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  1. Thank you!
  2. Thanks! Actually yes, @JoeDGemma has a great tutorial video on YouTube: ----- For those of you interested, you can view the entire project on my Behance page: https://www.behance.net/gallery/50472019/NHL-All-Star-Game-Las-Vegas-2018
  3. This is the first jersey swap I have ever attempted...what do you guys think?
  4. Eventually I am going to post the entire project on my Behance page, but for now here is what I have come up with for the Skills Competition... C&C always welcome
  5. Great stuff, the Capitals and Oilers are my favorite out of this bunch!
  6. Thanks! I played around a bunch with different color combinations, and gold (imo) didn't really work - especially with the striping/design I wanted to use Thanks for the feedback, I'm not too sure that it would be that bad...after all, the NHL went with purple and black this season Thanks! Anymore feedback on the logos or uniforms? Anything else you'd like to see in terms of promotional material and such?
  7. Alright, thanks again for the feedback. Here are the finalized event marks: And the uniforms C&C always welcome
  8. Thank you everyone! Anymore feedback on the color options? Hopefully I will get a chance to post uniforms later on today. Side note - if anyone would like to share a center ice template I could use for this project, it would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Yeah, I'm starting to come around to the lighter gray/silver. My only issue with it is that it pops so much that it takes away attention from "ALL STAR". I think I may have a solution... First version is unchanged, second version I flipped the silver and gold. Thoughts? I think I may still prefer the first option
  10. Haha thank you! Thanks Sparky! Here's an update based off your suggestions. I lightened up the gold and red in both, and changed the gray to silver in one. I'm trying to envision what this would look like as a center-ice logo, and what would look better. Thoughts?
  11. In the shading of the Coyote's legs
  12. I'm gonna have to agree with you @ldconcepts. I just took a look at this thread on my phone, and there's definitely a significant difference between the dark/light red. I think option A is the best color combination...the yellow is too much haha
  13. I will post an updated word mark when I get the chance, but here are a few different color options I lightened up the red that was used, and eliminated the gray in one. Eliminated gold altogether, and lightened up the red. Thoughts?
  14. This is nice! Only change I would make would be to swap the green in the logo to black to keep it consistent with the rest of the uniform
  15. Thank you! What other color palettes would you suggest trying out to fix this issue? Any other feedback on what could be changed?