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  1. Never wore goggles or glasses ever in an NBA game
  2. The cream alts and those colors need to go. Make this trident alt with their standard colors. Heck, could even make a sleeveless jersey if they dont want to add a second navy or green alt jersey
  3. The best compromise is that they replace their Sunday cream alts and have a completely new alt (for Sunday only, sure why not) that is based around the trident. Keep the same colors but just make the trident the focus. No compass or anything. That is what an alt should be, not just color swaps.
  4. I became a Jags fan because I loved their logo. Plus it's easier to cheer on an expansion team than to hop on another team with an established fan base. A shame they look awful now.
  5. My biased Bay Area roots tell me that these weren't that bad. Yes they were a completely different look than before, but it was the 90s and loud colors, asymmetry was acceptable. I liked the lightning bolt and the colors were sharp. Obviously these aren't better than their classic colors and I am glad these were associated with the dark times. The road set looked a lot better in terms of color balance
  6. Bothered me as well. I like asymmetry in the 90s, but you gotta do it right.
  7. This is the same reason why I cherish the original Marlins orange cap so much because of that. It's a rare cap that so few people notice.
  8. I do like the design on the shorts. If they included that into the jersey, it would at least give it some identity
  9. Actually...
  10. If you wanna talk about the Heat wearing just black and white, the nWo uniforms are the ones you wanna talk about.
  11. So 90s I love it even though it's quite an atrocious collection of things. Copper was a welcomed touch. But gradient on road (so 90s) was actually nice. Why they didn't do it on the home whites to match the mountain to their shorts, who knows? The home whites look so tame compared to all the busy going on in the road set. The more I look at these uniforms, the more I realized that it is just such a clutter, especially for the font up against the mountains.
  12. Didn't get a chance to do a screen shot but yeah, I hate these Stance socks. They look awful. Watching the A's game today and the pitcher Jesse Hahn has Stance socks on. Teammate Rajai Davis is wearing traditional stirrups. Not a fan of having socks that aren't uniform.
  13. That Thunder uniform is not better than anything from Seattle's history.
  14. To be fair, the original unis never had NOB.
  15. I have no idea why I like this even though everything tells me it's a bad design