has a new helmet.... Apparently to be used with our "Duty" uniforms at some point. Here are the "Duty" uniforms for reference.