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  1. The New XFL

    I meant it for ideas on possible cities.
  2. The New XFL
  3. The New XFL

    This one does feel a little rushed to me as well, as it’s not as well done as the Kodiaks but still a great entry overall for sure.
  4. The New XFL

    This has everything I’m looking for and I love it. I loved the original XFL, and this is beautiful so far. I hope all 8 of these teams get jersey swaps, great work.
  5. It sounds to me that San Diego will be getting an actual XFL team.. maybe the California Shock should be the San Diego Shock?
  6. College Football Concept Helmets

    You're the man. That looks great. Appreciate it. I need to get that template
  7. College Football Concept Helmets

    Florence-Henry Falcons I attached the logo. The blue in the wings needs to be a little more of a royal blue, it's a little purple here. Thanks and I appreciate it.
  8. College Football Concept Helmets

    I know you're not asking for requests but would you be willing to do one of these for the HS team that I coach?
  9. You're right. I should have. I don't believe boy looks "modern" to me at all, it looks like something from 30-50 years ago
  10. Wolves update was awesome.. Americans yuck
  11. Western League Baseball (3/8 - Texas Comets)

    I love the simplistic nature and color schemes of both logos. Can't wait to see more of your work.
  12. German Football League - Redesign

    What league is this? Do they have a league website?
  13. XFL 2017

    I'm in the process of creating a very similar league myself. Should be fun.
  14. Just no. As an osu grad and diehard fan. Just no.