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  1. Nice template The only change I'd make would be to swap out the roundel logo for the "M" logo that's being used now. The rounded seems a bit redundant imo with the bear-head logo already used on the front crest. The "M" adds more to their identity... But yes, this is exactly what they should have done....although I am certainly a fan of their new home (just not how it fits in with their road)
  2. Confirmed: CBJ going to a variation of Brothers as their font
  3. Goodness those Devils jerseys look like long sleeve tee's
  4. I'm sure the designer left that part out considering they don't have access to the new font being used
  5. I love the CBJ alternate you came up with! I'd immediately buy one....or seven
  6. Omg that number font....... Other than that, I would be pleasantly content if this is what they unveil
  7. Not gonna lie, I still would love it if the Blue Jackets used the Ohio flag at some point on their arms/shoulders/inside the collar/etc. Such a unique, Ohio-ey thing.
  8. SImply amazing. But I'm not surprised haha
  9. Here's a guess at what I think Colorado and Minnesota will unveil (sorry for the shameless plug lol)
  10. Maybe the draft hats (other than Vegas') aren't based on the new Adidas unis? Could help them keep any leaks under wraps till after the jerseys are unveiled next week
  11. Ughhhh
  12. Pretty much expecting the real thing to look like this haha. Good work
  13. You can't start a concept thread by asking others to post their own work. You gotta post something you made, or else it will be locked by a mod.
  14. Not a big fan of the font you used for Buffalo. But I do really like the striping and yoke design you used