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  1. Here is a random idea I put together for the Kings. While trying to strike the right balance for the vertical wordmark on the Mavericks jerseys, I explored the world of asymmetrical striping and dug up the Kings' gold alternates from the mid- to late-2000s as well as the old Miami Floridians throwbacks and current Washington Bullets throwbacks. I also had the silver gradient left over on my template, so that found its way into things as well. The Kings current set is slowly growing on me, thought it is still conservative if not boring. These are more faux-back jerseys and not intended as primary home or away jerseys, but hopefully I will come up with something for those eventually. The Kings' new colors, fonts, and logos are all retained, with the layout of their current uniforms being rearranged and condensed into a singular graphic with the numerals appearing above the wordmark and under the crown. The asymmetrical side striping from the aforementioned gold alternates has been converted into the asymmetrical vertical striping from some of the other aforementioned uniforms, and (somewhat) matching collar and armhole trim completes the look. Sacramento Kings Faux-back Uniforms (White) Sacramento Kings Faux-back Uniforms (Gold) Thanks for looking!
  2. Ha! Thanks, Shado! Thanks a lot! I completely agree that it looks much more like a fashion jersey than a typical alternate. I was looking at some of the Nike Rewind jerseys from the early 2000s the other day, so that might have subconsciously influenced me a bit!
  3. Here is a concept I have been struggling with for a while. The original inspiration came from flipping through Emmanuel Georges' America Rewind - an awesome collection of modern photography from all over America with an emphasis on the south and west - and stumbling upon a shot of the Texan Theatre in Kilgore, Texas. I love the design of the star, and the Dallas Mavericks just felt like the logical choice in terms of incorporating it into a design....it only made more sense once I discovered the theatre is just east of Dallas as well as the fact that the inner star also appears on the city's official seal. The obscure significance of the inspiration behind this design made it more fitting for an alternate, plus I already had a couple ideas in mind for home and away primaries. Taking that into consideration, I thought it would be fun to step outside the box and resurrect their disastrous silver alternates from the early 2000s. The issues I have with those uniforms, and therefore that I tried to rectify, include: 1) the shade of gray was too dark; 2) the side panels and trim lacked sufficient contrast; and 3) the 'MAVERICKS' wordmark was too long and therefore too small proportionally. This uniform contains a lighter shade of silver, complete with similar side panels and trim that now include white piping for the sake of contrast, and an entirely different design for the wordmark, numerals, etc. As an alternate and/or pride jersey, the wordmark now reads 'DALLAS' -- in a vertical fashion alluding to the Texan Theatre's sign prior to the fire that shut it down in 1942. This wordmark is placed over the sublimated silhouette of Texas and aligned with respect to the numerals opposite it as well as the star signifying Dallas's location. Please let me know your thoughts -- good, bad, or indifferent....thanks! Dallas Mavericks Alternate Uniforms
  4. I took a quick look at it via Photoshop's selective color tool, but there is just not enough contrast there to make it look good. I always wondered why the wordmarks were single-color green-on-white and white-on-green without any yellow on those original jerseys....I think I am finally making sense of that now.
  5. Cavaliers - I really like the simplicity of these -- the slight addition of navy adds the dimension it feels like their current set is missing without doing too much. I think the trim pattern could find its way to the bottoms of the shorts to complete the look. Raptors - I much prefer these to their current Drake night alternates, though the black stroke around the wordmark is a bit overbearing in its thickness. Also, the proportions of the waistband trim feel very off....I don't have a good suggestion for a fix off the top of my head, but I think a minor adjustment or two would work things out. Suns - This is an absolutely gorgeous uniform! I have a few nitpicks, and they're both very minor: 1) the gradient is horizontal on the front of the jersey, vertical on the shorts, and both on the back of the jersey (the trim is horizontal, the number is vertical); 2) the two-sided sunburst around the front number is logical if not genius, though it suggests and oval sun and wouldn't accommodate two-digit numbers; and 3) the player name in black on purple is very hard to see. That being said, this is a few minor tweaks away from being possibly my favorite Suns concept ever! Nuggets - Not a fan of the font or colors, but I love the design of the version with the mountain -- I think the mountain works best with a wordmark, while the crossed pick axes work best by themselves a la their current (now former, I guess?) 'White Gold' pride jerseys. First drafts were all wildly creative and well-executed, so I definitely can't wait to see the revisions! Keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks! Modern and simple is definitely a trend among my concepts, though I am hoping to get a little more creative and outside the box going forward. And it actually is the Cavs' font, though I couldn't find the font or a name for it....I just had to trace and freehand the characters in Illustrator. Too much contrast or just the pattern itself? I messed with the opacity of it and could not decide on a good setting, so I am curious to see what anyone else has to say. Thanks for the kind words! I'm not 100% sold on the font either, though I have gone ahead and kept it for the home jerseys. The home jerseys vary slightly from their away counterparts, as the Rain City identity gets replaced with an Emerlad City identity -- the green wordmarks and numerals lend themselves well to the emerald theme, plus the raindrop imagery does not show up as well on green as it does on white. I think I would like the side panels here if they were green with yellow and red trim, but I strongly dislike the red side panels on the away jerseys so the home jerseys will do without them as well for the sake of consistency. Seattle Supersonics Home Uniforms Seattle Supersonics Away Uniforms
