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  1. Portland is weird. My concepts for the Trail Blazers are weird as well. Please tell me what I did right or wrong and perhaps what you would do differently. Thanks! Portland Trail Blazers Away Uniform The goal was to retain elements of their traditional while making their jerseys slightly less conservative. The unnecessary inclusion of silver has been removed, the sash has been preserved in the diagonal wordmark, and the striping of the pinwheel logo has found its way to each side panel. Portland Trail Blazers Home Uniform As much as I kind of like the quirkiness of the away jersey, the color balance on the white home jersey looks off to me. Or maybe it's something else entirely, I'm not sure. Any thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  2. Thank you! Glad someone agrees on the Celtics adding gold -- with the modernized silhouettes and materials, I think their classic look could afford a minor update even if it's as simple as adding gold. Good catch! For some reason I could've sworn their white jerseys had 'BOSTON' on them for years, but some quick digging informed me that it was their green jerseys that had 'CELTICS' on them for years -- that will have to be changed. I appreciate the kind words! There was a time when I certainly agreed with that sentiment, but as mentioned above, the new silhouettes, materials, etc. are making it more and more enticing to modernize their brand just a bit. I wholeheartedly respect anyone who favors their traditional look, though.
  3. Yikes. The oversimplified and perfectly geometric shape of the state is brutal for a legitimate secondary logo. This looks like something you'd see on a fan t-shirt if (wait -- when) Nike takes over the NBA. Not a bad mark overall, just out of place in the capacity in which they'll presumably use it.
  4. Here are a few more I've started on... Boston Celtics Away Uniform I'm conflicted working on the Boston Celtics....on one hand, their classic look needs no frills; on the other, this jersey feels almost too minimalistic. The addition of gold is essential when it comes to updating their look in my mind, but just about anything beyond that is too radical for my tastes. The more I look at it, the more I think I like it... Boston Celtics Home Uniform ...until I see the white home jersey. This is where I find myself frustrated at the lack of collar and armhole trim, adjustable side panels, etc. This look still seems to suit the Celtics' classic brand, but I don't foresee it to work as well for most other teams. Atlanta Hawks Away Uniform I miss the '90s, but I also realize many NBA uniforms from that era were disastrous in terms of design. I think the gradient from the mid-'90s Hawks jerseys is an underappreciated and unique element, albeit in retrospect probably deservedly so because the of the giant cartoon hawk rendering that obscured it. This retains the team's current color palette, which I've surprisingly warmed up to, in a way that incorporates a previous era while also eliminating the clutter that plagues their current uniforms. Again....is this too minimalistic? If so, what (preferably starting within the limitations of this particular template) would you add to this jersey (or others)?
  5. Good call -- I originally started pulling the official team colors via ColorWerx, but now that you mention it some of the layer effects might be altering the shade of it. Thank you! I appreciate it! I saw a few artists on Behance working with similar templates they made using a high resolution Team USA jersey from what I believe was Nike's press release about the 2016 Olympic uniforms, so I spent several hours clone-stamping and spot-healing away all of the original elements of that jersey and then added the NBA tags and applications to create a blank template with which to work. Valid point! I don't expect that to change any time soon - especially with the emergence of ads - but to be honest the NBA logo returning to the front of the jersey in these concepts is 100% a result of an OCD-driven need to balance out the area opposite the Nike Swoosh. Thanks a lot, Shado! The goal is to do all 30 teams, but if I seem to be slipping I might need you to hold me to that! I agree with you completely -- the limitations of the template in terms of what you can and can't see (and therefore can and can't design) as well as the difficulty in terms of adding realistic textures for elements such as the collar and armhole trim are the my biggest challenges and frustrations right now. While I don't mind most of the trim-less looks I saw in college basketball this season, such a look would take some getting use to at the NBA level. As I familiarize myself with the template I'll hopefully be able to add some character to these concepts with the elements you mentioned. Thanks a lot for the input!
