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  1. Gord Downie has died.
  2. What Are You Listening To?

    Just finished listening to the entire Barenaked Ladies catalogue in chronological order. I recommend anybody do this with their favourite band. I've already listened to all their albums countless times before, but I still managed to notice something new on each CD. Especially among their more obscure albums, there are a few songs I have a newfound appreciation for. Gordon is a masterpiece -- probably my favourite album by any artist ever -- and I honestly think Silverball may be the band's second-best effort. If anyone gave up on the band after Steven Page left, I would strongly encourage them to listen to their past three releases as a quartet. Any other BNL fans around here?
  3. Tank in the news

    I have an aunt who is quite overweight, and has been for as long as I can remember. She's dismissed suggestions by loved ones to start getting serious about her weight and blood pressure. She's 57. Oh, and she's also the primary caregiver of my grandparents. Recently I've been thinking more and more about what I've always known in the back of my mind -- that, barring a serious lifestyle change, she will die a premature death. It's a lot like having heavy smokers in the family (I have two) -- it's a hard, ugly truth that you've always figured but never want to address. Eventually, those "somedays" in a distant future become tomorrows. And the worst part of it all is that there is literally nothing you can do about it.
  4. Tank in the news

    Tellin' it like it is.
  5. Tank in the news

    As a human being with functioning ear drums, that was painful.
  6. Tank in the news

    He started that video wearing a mask, speaking in a dramatic voice, and playing The Imperial March in the background. He ended that video wearing a mask, speaking in a dramatic voice, and playing The Imperial March in the background.
  7. What did you just notice for the first time?

    Given that Pierre Trudeau made it his mission to transform Canada into what he referred to as a "just society," perhaps it's not really a coincidence that he named his first son, well, "Justin."
  8. Tank in the news

  9. Favorite or unique venue foods

    That seems remarkably cheap for food at a major league ballpark.
  10. Tank in the news

    Can we just take into account the fact that he got 4000 likes for that?
  11. Tank in the news

    I wonder if he made the list...
  12. Mandatory Military Service

    I wasn't mocking your post. I was just reminded of an amusing quote by William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada's Prime Minister during the Second World War, in reference to his conscription policy. Side note, but doing some more research now it seems as though I've always misinterpreted what King was saying. I always thought he was referring to the National Resources Mobilization Act (1940), which essentially required men to serve in the armed forces in some capacity but did not require them to go overseas (a fair enough compromise between the need to support the war effort and the need to avoid the national unity crisis that would be triggered by forcing the predominantly anti-war, pro-King Québécois to fight in Europe). It turns out he said that in 1942 during the lead-up to a national plebiscite on the issue of moving towards "true" conscription. From what I gather, King was essentially saying that a "yes" victory would allow the government to enact conscription but, at the time, there was no guarantee that they would eventually have to do so.
  13. Mandatory Military Service

    "Conscription if necessary, but not necessarily conscription."
  14. Logos associated with failure.

    Perhaps because failure isn't an emotion?