  7. Here is a new concept I have been working on for the Seattle Supersonics. It admittedly is not very well developed, as I was working on a new Cavs concept, decided to nix the skyline design from my previous Cavs concept, realized the idea could be repurposed for the Sonics given the Seattle skyline part of which appears in their old logo, then ultimately scrapped that idea but kept the new Cavs font for the Sonics. So, yeah, I have been all over the place with this one and could use some input before making changes. Before I get to that, though, I will kindly ask that whomsoever has been stealing my concepts as well as those of others and posting them as their own on Reddit as 'Pepman33' respect the work of myself and others and not do that. (NOTE: this is NOT @PepMan33Conde on these boards) Anyways, I thought a reboot of the Seattle Supersonics would be kind of fun because of their appeal in the '90s. I think their kelly green and yellow jerseys with the arched sash and font were great for the time period, but have since become nostalgically overrated and need to be left in the past. Also, I was only willing to retain any shade of yellow so long as I incorporated their mid- to late-'90s forest green and an additional color for the sake of contrast. As a result, we ended up with their mid- to late-'90s color palette -- one which I do not find to be good so much as I find it to be interesting and unique. The uniforms from that era suffered from a bumbling, cartoon-ish font, and I think there was too much of the brick red color, at least when incorporated in the side panels on the away uniform. As a result, I have given the Sonics a sharper font that is also free of the three-dimensional treatment, removed the red side panels (in one version, with a second version for the sake of comparison), and added a raindrop print to the wordmark and numerals in relation to the city's notorious climate and 'Rain City' nickname. I have a slightly different idea for the home jerseys, but I am curious to know what everyone thinks of these before creating the rest of the set. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated! Seattle Supersonics Away Uniforms Seattles Supersonics Away Uniforms (with red side panels)
  8. Hawks - I really like everything about this one except for the colors -- it feels like something, likely black or a charcoal gray, is missing. Excellent use of the hawk, though, especially fitting the numbers into the ball instead of awkwardly pushing them up into the upper left or right corner of the chest. The side panels on the shorts are fun, too. Mavericks - The front of these jerseys are fantastic! I've been struggling to incorporate a similar mint color into an NBA concept recently, but you nailed it here. The back of the jersey has too much mint for my tastes, though, and as much as I like the shorts by themselves I'm not sure they fit as well as they could into this set. Perhaps a little more navy would help? Jazz - I have no objections to these whatsoever -- outstanding work! Only way they could potentially be improved is with a better color palette, but that's a very minor detail. Trail Blazers - I'm not entirely sold on the font choice, but everything else about these is clean, classic, and perfect for the Trail Blazers. Celtics - Way to do just enough to keep things interesting without overthinking it. I can never decide if I prefer the oversized shorts logos to be centered vertically or sit just above the bottom hem, but either way I really like the clover logo replacing the odd striping that doesn't continue onto the jerseys for some reason. Wizards - The font doesn't fit the American-inspired theme, and the American-inspired theme doesn't fit the 'Wizards' name, but overlooking both of these details I think these are fantastic uniforms. Lakers - The 'Los Angeles' script is awesome! I've been hoping for them to return to it for some time now. My only nitpick with these would be that there seems to be a bit too much white in the side panels. Hornets - This is one of the more fun concepts I've seen in a while -- great work! Pistons - Clever use of the basketball logo, and the clean, classic trim and striping is on point. Not sure about the wordmark and player name font, but other than that this is a very solid uniform. More fun, creative stuff from you....thanks for sharing!
  9. Your execution is once again outstanding, and I think you've done a very good job with their new font. I really disliked it when they first unveiled it, but your work here has me warming up to it a bit. I don't like the idea of 'CAVS' being the script on all of the jerseys in theory, but in execution I think it works far better in terms of sizing and spacing than 'CLEVELAND' or 'CAVALIERS.' I think my biggest issues with these uniforms are 1) they feel generic -- lightening the red and swapping out the wordmarks could just as easily make this an update for the Rockets if they were to revert back to their '90s aesthetic; and 2) the presence of white on the wine away uniform and the yellow alternate uniform feel unnecessary. Also, there seems to be an unnecessary red layer under each uniform -- it's most noticeable around the armholes on some jerseys and between the bottoms of the legs on some shorts.
