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  1. Also, I thought Egg McMuffin had a strong design
  2. With the US election over, I checked back up on the Tory and NDP leadership races. The latter is less than a year out, and still no candidates have declared. The former, however, has grown quite crowded. I'm not even sure if you can count four of those as "logos" (mind you, that's what happens when half the field is composed of Saskatchewan backbenchers)...Raitt's is alright, but the slogan is weak and its placement sloppy. Clement (who has since dropped out) had an okay one, although I'm not really sure what it has to do with running for political office. O'Toole's is quite nice.
  3. Hillary catching up in Michigan and leading in Nevada. It's not over.
  4. 538 had Trump at 61%.
  5. The GOP's megamajority in the House votes him in.
  6. 538 says 49/49, New York Times says >95 for Trump. I can't believe this is real.
  7. FL officially called.
  8. Nate Silver says it hasn't since it's an auto-calculation based on all declared states.
  9. That's gonna tank once Florida's declared.
  10. Colorado called for Clinton.
  11. Why have they not called Florida yet?
  12. "When you're tired with Jill Stein in the polls,"
  13. Turn to 3:11...God, Johnson is as wilfully blind as Trump when it comes to defending policies that he knows make no sense. I mean seriously, did these people (referring more broadly to others like Cruz/Trump/Carson) just scribble numbers on a scrap piece of paper and then say to themselves "Yeah, I think that's a sensible tax code" with literally no regard to how it would affect government revenues? It baffles me how several serious contenders in a campaign can get away with promising such half-assed policies that would have such wide-reaching impacts.
  14. Having several friends who are in or who have just completed teacher's college, as well as having spoken with other teachers that I know, I can say that it's damn near impossible for new teachers to find jobs right away. I've heard stories of people spending five or six years as supply teachers* before landing full-time gigs. This surplus is why they doubled the length of teacher's college a few years ago from one year to two. Side note: I went to elementary/high school in the GTA, and I've only ever used the term "supply teacher" to refer to somebody who's filling in for your real teacher for the day. It was only through watching American TV that the term "substitute teacher" entered my consciousness. Is this another "different in Canada" thing? (Or, at the very least, "different in Ontario"?)
  15. Gold: 17 Silver: 25 Bronze: 15