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  1. NIKE NFL Uniforms

    Somehow, Nike managed to get the 49ers down to two sleeve stripes...awesome.
  2. Jordan Illustration

    The shadow on his left leg looks a little like Abraham Lincoln. Just an observation.
  3. What Teams Do You Support?

    NFL: Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, San Fransisco 49ers MLB: Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians NCAA: Arkansas Razorbacks, Kentucky Wildcats (mostly basketball for UK) NBA: Chicago Bulls NHL: Chicago Blackhawks
  4. Super Bowl Halftime Show

    I don't think late-90s Mark McGwire had much to hit with.
  5. NFL's 100th Anniversary

    The teams already done were for an earlier theme I had, so I'm probably not gonna use most of those.
  6. NFL's 100th Anniversary

    At this moment, I'm no longer going to have 2 sets. Each team will have one set and they'll face a divisional rival in that set. So the split Triangles uniform will be out. Unless I decide to do two match-ups for the season, then it may return and every team will have two sets, but not necessarily a home and away set. We'll just have to see how it plays out. As far as the team identities go, it really just depends on each team. I'm trying to find throwbacks that haven't been used in the NFL before, so some teams may keep their current identity, and some may not. I'm not sure what I'll do for a team like Carolina, but I'm sure I'll find something. I do want it to be from an actual team, and not something I created though.
  7. Southern Arkansas University, I'll be graduating this December with a Bachelors in Computer Science.
  8. NFL's 100th Anniversary

    I don't mind! That's really awesome, glad you were able to show him.
  9. NFL's 100th Anniversary

    Ok, I get what you're saying. I might do division rivals or something, but I'll keep that theme going instead. Thanks for the input and help
  10. NFL's 100th Anniversary

  11. NFL's 100th Anniversary

    Haha they could poke your eye out! I see what you're saying, but even the AFL anniversary uniforms had a home and away set. What if I just modified the home set to make an away set?
  12. NFL's 100th Anniversary

    Cincinnati Bengals First team up is Cincinnati. Cincinnati had the Reds, but there wasn't anything spectacular about their uniforms, so I did a little searching. I came across the Dayton Triangles and I knew I had to use them. This set is based off of the 1927 and 1928 uniforms. I thought this was a very unique set, that would interesting to see used with a modern template. Let me know what you guys think! C&C!
  13. new helmets for the Giants?

    I would agree
  14. new helmets for the Giants?

    This is all I found