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  1. I wouldn't call this forgotten since it was on their jerseys for most of the team's existence.
  2. I am sure we will get a lot of this once they move
  3. Mono black for the Jags has been the default home for them since Nike took over.
  4. Thanks for helping me clear that up
  5. OK then, but do you see what I am getting at? The teal outline is way more visible than the mesh (I assume that's the fabric) teal? Makes it look black.
  6. I am not talking about the stripe being missing. I talking about the color missing. Or in a better term, the colors being incorrect. It is filled in black, which is not correct to what the actual design is supposed to be: a teal fill.
  7. No. I am talking about where the fat teal stripe is supposed to be. It's instead filled in black with a teal outline. I made no reference to gold. I talking about the teal portion (or in this case, the missing teal portion).
  8. Not all of it. It might just be an error on the card since this picture from today shows it being complete This is what it is supposed to look like
  9. The teal portion of the pants piping is missing on this photo
  10. It threw me off because the flywire doesnt intersect with the shield all the way
  11. That Bengals collar looks like the new template but with Flywire too?
  12. Yeah. I just like that collar design. some NHL teams have it too as it is a Reebok carryover. It's a little different and it worked well visually with the Falcons set.
  13. I liked their previous collar versus this new one. It was different from everyone else in the league and the only carryover of that style in the Nike takeover.
  14. I believe that is their current helmet. The lighting makes the matte navy look gray.
  15. This helps because the elephant on all of the jerseys are green with just enough outlining in white. Take this logo and making it white (as it should) then the standard cap balances out better