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  1. But they aren’t. Now that’s not to say everyone likes the current design, but they still certainly embrace the pewter and red.
  2. It’s been 15 years since winning the super bowl, last went to playoffs in 07 (winning their division just as they did in 05) so it’s been 11 years of really losing.
  3. They’ve had much more success in the pewter and red than they ever had in the creamsicles. They weren’t just bad from the early 80’s to mid 90’s they were putrid on an all new level. And perhaps your not old enough to remember but at the time of the change most buc fans were sick and tired of the creamsicles.
  4. daniel75

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I actually love their current logo but I gotta admit I like these even more, just stay away from pin stripes.
  5. daniel75

    XFL Return, new logo

    Ha ha got it.
  6. daniel75

    XFL Return, new logo

    So what does XFL stand for?
  7. daniel75

    XFL Return, new logo

    Should have came up with a new league name, Xtreme is so late 90’s early 2000ish.
  8. They lost for a MUCH longer period of time in the old creamsicle uni’s then they have with the current set. And i’m not saying they couldn’t bring them back but at that point in time most Buc fans had had enough.
  9. Think he meant the majority of people not literally everyone is all I meant.
  10. The majority of fans at that time had grown tired of them. They signified losing for far too long.
  11. Keep em they look great. Just wear your red socks with pewter pants dummies! Also winning helps.
  12. daniel75

    NHL 2018-19

    That gold though, yuck, to me it just comes off looking tacky. Though I suppose that has something to do from my childhood, I never liked the metallic gold crayon. Then again I’ve come to like the Saints gold. Oh crap now i’m confused.
  13. daniel75

    NHL 2018-19

    I don’t buy it. I mean how could they still be designing these.