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  1. Not worn often. the vest version of this was more common
  2. I just want them to wear red socks withe blue pants again
  3. We have WRs wearing single digit numbers too. It's the preseason and the rosters are so expanded, so different numbers can be assigned. When rosters are cut down to 53, he will have to change since that is not a RB number
  4. Too bad they didn't provide the A's throwbacks for the game
  5. Well of course when these designs were first created, interleague didn't exist yet so the idea of confusing which team was which watching a broadcast would be very rare. But with interleague now things are different. However, I don't find it that big of a deal now with scorebugs on every broadcast.
  6. I think coloring in the arc only works if the key isn't colored in. It's too cluttered that way. However, I like the floor pattern
  7. I would like to see more purple as well. Something as simple as bringing back this would be a huge upgrade
  8. nfl

    We knew the Panthers are wearing their blue alts today. But the home team Titans are going mono white. This looks particularly awful. I don't know if it's the cloudy skies or the completely plain field (no end zone graphic, out of bounds lines aren't filled) but the all white look on this field makes the Titans look like some team during a spring game or JV team. So plain and boring. And I like the all white look, just not right now.
  9. I feel that the red cap, socks, shirt etc with the home white was an idea that came up after the new set was revealed. I don't think it was initially planned that way. I always thought that the smartest thing to do is to just have a home alt to match it. I would have welcomed a home vest for the Rangers again.
  10. nfl

    Designated home teams I believe have always worn their dark colored set for London games IIRC.
  11. Mono purple would be a disaster against an all-black team. I think it's gotta be white (unlikely), red (probably) or gold (possibly).
  12. nfl

    Texans practicing in white pants. Meaning they may wear white pants during preseason opener against SF on the road? Maybe. But I only saw photos of the defense so who knows? Have the Texans ever worn all white on the road though?
  13. nfl

    Not as severe as Bears/Broncos, but this happened once and it wasn't very good.
  14. nfl

    Not as bad as the last time they met in a reg season
  15. And for some reason, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look they had after that.