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  1. Edmonton really screwed up by ditching their blue jerseys.
  2. I gotta admit, I don't care for our colors, but I sure as hell respect them.
  3. I don't like red, white, and blue (navy blue ) color schemes. They come across as generic to me.
  4. Good god they look bad.
  5. Enough already.
  6. These look awesome!
  7. I hate yellow. (as an accent it's fine)
  8. There is nothing wrong with singular team names. There is also nothing wrong with traditional "dress up", if it looks good, that's all that should matter IMO.
  9. I don't mind it, it's certainly unique.
  10. Would become a top 10 IMO.
  11. I think the Wild should wear throwback North Stars jerseys.
  12. Lol me too and I'm so glad I'm not the only person.
  13. It's funny, they all look old.