  6. With the NBA switching to Nike upon the expiration of Adidas' contract with the League at the end of this season, this thread will be where I'll share all of my designs. Ideally I want to create home and away uniforms for all 30 teams, but that may be a bit ambitious so we'll see what happens. I'll start with one uniform for each of the 16 playoff teams and then hopefully progress from there. This will be an exercise focusing primarily on colors, fonts, and minimalist design elements to create a clean and unique look for each team that reinforces or in some cases redesigns their brand. As always, any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Indiana Pacers Away Uniform This takes the clean aesthetic of their current look and recalls the more yellow-centric color balance of their uniforms from the early '90s, adding a sublimated checkerboard racing stripe pattern along the side panels. Chicago Bulls Away Uniform While black is typically used as an alternate uniform color for the Bulls, the Jordan-era pinstripes were too classic to pass up. This look doesn't reinvent those classic jerseys so much as it simply reapplies it to the updated Nike Aeroswift jersey template.
  7. Both versions you've created here would be instant upgrades over their current look. I'm skeptical as to the relevance of the checkerboard sublimation they originally put on the alternates, but I understand why you've included on these.
  8. This is one of the raddest concepts I've seen on here in a minute....incredible work!!
  9. What you've got so far is certainly well-executed, though I agree that it might be a little too ambitious. To me, it's almost the exact opposite of the issue I see in the Washington Wizards' current identity -- while they neglect to embrace the singular identity they do have as the Wizards, this posits the Thunder to juggle between multiple rather dissimilar identities. Many OKC Thunder concepts I've seen over the years incorporate more than one theme (thunder, lightning, buffalo stampedes, Native American influence, etc.), though I'm not sure it works as well when they compete with one another in the same logo. I'm very interested to see what direction you take this in, especially in regards to the secondary logos and marks that will fill out their identity!
  10. Pros: -The color palette is perfect -The number font isn't flawless, but it's sufficiently modern and free of unnecessary distractions -The simplified striping is consistent across helmet, jersey, and pants Cons: -The white and blue outlines on the helmet logo are inconsistent with the aforementioned simplified striping -The stylization of the WCF patch clashes, regardless of the patch's significance (or apparent lack thereof to some) -The spacing between the stripes appears to vary ever so slightly between the helmet, jersey, and pants Meh: -The LIONS sleeve wordmark is there -- it isn't so much good or bad as it is just there -The Color Rush uniform is completely gray, though given the concept it's as average as can be expected -The Throwbacks are fine -- more significant due to history than notable in terms of anything design-related All things considered, I think this is an excellent upgrade for Detroit. The elimination of black from their color palette went a long way, and I'm a big fan of the blue pants returning to the away uniforms. All of the pros noted above are macro elements you'll notice on every single play, whereas all of the cons are micro elements you'll only notice when closely inspecting the uniforms and explicitly looking for those things. Sure, some things would benefit from tweaking, but overall I really like what they've done here.
  11. Can't remember if I commented on Behance or not, but excellent job with these concepts -- both from a design perspective as well as an execution perspective. I'd love to see your take on other teams!
  12. Excellent revisions! The new color balance has a much better feel to it, as there's plenty of contrast without any unnecessary clutter. The gradients are incredibly subtle, but a nice touch when I look for them. I agree a green outline could be beneficial for the away uniform, but I understand your Seahawks-related reservations. Only other suggestion, aside from perhaps switching the logos to an alternate once their unveiled, would be to remove the North Star belt buckle logo since it's redundant with the neckline logo.
  13. Not a huge fan of the trees on the shorts, but I love the 'Sota jersey! I don't care if it's a thing or not or if anyone from there or anywhere else has ever called it that for one reason or another -- it's simply a fun and well-executed design. The lighter shade of the double blue works perfectly as an outline on the wordmark and numbers. Great job!
  14. Love the inclusion of trees in the background -- tree on the wolf feels forced.
  15. Pros: double blue tones, green accents (plural), minimal gray Cons: awkward fur curves, too much blank space where wolf and roundel intersect, meh font I kinda like it, and I think it'll grow on me....all things considered, I was prepared for something much worse. I'll reserve final judgment until I see what they do with the rest of their branding and uniforms.