  10. Here is the home version for the Warriors uniforms -- the silver outline does show up as silver-y as I would like, so my next area to improve on will probably be achieving more of a shiny and/or metallic effect for such colors. Thoughts and suggestions specifically on that as well as anything that comes to mind are always appreciated! Golden State Warriors Home Uniforms
  11. Has anyone on here ever made a real life jersey based on one of their concepts?! I'm curious now. Thanks! I don't disagree with you -- the pattern makes it much busier than I typically prefer and relative to the rest of this series. In pretty much any other case I would, but that's something I've come to appreciate about their current uniforms -- I really kind of hate the fact that they say 'GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS' around the circular front chest logo, but at the same time I really do like that it's something unique to them. NBA uniforms need more individuality and character! I appreciate the kind words as well as the constructive criticism! I expected Warriors fans to dislike the color change, though I didn't consciously realize how prevalent yellow is throughout their brand -- your mention of the 'WE BELIEVE' shirts is a great example, though. Unfortunately, I was hellbent on gold over yellow, so I didn't bother making those layers editable so as to quickly swap colors. If/when I find a way and/or time, I might go back and see how the yellow looks. What color do you see? I used hex code #89734C per ColorWerx - which is a metallic gold from their 2011/12 50 Seasons in the Bay commemorative marks - though I know metallics don't always look as you'd expect. Man....that's the dream! Thank you!
  12. Here is a random idea I had today thinking about the Golden State Warriors and their current uniforms. I dislike a lot of things about what they currently wear -- the font is terrible, the color balance is off, yellow used poorly in general, and they focus on a bridge despite the team being called the Warriors. So, I ended up conducting some research on the Ohlone people - the Native American people of the San Francisco Bay era - and came across the Mission San Francisco de Asís, which was one of their sanctuaries and is currently the oldest surviving structure in the city of San Francisco. The inside is both incredible and fascinating, and some of the imagery served as the inspiration for the color palette as well as the trim pattern -- specifically the designs found on the archways, ceilings, and bordering the Mission Dolores mural. This creates an identity with a little more relevance to the city as well as the nickname. Also, the tweak to the color scheme to emphasizes the 'GOLD' in 'GOLDen State' while alluding to the gold-centric gear they've worn in the NBA Finals. Golden State Warriors Away Uniforms Thanks for looking!
  13. In response to both of you, I experimented with that idea when I originally created that 'OKC' wordmark, but wasn't a fan of how things looked -- whereas 'THUNDER' looks a bit small to me, 'OKC' look a bit big. Plus I think their terrible orange alternates with 'OKC' on them make me like the idea even less! That stain is from where I can't quite figure out the shadowing....I took an image of a jersey I found online and clone-stamped out all of the applications to create my template, but this area still looks pretty off. Fortunately, most designs hide it with the numerals, but this one definitely doesn't!
  14. Thanks a lot Shado! It's funny you bring that up -- I had no idea someone created them in 2K17 until a friend who's a big fan of the Thunder showed them to me one day without knowing it was my concept. Kinda cool to see people finding a use for some of these designs! I really appreciate your dissenting opinions and am curious about your thoughts re: the suns "sun burst" imagery. I'm admittedly not as much of a fan of the modernized version they use now and which I adopted, but in today's era of uniforms I much prefer it to the full on '90s-era graphic that was where I originally started. It feels like more of a convenient and fun design element than a direct allusion to the sun, which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. Would you scrap the sun burst altogether, or meet somewhere in the middle between the '90s and now? As for the Thunder wordmarks, I typically agree with you....for the longest time I was too OCD to consider putting anything other than team names on home jerseys and city names on away jerseys. I've learned to let go of that every now and then, though, and a lot of that's actually from when I did this concept the first time around -- "OKLAHOMA CITY" is already difficult to work with because it's two words, and uneven in length at that, not to mention long in full. Plus, with the font I used, "THUNDER" already looks disproportionately short in terms of height, and fitting "OKLAHOMA" on a line by itself even would further shrink that down. This is definitely an exception for me, but in most cases I'm with you!
  15. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback on the Suns uniforms -- it is very much appreciated! Now we are on to the Oklahoma City Thunder. This is basically a concept I created a while back and adapted to this template -- it is based on the late-'90s Golden State Warriors' color palette and uniforms that share some similarities with OKC's current identity. Oklahoma City Thunder Home Uniform Oklahoma City Thunder Away Uniform Oklahoma City Thunder Navy Alternate Uniform Oklahoma City Thunder Orange Alternate Uniform Thanks for looking!