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  1. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    3. Florida Marlins I was watching Semi Pro the other day and thought the color scheme might look good on the Marlins, giving them a somewhat retro look. Since the Marlins are moving and announced on the color change I thought it even go better, just pretend this is a future concept. I decided to take black out as a major color seeing almost EVERY MLB team has either Black, Grey, Red, or Blue as a color.
  2. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    Brewers Update Got rid of the MB Mitt logo and replaced it on the hats with the B from the script Up Next we have the Marlins
  3. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    I was going to use that as primary so should I just use the M in Wisconsin? I was thinking Barrell man...
  4. ChiSox14

    All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    I have the Sox, Bears, Hawks and Bulls in my sig, and Notre Dame's can be found here. Wow, that was easy. Thanks!
  5. ChiSox14

    All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    White Sox World Series Bears Super Bowl Blackhawks Stanley Cup Bulls Championships Notre Dame Championships
  6. ChiSox14

    Historical Nations Hockey Concepts 2.0

    The Republic of Ireland!
  7. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    So should I make the fonts the 70s Brewers ones?
  8. ChiSox14

    Fighting Dachshunds

    I had a dashound, she was all black with brown under. try that.
  9. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    2. Milwakee Brewers Personally, I loved doing this one. The classic MB mitt is such a great logo so I felt I had to pay homage. I took the M in Wisconsin logo and replaced it with the modern M logo. I took the scripts and recolored them to get that '70s Brewers feel.
  10. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    Angels Update: Took out the blue collar and cream jersey Up next we got the Brew Crew
  11. ChiSox14

    Kevinmets presents: MLB in 2040

    As a die hard Sox fan, I have to say..... I LOVE IT. Its great! Updating the 50s look, just great. Brings back the Go Go White Sox! Can't wait to see the others! You might wan to color in the space between the 'S' red.
  12. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    Thanks man, I'll work on those points later on today repost, lol I forgot their 50th isnt this year, I made this awhile back.
  13. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    Los Angeles Angels When I started with this one I analyzed the Angels past and present logos. I noticed the halo over the 'A' wasn't gold so I made that a priority. I also looked at one of the vintage logos that had wings. I decided it would look cool if the 'A' had wings. Originally, I was going to take the state of California color it red and write in it "Baseball Heaven Since 1961" but after consideration I decided not to. I took the Angels' 50 years logo and put it on the sleeves, and thats about it. I don't know how to upload.... Just click the link ^^^^
  14. ChiSox14

    ChiSox14's MLB Redesign

    So, I've been looking at CC for several months now and just decided to make an account. Since it's baseball season (my favorite time of year), I've decided to redesign the MLB. Some of you may cheer, others flame, and some cry, but this is how I see it fit. Please keep in mind that these are my first creations, and the fact I'm using MS Paint. Hopefully with time I can grow in these skills. C & C is apreciated Rays---Yankees---Red Sox---Blue Jays---Orioles Twins---Royals---Tigers---White Sox---Indians Rangers---Angels---A's---Mariners Nationals---Phillies---Braves---Marlins---Mets Brewers---Cardinals---Cubs---Reds---Pirates---Astros DiamondBacks---Rockies---Dodgers---Giants---Padres
  15. ChiSox14

    Vintage Grunge Wallpapers

    No way am I a noob. Not only do I pwn them in space... I pwn them on TEH ICE!