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  1. nfl

    That makes no sense. Why wouldn't they just wear red? The black jerseys can't be worn anyway.
  2. nfl

    Except for the Pack, all winners during this period were wearing white jerseys
  3. In regards to your NY logo comment: Believe me, if we had the Internet in 1962 when the Mets' NY logo was first introduced, we'd have a similar reaction. And if we had the Internet in 1967, we'd accuse them too. But those have been established for so long, which means our reaction to it now isn't the same as to the Chargers. If the Chargers did keep this as a logo for their brand and it remained like this for a few decades, we'd have accepted it and moved on. But that's not the case. They are similar in terms of idea (blue background, white lettering, interlocking LA) which is why we reacted this way. In this case of reaction, the super defined details of font and italicized doesn't hide from the fact that it's essentially the same approach as the Dodgers logo.
  4. nfl

    Jarvis Landry is wearing white socks with one single aqua stripe right below the calf on each leg. I could go for this design with the aqua pants
  5. nfl

    Thank goodness Texans in their standard blue over white unis. Raiders in standard road unis.
  6. Might as well throw this in there since it also is kinda similar
  7. This is a harder topic because every uniform worn is a part of the team's history. yeah the Isles had the fishticks for a couple season but it is very much a huge part of their identity. I wouldn't call it wrong since it is such an important part of their identity. As for the Pistons, they had that set for many years and the Piston head logo carried over to their RWB rebrand. I wouldn't say that is a wrong uniform. Even the turn back the clock unis made sense for the time and reason for their existence. Perhaps the wording wouldn't be "wrong uniform" but rather it could be called the black sheep of a team's uniform history. These uniforms didn't look that great and many of them had no reason to exist, but I wouldn't call them wrong.
  8. nfl

    The problem is that the colors arent that vibrant to make it really that great of a look
  9. Yup. I would gladly welcome some version of either of these. But knowing color rush, they probably will just give them something that will color swap the gold and white on their current pants.
  10. nfl

    I liked the navy topped ones. It was just different. I like different instead of the common matching colors as pants teams use
  11. nfl

    This looks works because of the socks. Red socks with blue pants is what the Texans started their franchise with. The color balance of blue helmet, red jersey, blue pants, red socks is a perfect combo. If they went with navy socks this whole thing would not have worked that well
  12. Just like the old days
  13. nfl

    This is a surprise since the team had regular helmets for their promo photos even though they aren't even wearing Color Rush on Thursday. They're going with the all white with these helmets.
  14. nfl

    Possibly although I think I remember seeing this after the Giants moved to the new park