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  1. Just Google images of the bridge. It'll be clear when you see it.
  2. It's Adidas who made this so be upset with them, not the Warriors.
  3. A combo that I don't think would ever see the field but still something that is very interesting: W/A/O
  4. So in three games, the Cavs will wear three different uniforms. Then in Game 4, they could easily wear another uniform and make it four different ones in four games.
  5. Reminds me of the Jaguars font
  6. The A's are doing a early 2000 themed day for July 1 (with a Tejada and Zito bobblehead). Watching the broadcast last night, I heard broadcasters say that the team will wear their black jerseys from that time.
  7. I like these versions slightly better and would rather see these
  8. That Knicks logo remains one of my favorites. The Warriors originally had the state logo on their shorts (which I always found it funny since it looked like a a little weiner just hanging there with its placement) versus what they have now with the W logo. I think that these logos only work with a contrasting waist band.
  9. People don't remember this because it was on the waist band and rarely anybody notices it. Plus, It was rotated on the shorts
  10. One of these is featured on their jersey. The other is on their shorts. So more like not seen often for two of these and one of these are actually on the uniform.
  11. I just thin the 49ers want to continue to the illusion of the 3 stripes being at the very lowest point possible on the sleeve. They probably want as much separation from the TV numbers to the stripes. I don't know why they would but that resulted in the truncated stripes. Also, when these stripes were first introduced by Reebok, it just felt that the stripes were an afterthought and different cuts were all acceptable and eliminating some in the process was OK.
  12. I wouldn't call this forgotten since it was on their jerseys for most of the team's existence.
  13. I am sure we will get a lot of this once they move
  14. Mono black for the Jags has been the default home for them since Nike took over.
  15. Thanks for helping me clear that up