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  1. The goal is to hit all 13 provinces and territories...I've been to the four "big ones" (ON, QC, AB, BC) and loved them all*. I can probably check off all the Maritimes in one trip and all the territories in a separate one. Maybe I'll do a CFL road trip to cover Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Excluding two-hour airport layovers, I actually haven't explored too much of the US. I've been to Buffalo frequently and my family took trips along the east coast (NY, MA, FL, SC) growing up (plus a trip to AZ/NV). I'd love to do DC and northern CA. My buddies and I are planning a weekend trip to Algonquin Park (an enormous and spectacular Provincial Park about three hours north of Toronto) this summer. The last time I visited New York and Boston, Ground Zero and the Curse of the Bambino still existed, so perhaps a trip down there is warranted as well. *I've loved them when I've visited, but in my mind I've only scratched the surface...I've seen Vancouver/Whistler, Banff/Jasper, Toronto/Ottawa/Niagara, and Montréal. I'd love to explore Calgary/Edmonton, Québec City, Ontario's parks, etc.
  2. Pardon me if I'm exhuming a dead discussion, but it was revived last week so I think I'm still fine. I've always regretted how the nastiness of US political talk spoils the potential to have what I like to think would be more tame discussions about local/European/Canadian politics. Especially with the Tory/NDP leadership races, upcoming elections in BC and Ontario, and the recent fallout of electoral reform, I think there'd be a lot of room for good discussion. If a thread is a no-go, I'd be very much down for a group PM, given that there are maybe half a dozen regular members who talk Canadian politics. (Me, Cap, Magnus, Morgo, and 2001mark come to mind.)
  3. Shame. I, for one, vastly prefer CD's to digital albums.
  4. Saw this for the first time during the World Juniors. I keep seeing a bicycle. Also, to my knowledge, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Québec don't have 150 logos. -------- I know we went over all the proposed logos in the Canada 150 thread, but holy crap did they pick literally the worst-possible design. I think this one's beautiful: Granted, you'd probably run into trouble when scaling it down, but I'd buy a t-shirt with that on it in a heartbeat.
  5. I can assure you that putting a team in Québec will not accomplish that. No and yes (respectively). While the city itself gets a lot of eye rolls from the rest of the country, the Blue Jays are very popular from sea to sea. They put a lot of effort into growing the game across the country, and host a "Winter Tour" every offseason where some of the players/management/famous alumni go across the country doing autograph sessions, hospital visits, etc. This is evident every time the team visits Seattle.
  6. Abhorrent.
  7. The Jays have managed to botch baseball perfection in just five years by wearing their blues way too often, extending the Canada Day jerseys to Canada Baseball Day, having hideous and cheesy BP caps that they insist on wearing during the regular season, adding a full-time red alt, and now adding yet another cap to the mix that they're sure to wear at irregular intervals. It really was too good to be true, wasn't it?
  8. Penumbra Flare Standard Bold is pretty close as well.
  9. Obama's inauguration is closer to 9/11 than it is to today. Yowza.
  10. I've started writing a journal. I've been meaning to do so for a few years now, and tonight I decided to finally get the ball rolling. I spent about an hour penning my first entry. Realistically, I'd like to spend about 10-15 minutes a night on it, and I'd like to get in an entry every single day -- even if it's just a one-line comment. Aside from the obvious cathartic purposes, it's a good way to preserve vivid records of fun stories/life events, make note of jokes/quotes/anecdotes (quadruple rhyme not at all intended!), prove your point in future arguments ("No, actually -- on October 27th, 2008, I distinctly remember you saying..."), and keeping track of other small things you might otherwise forget. I actually wish I started this a long time ago -- I'd love to see, in writing, how my perspectives on romance, politics, school, work, friends, etc. change over the years. Plus, having detailed recollections of my favourite stories would be cool.
  11. Speak for yourself.
  12. I think I'll abbreviate it to "B.S."
  13. So there's this girl. She's intelligent, funny, has the same geeky sense of humour as me, and is flat-out gorgeous. And, hey, I'm fairly sure there's mutual attraction (although I've never been particularly good at reading that). Suffice it to say that this was a solid match that's definitely worth pursuing. Of course, that was then. Through a series of unfortunate events (most of which being plain bonehead decisions on my part), I dropped the ball before I could make a move, and have watched the ship sail away. Reason dictates that I should get the hell on with my life, which I'll realistically end up doing. But my emotions don't want to hear any of that. Gah. She might go down as the one that got away. TL;DR: I take too long to get over things.
  14. My great-uncle held a reasonably important position within the Catholic Church. (Important enough to have met with the Pope multiple times and tagged along with him on several state visits.) I know that's kinda vague, but you can find him with a Google search and I'm not down to give away my last name.