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  1. Obama's inauguration is closer to 9/11 than it is to today. Yowza.
  2. I've started writing a journal. I've been meaning to do so for a few years now, and tonight I decided to finally get the ball rolling. I spent about an hour penning my first entry. Realistically, I'd like to spend about 10-15 minutes a night on it, and I'd like to get in an entry every single day -- even if it's just a one-line comment. Aside from the obvious cathartic purposes, it's a good way to preserve vivid records of fun stories/life events, make note of jokes/quotes/anecdotes (quadruple rhyme not at all intended!), prove your point in future arguments ("No, actually -- on October 27th, 2008, I distinctly remember you saying..."), and keeping track of other small things you might otherwise forget. I actually wish I started this a long time ago -- I'd love to see, in writing, how my perspectives on romance, politics, school, work, friends, etc. change over the years. Plus, having detailed recollections of my favourite stories would be cool.
  3. Speak for yourself.
  4. I think I'll abbreviate it to "B.S."
  5. So there's this girl. She's intelligent, funny, has the same geeky sense of humour as me, and is flat-out gorgeous. And, hey, I'm fairly sure there's mutual attraction (although I've never been particularly good at reading that). Suffice it to say that this was a solid match that's definitely worth pursuing. Of course, that was then. Through a series of unfortunate events (most of which being plain bonehead decisions on my part), I dropped the ball before I could make a move, and have watched the ship sail away. Reason dictates that I should get the hell on with my life, which I'll realistically end up doing. But my emotions don't want to hear any of that. Gah. She might go down as the one that got away. TL;DR: I take too long to get over things.
  6. My great-uncle held a reasonably important position within the Catholic Church. (Important enough to have met with the Pope multiple times and tagged along with him on several state visits.) I know that's kinda vague, but you can find him with a Google search and I'm not down to give away my last name.
  7. Also, I thought Egg McMuffin had a strong design
  8. With the US election over, I checked back up on the Tory and NDP leadership races. The latter is less than a year out, and still no candidates have declared. The former, however, has grown quite crowded. I'm not even sure if you can count four of those as "logos" (mind you, that's what happens when half the field is composed of Saskatchewan backbenchers)...Raitt's is alright, but the slogan is weak and its placement sloppy. Clement (who has since dropped out) had an okay one, although I'm not really sure what it has to do with running for political office. O'Toole's is quite nice.
  9. Hillary catching up in Michigan and leading in Nevada. It's not over.
  10. 538 had Trump at 61%.
  11. The GOP's megamajority in the House votes him in.
  12. 538 says 49/49, New York Times says >95 for Trump. I can't believe this is real.
  13. FL officially called.
  14. Nate Silver says it hasn't since it's an auto-calculation based on all declared states.
  15. That's gonna tank once Florida's declared.