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  1. You're right. I should have. I don't believe boy looks "modern" to me at all, it looks like something from 30-50 years ago
  2. Wolves update was awesome.. Americans yuck
  3. I love the simplistic nature and color schemes of both logos. Can't wait to see more of your work.
  4. What league is this? Do they have a league website?
  5. I'm in the process of creating a very similar league myself. Should be fun.
  6. Just no. As an osu grad and diehard fan. Just no.
  7. This is absolutely awesome. I probably just spent the last two hours of my life looking all this over. Great stuff from so many people. It does seem a little unorganized however, you guys need to find a way to better display everything but keep up the hard work. I'd also love to hire a few of you guys for my fantasy football league. We have a great website but some of our graphics could use some of you guys.
  8. thanks, I actually have a few more to show you personally that Ive been working on as well
  9. Gave this jersey change thing a shot.. what do you think? haha, well I tried
  10. Absolutely amazing stuff. Really digging the sidewinders logo and unis! Now also, how do you do the helmet striping for those helmets? I also use Davidson's template but I can't make helmet striping worth a darn. Please assist with some advice.
  11. I would greatly appreciate a template for this.. be perfect for my fantasy football website..
  12. you have a template for that jersey background.. really cool
  13. Haha these are good
  14. lets get back to the creating logos.. big fan of it