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  1. branding

    The white jersey set is amazing. Love it
  2. What league is this? Do they have a league website?
  3. I'm in the process of creating a very similar league myself. Should be fun.
  4. Just no. As an osu grad and diehard fan. Just no.
  5. This is absolutely awesome. I probably just spent the last two hours of my life looking all this over. Great stuff from so many people. It does seem a little unorganized however, you guys need to find a way to better display everything but keep up the hard work. I'd also love to hire a few of you guys for my fantasy football league. We have a great website but some of our graphics could use some of you guys.
  6. thanks, I actually have a few more to show you personally that Ive been working on as well
  7. Gave this jersey change thing a shot.. what do you think? haha, well I tried
  8. Absolutely amazing stuff. Really digging the sidewinders logo and unis! Now also, how do you do the helmet striping for those helmets? I also use Davidson's template but I can't make helmet striping worth a darn. Please assist with some advice.
  9. I would greatly appreciate a template for this.. be perfect for my fantasy football website..
  10. you have a template for that jersey background.. really cool
  11. Haha these are good
  12. lets get back to the creating logos.. big fan of it
  13. love your logos from the IFL man, would love to be able to do what you do

  14. love your logos from the IFL man, would love to be able to do what you do

  15. Can we see the original?