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  1. Really? I dislike the rendering of the logo, there you go bud.
  2. The logo.
  3. No, it's pretty bad.
  4. Blue and white look sharper than blue and yellow.
  5. I love the logo, the orange jerseys not so much.
  6. History aside, it's horrible.
  7. Couldn't agree more, though the color is yellow.
  8. This chrome crap must stop.
  9. these are sharp.
  10. Who's good looking in a good looking uniform, I mean seriously?
  11. This topic is dumb.
  12. Edmonton really screwed up by ditching their blue jerseys.
  13. I gotta admit, I don't care for our colors, but I sure as hell respect them.
  14. I don't like red, white, and blue (navy blue ) color schemes. They come across as generic to me.
  15. Good god they look bad.