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  1. Lionsault

    American Premier League

    Don't love the Real name for Miami, as very little of the Hispanic influence on Miami comes from Spain itself. I think the rest of the "Euro" names in this set work but this one feels a little forced. It's your concept though, and visually I like it a lot. Really like the interlocking RM logo though, as well as the flamingo shield. What about centering the flamingo leg so it intersects with the pink border? Home kit is excellent, reminds me of a better version of the pink Juventus kit from a few years ago.
  2. Lionsault

    American Premier League

    Might be too obvious for your tastes but I feel like that Colorado logo is just begging to have the C from the state flag incorporated in some way. Looks great though.
  3. Lionsault

    American Premier League

    Beautiful. Can we see a close up of the interlocked DM logo for Detroit?
  4. Lionsault

    American Premier League

    Pure class on the DC kits.
  5. Lionsault


    Would love to see your shot at the old Charlotte Knights logos...
  6. Lionsault

    Resurgence: An Atlanta United FC Supporters' Group

    How are you guys different from the existing supporters' groups?
  7. Lionsault

    2014 NBA All Star Logo New Orleans

    I read this in a really loud voice. That said, you're right; we do. BTW, you forgot the New Orleans Bowl. Isn't NOLA the only city that hosts 2 college football bowl games annually? Not a bowl game, but Atlanta does the SEC Championship and the Peach Bowl in addition to the Chick-fil-a Kickoff games at the beginning of the season. They are in the running for the rotating championship site as well.
  8. Lionsault

    Notre Dame's

    Also related: Michigan and Ohio State lacrosse using similar helmets.
  9. Lionsault

    Notre Dame's

    This isn't really "new", as ND has had golden domes for the hockey team for a while: Just an update to what the football team currently wears. Here they are in action:
  10. Lionsault

    2013 College Baseball

    Here's what we've seen from South Carolina so far: Garnet/Pinstripes: Black/White/White: Garnet/Garnet/White: Garnet/White/White: Black/Grey/Grey: Pretty standard stuff from the past few years.
  11. Lionsault

    Oregon State Unveils New Logo and Uniforms

    Other link:
  12. Lionsault

    Vintage College Mascot Logos

    Would love to see any Wake Forest, UVA, or South Carolina logos.
  13. Lionsault

    College Football 2012 Season

    Looks like they botched the helmet logo. From the image here, and from other images I've seen of this helmet, there is no outer white outline. It's a little detail, but makes a big difference, I think. The uniform is just "inspired by" the 1969 unis, so they have taken some liberties with it.
  14. Lionsault

    What's the best throwback Logos ever?

    More old school animals please.
  15. Lionsault

    Best Looking Fields in NFL or NCAA

    When TCF Bank opened, I remember being really stunned by the field especially. Everything about it is so crisp and clean and new. Minnesota hit a homerun on this one. Now they just need to get a good team in there.