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  1. In a similar vein, Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love. "Philia" = Greek for "love" "Adelphos" = Greek for "brother"
  2. Harambe memes. I don't care how old they are or how recycled the jokes may be — I just can't get enough of them.
  3. Why are voters condemned for acting against their own self-interest, yet corporations are condemned for not volunteering to go against theirs?
  4. Nah. He can just purchase the CBC from us.
  5. Something's telling me that that political quiz isn't the most accurate... I know there's another good one out there (Vote Compass, IIRC). I'll try to find it when I get home.
  6. We have, maybe, six different flavours of Pop-Tarts up here. I usually make at least one trip to Bufalo per year to catch a Bisons game, and I always make sure to raid the local Targets along the way (for both Pop-Tarts and whatever other sweets I find).
  7. That Ayn Rand's first name is not pronounced "Ann".
  8. That's news to me, too!
  9. The Leafs' new centennial exhibit at the HHoF may shed some light on the new banner designs. If those are indeed the new designs, they'll be far inferior to the current ones. At the very least, including the players' years of service and adding era-specific logos are nice touches.
  10. I think that nominating Gingrich for VP would complement Trump's anti-establishment campaign quite well.
  11. Some thoughts: Florida's new look is alright. It's not great by any stretch of the imagination, and the military pandering is silly, but I can live with it. I'm also a fan of having TV numbers on the shoulders and putting logos on the sleeves. Granted, I wouldn't want that to become "the norm", but I think it works in this case. Pittsburgh will look spectacular next year. The Leafs' uniforms are disappointing, but they're still good. As far as looking too much like the Lightning, why should the Leafs give a damn about "infringing" on Tampa's look? Although I wish they hadn't gone with the single waist stripe, they're well within their right to do so. If Florida's new road featured a blue chest stripe outlined in red, and then the Habs decided to switch back to this in a few years, would it be fair to blame the Habs? If a team wishes to borrow elements from their history they should be able to, irrespective of whatever looks modern copycats have adopted.
  12. According to Shanahan, the Leafs will be getting new honoured number banners for their centennial, which I think is kinda lame.
  13. I love the Argos' monochrome white look, but I despise the inconsistencies between their home and road helmets. If you insist on having two helmets, then fine -- but, at the very least, add a stripe to the blue one and make the decals larger.
  14. I am very, very excited for the Argos this season. BMO looks spectacular, tailgating should be a ton of fun, and we have the Grey Cup in November -- which the Boatmen have a respectable shot at. I've already snagged a three-game flex pack and, by the looks of it, so have many other fans. Good riddance, Rogers Centre!
  15. Good thing they put "National Hockey League Playoffs" — otherwise I might've confused those dates with all their Super Bowl appearances!