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  1. Point1

    ECHL | Utah Grizzlies Rebrand

    It does have a kind of teddy bear vibe to it. Maybe roughing it up a bit would change that? I think the smoothness of it is throwing me off. Technically extremely well-done though of course.
  2. Point1

    Quick Basketball Logo Feedback?

    Yeah smooth out those shoulders, the bulging is a bit weird. Other than that, great.
  3. Point1

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    Don't like the yoke at all. Don't really get why it's there either.
  4. Point1

    NBA | Indiana Pacers Rebrand | Update: NIKE Uniform Set

    The alternate roundel is my favourite part of the logo set by far. Great stuff. I don't love the basketball in the primary logo; I think the checkers and different colours are throwing it off a bit.
  5. Point1

    AHL Rebrands: Binghamton Devils

    Very cool, but something about the general shape of his head/facial expression is throwing me off. It kind of looks like his mouth is just hanging open (or he's letting out a very relaxed roar). Excellently rendered for sure, but with a few touches it could be perfect.
  6. Point1

    Point1's OHL Rebrand (9/20: Guelph Storm)

    Wow guys, really wasn't expecting to see new responses to these. Will hopefully be returning to this project in December. Really appreciate the kind words. The Q is my home league so I'm excited to eventually give them a go too.
  7. Point1

    Tampa Bay Lightning Recolor and LA Kings Rebrand

    Navy would look a lot better.
  8. Point1

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (all teams posted)

    Awesome, your thread last year was my favourite of the summer. Better get Arizona and Carolina out quick.
  9. Point1

    Winnipeg Blues (MJHL) rebrand concept

    It's a cool logo but I have two problems with it 1. It looks like it's supposed to be FW because it's a 16th note rather than an 8th note. 2. The W kinda looks like a butt
  10. Point1

    NHL 2017-18

    Uh agree to disagree. Squint at that logo and tell me what it is.
  11. Point1

    Point1's Adidas CHL - QMJHL complete!

    I did! But because the pants would be blue the gold trim did the job just fine I thought. Here's the final QMJHL one: #3: QMJHL - West Division Finishing up we have some of the coolest looking teams in the league. Starting with the Armada, I changed nothing there because damn do they have an awesome identity. For Drummondville I went with bold, simple stripes incorporating silver trim. Gatineau went back to dull black and silver (ripping off the Armada), so I darkened their old purple and brought back orange. The Huskies have a cool logo but awful gradient jerseys, so I got a bit more to the point. Similarly, the Phoenix have an old Blues template with pretty cool colours, so I kept the modern striping while simplifying it. Finally, went with a double green for Val D'Or and made the gold a bit more golden.
  12. Point1

    Point1's Adidas CHL - QMJHL complete!

    #2: QMJHL - East Division Moving (ironically) west, we get to the East Division. First up, Baie-Comeau has had really ugly sweaters and boring Flames colours for a while so I thought I'd change it up. The blue from the logo is now the secondary colour, and I really like how the shade looks with red and gold. Chicoutimi simplifies to their old design again, no more gross piping. The Remparts are a good looking team already so I just got rid of the unnecessary thin red stripes. Rimouski I think also look pretty cool now so I made their grey a bit bluer and tinkered with the stripes but nothing too dramatic. Shawinigan was a big one because I hate their logo and their jerseys. I changed their colours to gold and navy and brought back their vintage logo. Finally another colour change for Victoriaville, who now wear orange and navy,
  13. Point1

    Point1's Adidas CHL - QMJHL complete!

    I get that for sure, this is the first time I've done it like that instead of the team-by-team. My main thing is that with my technological limitations, numbers/NOB is insanely time-consuming (since I didn't get any of the font files before they got taken down) and I'm only home for about a week. Plus I think there's kind of something to be said for seeing the whole league as an entity rather than as divided up teams - I kind of liked the Adidas thing from when they revealed the jerseys last year where it was a sheet with every one on it together. I will most likely finish up the league with this format and then go back and add in numbers.
  14. Hey guys, I haven't really had the time (or patience) for the big logo redesigning kind of stuff lately, and the third jersey predictions I made in my other thread kind of inspired me to stick with that very to-the-point designing. While I do have a dormant (for now) OHL rebrand thread, this is a chance for me to just focus on jerseys. Gonna start with my hometown (and too-often neglected) QMJHL. #1: QMJHL - Maritime Division Bathurst (Memorial Cup Champions) did a lot right with their redesign, but I stripped the script from their logo and simplified their stripes away from the Jets template. For the Eagles, I added a gold stripe to the shoulders and went with a roundel instead of their very busy primary. For Charlottetown I scrapped their whole ugly, muted colour pallet and gave them the only royal blue jersey in the league. Halifax, admittedly my hometown team, got sharper striping and removed the phantom yoke. Moncton scrapped the inexplicable royal blue, simplified the logo, and gave them arm striping. Finally, St John simplified the Sabres template they use now into something a little more striking. C&C appreciated as always.