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  1. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Superstition? Trying something different after the stinker of game 1. and they won game 2.
  2. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I am disappointed that black is no longer part of their identity. However, that gray/graphite may be dark enough that it would be an OK substitute. Judging by that jersey, from a distance, it looks black so it might be ok. That jersey though seems very plain. I am not a fan of shortened city names on primary jerseys and if the purple is a primary road jersey, that's too bad.
  3. MLB 2016 Changes

    Certain teams with certain histories are fine with NNOB. But if everyone does it, like this day, it just doesn't look great. I agree with this. One of the reasons why I like NOB is because of this. Some teams are so much bigger with history (like the Yankees) that NNOB works for them. But for most teams, that's not the case.
  4. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    The Jags didn't go teal last year because they played the Titans. The colors are quite similar. This year again they are playing Tennessee, which may be the reason why they might go gold again. Its a shame that the team is not emphasizing teal as much with this new identity. It looks good considering the mess of a set they have.
  5. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Asymmetry was the trend in the 90s and I am glad the Hornets decided to use it for their new set. But it was a style that should remain in the 90s
  6. MLB 2016 Changes

  7. NFL Changes - 2016

    Orange just photographs better for public events than brown. Just my guess why the switch.
  8. MLB 2016 Changes

    Oh this will be fun for pine tar helmets
  9. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I can't seem to remember. Since the introduction of sleeved unis, has any team actually worn them in the playoffs?
  10. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season
  11. MLB 2016 Changes

    The question asked was red or blue, which one were we going to see and the team replied saying blue was the option. That response led me to believe that red was not an option. Obviously that's not the case after today's game.
  12. MLB 2016 Changes

    Which goes against what they had said: " Blue socks with red stripes for players this year if they choose to wear them."
  13. MLB 2016 Changes

    What a poor decision. This change is supposed to make it look like the front with the wordmark but it just makes it look more muddled
  14. MLB 2016 Changes

    I guess it must be a last minute addition since the team did say that the blue socks with stripes was their socks for this year and red was out. I guess red for home and blue for road then?
  15. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    Sharks officially back in teal