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  1. It's funny, they all look old.
  2. Holy crap.
  3. Not many were, besides the color scheme, that logo was horrendous. I agree they're much better looking now.
  4. As a kid I always saw it as an elephant with a ball.
  5. As a hockey fan I wish for the best.
  6. How passionate of a fan can you really be though if it's only based on a design? Positive feelings and being a passionate fan aren't the same thing.
  7. If you don't understand aesthetic appreciation vs loyal, fan passion for a team I can't help you.
  8. A sport and fashion are two very separate things. You root for the team, it's players, and your cities pride, not for what they're wearing. Sport loyalty based on design is utter nonsense. This is unless you became a fan when you were a child and remained loyal.
  9. Only acceptable if your under 12 yrs of age.
  10. Not a huge fan of either logo (I don't hate it either). If it was released today I don't think it would garnish so much affection. Though I suppose the fact that it's been around forever is part of the admiration.
  11. I really love this one! I still wish their logo was less cartoony, but I freakin love those colors.
  12. That the Seahawks go back to their 90's uni's and the Rays go back to Devil Rays.
  13. Agree wholeheartedly with the pack, bears aren't bad, but not great either.
  14. Yikes, that name couldn't be more 90's sounding.
  15. A wordmark should never be a sports teams primary logo.