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  1. I wouldn't call them alternates. These were used as the host committees' logos if I am not mistaken.
  2. I think it may be the first because they had replaced that with the blue ones, right?
  3. If this is true, I like it. I love the red unis over whatever the Motor City variations they've had recently
  4. They had that cap for one season. I have the exact cap and it's one of my favorites too
  5. Thanks although I would prefer the fitted one instead of a velcro snapback.
  6. I believe it's something Adam Jones did. Since he wasn't there, there was no belt.
  7. I know Jordan wore #45. Heck he even wore #12 once. Kirk Hinrich never got grief for that. I don't get what the big deal was. If Valentine had never worn #45 before, then it MIGHT be worth a discussion. But it's not like #45 is untouchable. He wore that for what a dozen games? But Valentine wore #45 in college and he's keeping that number in the pros. Common occurrence. That's why he's doing it. Nothing interesting about that.
  8. How is that interesting? He wore the same number in college.
  9. To keep a winning streak alive, the A's for the only time ever wore gold tops (which they had worn during their win streak at home) on the road five years ago. The players assumed that the gold tops were only for home games, so they were bummed that they couldn't wear them. But that actually was never a rule for their unis so equipment manager Steve Vucinich brought the gold tops along without telling anyone. The players found out when they got to the clubhouse that they could wear the gold tops. They wore it for the series and have never worn the gold tops on the road since. The old road caps as well with the Mets in their black outline unis during interleague.
  10. That was from a Sunday game, which I think is just part of the uni rotation and the players really have no say in it
  11. Oh I agree, different sock designs in the same game is not very good. And I don't mind different sock designs as long as every player sticks with one design for said game. There are a few designs these teams could use instead of the three stripes with the secondary color trim. I would like to see more of the three solid stripes or even like what the Cards have or the O's
  12. Every team that is introducing new socks are all the same design. That actually takes away the excitement of seeing new socks when it's all the same. I like that players are slowly adopting this look but I wish these designs weren't all the same.
  13. Several years ago
  14. Kings say the three stripe stitches represent "our city, our pride, our foundation." Total BS. Every team has those. It's an adidas marketing thing. Kings just making stuff up to make those stripes seem important.