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  1. nfl

    Bears #44 Kwiatkoski lost his helmet decal in the snow Missed the screen shot opportunity
  2. ^ Is that just about Cowboys home games or just the Cowboys vs Redskins matchups every year?
  3. It's closer to July 11 where people go to 7-Eleven to get free slurpees. That is not a holiday either.
  4. Black Friday is not a holiday
  5. That look is good. I also like their all white look. I think all white is great when it balances the opposing team's look. If the opposing team doesn't wear white pants, then the Bears all white look complements it in most cases.
  6. It is a mystery. But I still think this logo is way better than the helmet one
  7. Those look awful. The gold was supposed to commemorate a championship win. But forcing gold back into the set like this kind of cheapens the identity. Plus gold should never be this prominent in their set like this.
  8. I remember being in NYC at the NBA store that season when these balls were released. They were selling them at $100. I grabbed one of the balls on display and I agree with Steve Nash and the other players. It felt different and I could imagine dribbling that thing all game would cause some issues
  9. nfl

  10. I really like any alt that is just a color swap of their standard set. And that Nets gray one was truly a beautiful alt that I wish they wore more often
  11. nfl

    Honestly I think this is fine for a one-time deal. I really like the all white they have and maybe if they wear the gold tops, they pair that with the white pants? That would be nice.
  12. nfl

    I like the Saints' all white look. But I don't think all gold would be bad either for this case. We have seen gold tops before. Well, at least the shade I hope isn't the same as the dehydrated piss the Jags wore but more like this. But Nike can't make it look like this I think.
  13. The biggest thing for me is that the team to me has always been RWB. Just a change from that to something that isn't colorful is what takes me away from this set. The unis last night were nice given the circumstances
  14. Browns are wearing all white this Thursday, right? NFL's promo posts are advertising them in all Brown.
  15. Are the Warriors' 70th anniversary patches only supposed to be a home uni thing? I didn't see it tonight for the Warriors' home game.