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  1. I am a huge fan of modern classics. I don't have a top 10 uniform list (I do have a top 10 helmets) but these must be included in my list.
  2. Yup that's it. Compare these throwback uniforms. Clearly one looked better than the other. I am so glad Adidas is leaving.
  3. They were different. Bills - RBR. Giants - BRB
  4. Basically Pats did wear what the Texans wear. Although the cut of it looks a lot better than this mesh fabric
  5. I'm glad The City uniforms are gone. Not because of the design, but because Adidas screwed it up big time. But these faux Run TMC unis aren't even good either. Either make it a full throwback or don't do it at all. Not this mix and match nonsense.
  6. I feel like if they're going silver, then it would be more distinguishable to make it look like a throwback
  7. nfl

    I don't find it too big of a deal with the WAH because of weather etc or whatever. I like white pants but if this becomes a deal in a month or so, then maybe
  8. I believe the CR game doesn't factor into the 2 alts rule. We'll see
  9. Devil's advocate: Why does one team get exempt from this? What have they done to earn this right to be more important than another team? Just because they were around longer? But of course, I don't like the idea of color rush to begin with. But if they are going to do something that's league-wide, then it should be league-wide.
  10. After reading about it, I agree. It's an odd choice. Atlanta most definitely would be a better fit. Based solely on aesthetics, it's a pretty good design. The reason though, that's hard for people to take in.
  11. Too bad. It would be nice to do that since KG (who I think is still mulling retirement) could still play one more season in Minnesota. Thats just me being hopeful
  12. Does this also imply Wolves throwbacks with him wearing a KG jersey?
  13. nfl

    Then wouldn't have been better to embrace the yellow by replacing the gold with it instead of changing their identity to another era of LA Rams football history?
  14. nfl

    Rams going throwback for their first home game in LA is the obvious choice and they did right by doing this. Living in LA, the thing I notice everywhere when it comes to the Rams is that any logo, wordmark about the team is strictly blue and white. No gold. No yellow. So it's clear that the team is testing out the waters of returning to that color scheme. I will embrace it, I like it. I just think it's really interesting that they are recoloring their current logo as if it was a sly thing. It's just everywhere here.
  15. Also nicely coincides with AI going into the HOF and one of the most iconic basketball photos of all time