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  1. G-League Updates 2017: New Uniforms!

    DC Delegates or DC Diplomats?
  2. HS Football History Uniform Gallery

    Glad to see a Hamptonian on here. I'm not a native but my dad's side of the family is from the 757. Its like my home away from home. Grandparents use to live on Dare Ave by Shell Rd. Got family property out in Surry County. My grandfather (Sussex Central alum) use to take me to Darling Stadium on weeknights to catch Tyrod and Tajh play growing up. Wilkes BBQ was a traditional pregame spot. I can see if I can find some Phenix High photos (now defunct) to post. Also, seeing Phoebus (2010s) beat Stone Bridge (DMV, Northern VA, Loudoun County) every other year in the playoffs put a big smile on his face before he passed away last fall.
  3. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    FAMU's green isn't that teal.
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Florida A&M road whites *sigh* Check out @FAMUFOOTBALL's Tweet: https://twitter.com/FAMUFOOTBALL/status/764531637883375618?s=09
  5. Collegiate Athletic Identity Changes 2016-17

    This is the 1st draft I was referring to. I wonder if the Jag's organization forced them to start over or not.
  6. Collegiate Athletic Identity Changes 2016-17

    http://m.bcuathletics.com/mobile/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=23910&ATCLID=210976204 Bethune-Cookman of the MEAC (D1, FCS) just fully unveiled their updated logos Wednesday morning. The Wildcat logo is actually an original, cleaned up version of a "mock up" that closely resembled the Jacksonville Jaguars logo. This version was used as a helmet decal during the Florida Classic in Orlando vs Florida A&M. When Chris pointed out the similarities on Twitter last Fall, BCU deleted all traces of the 1st draft on social media. I have a copy of the Jags ripoff.
  7. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    Speaking of FAMU, they just signed a 3 year deal with Nike. Uniforms will be revealed within the next 2-3 weeks.
  8. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BEOxl1PsUPG/?hl=en Meanwhile on the HBCU circuit, Delaware State signs with Nike. Hoping that these mockups aren't the finished product though...
  9. ICC World T20 2016 Thread

    Rooting for the West Indies to win it all.
  10. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Norfolk State is getting a new chrome helmet next season.

    Need help identifying what team this logo belongs to, if anyone knows I'd appreciate it. Thanks! That might be the Hobart Statesmen. They have the same color scheme and colonial mascot.
  12. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Second that!
  13. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Is it really their culture though excluding the players who are actually African)? I mean I'm Asian (Korean) American and I would find it extremely insulting if teams wore hanboks to "honor" my culture. That's not my culture, America is my culture. Shouldn't there be an Anglo heritage night were the white players carry muskets, venerate the queen, and drink tea since that is the Anglos heritage?Edit: also, the continent of Africa is massive, this would just be horrible stereotyping from a certain region of east (?) Africa. Faux edit edit: this is just my opinion, not trying to cause anything. This doesn't really sit right with me as a good idea either. I'm black, but I don't consider myself to be "African-American," technically speaking. I mean, my last name is Felders, not Ogwumike, and you'd have to go back a really long way before you'd find even one of my ancestors who had set foot on African soil. Meanwhile, I know people who, though American, still have African last names and know exactly where they're from, because their families immigrated to the US only a few generations ago. I also know people who just immigrated themselves. Their experiences aren't quite the same as mine, and vice versa. There's not too many common links beyond our shared skin tone, there are two different cultures in play.I get the sentiment, but to me it's just a tad bit disrespectful. It's not quite right to have LeBron represent a culture he really doesn't have any right to claim, and it's not quite right to lump Serge Ibaka's experiences in with the usual trappings of Black History Month just because we're all dark-skinned. I'm cool with doing something more during Black History Month (perhaps restricting the majority of black alternates to only be worn during BHM, black being used to pay tribute to the many deaths that brought us to this point), but cheaply sticking generic African designs in to represent everyone is kind of a lazy cop-out in my opinion. The contributions of African immigrants are more than worth honoring separately, and the black experience in America has more than enough to honor and celebrate on its own. To be honest, I thought it should have been brought to the forum's attention since it is uniform and concept related.I personally don't like the concepts individually and would rather choose a different route like having a band around the collar like what BucFan suggested. Also, you make a good point there X. It looks like the creators of this project haven't experienced constructive critism from an athletic aesthetics stand point before.
  14. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I think you all should check this out! I came across this Instagram page earlier today. Complex Magazine even featured them in a spotlight article them in the past issue. https://www.change.org/p/the-nba-commissioner-adam-silver-for-black-history-month-celebrate-the-legacy-of-african-americans-by-having-players-wear-these-commemorative-jerseys Also, there is a YouTube video they created about the project located in the link. Personally, I would sublimate the kente cloth pattern using darker and lighter hues of the team colors.