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  1. 2017/18 NHL Refresh (24/31 BOS Added)

    That brown colour is way too washed out, it should be a deep brown like the Winter Classic jerseys or at least like their old sweaters from the 1930s
  2. I posted the 2017 Penguins cup in the best thread, so it's only fitting to go with:
  3. 2019 Boston Bruins Winter Classic

    Looks great, love the 3D mockup although in the future try putting it on an Adidas-style background like this:
  4. NHL 2017-18

    Western Conference Playoffs Jersey Matchups - Which is your favourite?
  5. NHL 2017-18

    Eastern Conference Playoffs Jersey Matchups - Which is your favourite?
  6. Canadian Premier League

    I just found this too, incredible work and awesome presentation as well.
  7. Blue Jays Logo

    Would work well for a startup of some kind. Not really a sports logo but I'd recommend holding onto that.
  8. NHL 2018-19

    I'm not a huge fans of the Hurricanes' identity but I've legitimately never seen a Hurricanes concept logo I preferred to the current one.
  9. 76'ers Betsy Ross Logo

    I mean, it has the same problem as almost all your women-ized logo concepts, which is that the boobs look like a horny twelve-year old drew them. But I understand that you're making them for t-shirts, in which case you obviously understand your target demographic.
  10. Sharks logo WIP - help needed!!

    Nailed it. Great work.
  11. Sharks logo WIP - help needed!!

    Looks a lot better and really good, but I still think that fin/head connection needs to be smoothed just a little bit. Right now there's a weird bump, but the head and the back behind the fin should be one line. You should be able to draw a curved line from above the eye to the side fin. It's kind of a hard thing to describe with words, but I think it's the last thing holding you back from a 10/10 logo.
  12. Sharks logo WIP - help needed!!

    I'd say that your two big problems are the shape of where the fin meets the top of his head, which should be a lot smoother, and how far from the snout his eyes are. Other than that, great work,
  13. Point1's OHL Rebrand (9/20: Guelph Storm)

    Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. It might be clear but I'm not at home any more so this series will be taking another hiatus (hopefully shorter than the last one). If anyone else has anything to say about the past three teams that'd be awesome. Happy new year!
  14. The guide that I usually use when making a logo is to squint at it. If you can't clearly tell what it is, then you need to rework it. The Oilers logo passes that test, although I think the alternate on blue could use either a white gear or a white outline. The Coyotes logo just doesn't have nearly enough contrast and the lines are way too thin. The brick and black are too close to be distinguishable. The Isles mark is better, but again the line thin-ness makes it too tough to work out what it is. The shield doesn't really work, maybe look at different shape options for the background?