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  1. On a player, during their reveal, I really liked how the kit looked. Like... a lot.
  2. Ok, how about THIS as a possible Everton Third Kit Leak...
  3. Nevermind. It's a fan concept. Everton third, question mark?
  4. Nickname(s) [La] Vecchia Signora (The Old Lady) [La] Fidanzata d'Italia (The Girlfriend of Italy) [La] Madama (Piedmontese for: Madam) Bianconeri (The White and Blacks) [Le] Zebre (The Zebras) [La] Signora Omicidi (The Killer Lady)[1] [La] Goeba (Gallo-Italic for: Hunchback)
  5. Not true. I think that looks really good. Not something I'd want for a template, but that's really smart.
  6. Everton away. Underwhelmed by Umbro's offerings this year with the blues. I do find the orange/pink/salmon showing through the mesh of the away kit interesting, though.
  7. Everton Away teaser:
  8. I really like all of these.
  9. I think it's a different panel on all the kits but it has a design on everton, linking it back to Goodison.
  10. Incredibly plain. Love the sox. The gold on the jersey is weird and uninspired. I guess that's appropriate for this team...
  11. I don't understand why Everton takes so long to leak/unveil their kits. Last year there wasn't a leak until mid May and the leak was pretty far off the actual kit, which came out May 21st. You'd think Umbro would like to reveal one of their biggest English sides early and from Everton's perspective, you'd think they'd want to distract from yet another lackluster season and get their supporters focusing on something other than Roberto Martinez...
  12. Is it just me that hates athletic gold and red together? When they touch, they muddle and look orange. IDK why but I just hate that color combo. Much prefer red and white.
  13. I actually really like the Spurs kit. My Spurs fan bud isn't a fan, but for some reason, I really like that look. IDK, I'll have to see it on a player before I know if I really like it.