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    overall looks- Canucks, Blackhawks, Devils(green), Whalers, North Stars, Habs, L.A. Kings 2002-2011, Buccaneers, Raiders, Bills, Seahawks (90's)
  1. NHL 2017-18

    Your absolutely right, after all it’s not an illustration. I still find it funny when people say the Bucs flag is too clean looking for a pirate flag.
  2. NHL 2017-18

    Hate that logo, the fin is too far up on the head, also the s looks like a forced afterthought and strangely placed.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    That gold is ugly a.f.
  4. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    This is going to be an ugly looking super bowl.
  5. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    Jags vs Vikes would be a nice color match-up.
  6. Unpopular Opinions

    I like the Jags monochrome black uni’s, it makes the teal pop nicely.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    By far i especially like the color scheme and logo.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    There should only be one outdoor game a year. Unless my team is in it I lose interest after 5 minutes.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Pineapple and Bacon duh.
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    I just.........don’t know what to say.
  11. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    It’s funny how differently we all see logos. By all accounts the Nordiques logo should be bad yet there is something I like about it. Similar to the Isles logo, talk about poorly executed, but I love that ugly logo.
  12. NFL 2017 changes?

    I can understand why there would be a white space between the red and black circle (so they don’t bleed together) , but the overlapping is strange.
  13. FALCON6'S Minor NFL Adjustments

    Holy crap, cocaine much?
  14. Formula 1 new logo

    I like number 3.
  15. NHL in Houston

    Houston>Dallas hockey market.