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  1. It was a common thing in the 90s with asymmetrical pants designs.
  2. My only gripe with those unis was the upside down 8
  3. It's the new helmet with the old uni right?
  4. But what happened when the Browns came back in 1999? The Texans evened it out a few years later.
  5. It's gonna be the norm now...
  6. Will these be worn on the field by players? The problem once again is that we will have so many different sock designs for the same team. Imagine all the different designs all worn at the same time.
  7. You know what, that may be it. There is a certain proper balance with that for the home set but nowhere else for the blue or gray jerseys.
  8. There were a few things that piqued my interest about uniforms. As the OP mentioned, that 49ers period with white pants caught me off guard because I am a Niners fan and they were going with white pants after the 94 season. Then unannounced the brought back gold pants. I was still a young kid then but I wanted to find out why the changes. I also liked the Jaguars helmet when they started their first season. I noticed that and wondered why other teams couldn't have that cool of a logo. There was one time I was watching the local news and there were DBacks highlights from one of their first seasons and I recall them wearing green for a regular season game. I don't think I recalled it correctly, but I was fascinated by the idea of finding out if they ever actually did wear it. But I think I can pinpoint it to this. I collected these as a kid and it always bothered me that the facemasks were white. Why was I so bothered by this? I think that's when I started noticing my desire for uniform accuracy. I would color in the facemasks to match it accurately. I made sure that the Steelers only had a logo on one side. I didn't add a stripe sticker down the helmet for teams that didn't have one. My obsession for being accurate made me pay attention to logos a lot more than I thought I would.
  9. A part of me feels like that the piping on the sleeve complements the pants as well. Without it and still piping on the pants doesn't work for me. But yet the home uni works well with no sleeve piping. It just makes sense to me that way.
  10. nfl

    True. Also probably because that combo was never intended to be used but as they were mixing and matching decided why not
  11. Well, they did have these monstrosities...
  12. Those are one of the worst unis in the league. Either go full throwback or don't go at all. This mix and match version doesn't cut it. It just feels so imbalanced.
  13. Brad Meester and Maurice Jones-Drew were part of the three major uni styles in Jags history
  14. nfl

    Thanks. I had a feeling they wore those socks more than once.
  15. nfl

    Yes it was against Houston. Why I don't know. I think it would actually work well if they wore their mono black unis with those socks.