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  1. Dribbble Invititations

    2 more Dribbble invites up for grabs. If anyone wants one, send me a link to your portfolio.
  2. Any news on the Creamer Awards?

  3. Mockup Arena - New Template Announcements

    @TheOneAndOnlyMauis back at it again this week with some more amazing work -- puck heads rejoice! In just two weeks, you now have 4 new PSDs to play with In the pipeline - some new Elite 51 mockups, more hockey, and some baseball (from myself, @derschwigg, and @Bmac). Shoot me a DM if you want to contribute!
  4. Cool Sports Websites

  5. Mockup Arena - New Template Announcements

    Here's what I would say to this, and it's not to be an ass, I genuinely hope people follow this advice: push yourself to learn Inkscape or Illustrator. It's part of the reason I started the site: being pushed by others here in my early days to improve my work, and thus, skill in the necessary software, is the only reason I have the working knowledge I do today. Without that push, Mockup Arena probably never comes to life Could I create paint versions of the vector templates? Sure. Would it inspire people or push them to continue growing and learning? Probably not. In the spirit of the origin of the site, I'd love to keep it at the PSD/vector level.
  6. Mockup Arena - New Template Announcements

    For those on the hunt for a hockey mockup, just added the WCH presentation PSD to the site:http://mockuparena.com/mockup-posts/adidas-hockey-sweater-mockup/
  7. Instead of creating a bunch of posts, figured I'd just post everything that was contributed this week. Head to mockuparena.com/library to download all this good stuff for free (for personal use only, obviously)! Big shoutout to raysox and 1andOnlyMau for their great work! If you want to get involved, shoot me a PM. On the docket: Nike's baseball promo shots, and something for hockey. Just not sure what yet Raysox's NuSoccer templates:
  8. Mockup Arena is LIVE!

    This one led me here... which, YAASSS:http://news.nike.com/news/baseball-vapor-elite-uniform(adding to my to do list).Good lookin' out. For everyone's reference, in my humble opinion, the best photorealistic source images are typically larger than 2MB. Some of Nike's football images, for example, are over 10MB. Larger photos = more room for close up manipulation and molding it into a template, which results ina better looking final product.
  9. Mockup Arena is LIVE!

    Welp, it's about neither of those. But thanks for stopping by!
  10. Mockup Arena is LIVE!

    Best guess would be they're on another Nike file. There's not another place the cleats are housed, I believe we just mixed/matched by team for the guide.
  11. Mockup Arena is LIVE!

    It's one of the best, happy to feature it! Sure thing, just send links through the form on the site.
  12. Mockup Arena is LIVE!

    Great - if you can find very high resolution source images, definitely something we can work with.
  13. Mockup Arena is LIVE!

  14. Mockup Arena is LIVE!

    Source image availability is definitely a factor here. Nike, adidas, and UA promote the hell out of their new uniforms with creative photoshoots. Not the same with hockey, baseball, or basketball, really.
  15. Mockup Arena is LIVE!

    Thanks for the kind words, gents! To answer a few questions: Templates: if you have them and own them, send me our way. There's a submit button on the menu that makes this easy. Tutorials: probably a mixture of template making and template utilization. Things like creating a vector template off a photo, or setting a logo on a helmet so that it looks like a vinyl sticker (with the clear border, etc.) Tutorials might take a bit, as I've got a lot on the freelance plate right now. But I will definitely post here as they come up!