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  1. BigBubba

    Ask A Moderator

    Just do what I did and edit them all.
  2. BigBubba

    Ask A Moderator

    True, but could you not say the same thing about, say, insisting on discussing politics or Native American imagery? There are many bannable offences that involve showing that same sort of disregard.
  3. BigBubba

    Ask A Moderator

    So Tank would thus not be eligible for CCSLC parole? EDIT: I just checked to see when Tank would be eligible -- only to realize he's been banned for two-and-a-half years. Time really does fly on these boards.
  4. BigBubba

    Toronto Star new logo (?)

    About a week ago, I was reading an article on The Star's website about how the paper is expanding its brand nationally. At the top was a logo I've never seen before: it featured "THE STAR" written in black in a font similar to the current one, though much thicker. Instead of being contained within the outline of the banner, the word mark was bookended by the banner's edges (and thus there was no blue on top or below the words, only to the left and right -- picture this: >THE STAR< ). I thought the paper had rebranded (especially in light of the content of the article), but when I checked back the next day, the old logo was back. I haven't seen the "new" once since -- any idea what was up with that?
  5. BigBubba

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    Nice. I know they got the number font wrong initially, but was there anything else?
  6. BigBubba

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    The Blue Jays retired Roy Halladay's number yesterday and added a banner for him: Nice, but not a fan of how it's in the team's current branding, especially since Alomar's (the one beside it) is era-specific. I get that they probably didn't want to bring the Black Jays look (which Halladay wore for the majority of his tenure with the team), but they could have at least gone with the late '90s/early 2000s style which he still wore for a few seasons and is pretty similar to the team's current look. I'd have even preferred if they used the '70s/'80s/'90s look (the one used for Almoar's banner) because at the very least he was drafted with that look and wore it for a preseason or two. Also, the team added two new banners last year (which I just found out about while watching last night's game and researching this post because I didn't watch or attend a single game last year). On opening day 2016, they unveiled a "2015 AL East Champs" banner and re-arranged their pre-existing ones so that they were sorted by accomplishment, not year (which I thought was dumb). Then, last year, they swapped that for the one pictured above (AL East + ALDS Champs) and added a Wild Card/ALDS "Champs" banner -- two additional dumb moves. Thankfully, however, they removed the 1991 All-Star Game banner and put them all back in chronological order. They also added Halladay's name to the team's "Level of Excellence" (they have two tiers for honouring players; retiring is the "upper" one and this is the "lower" one). I haven't cared about the team for a few years now, but it still irks me how an organization that was always so good about honouring its history properly has resorted to anachronistic designs and consolation prize banners.
  7. BigBubba

    Political Logos

    Illinois's state flower is a violet, so perhaps that's an abstract representation of one? (Similar to the Ontario PC Party's atrocious abstract trillium.) ----------------------------- Speaking of the PC's, their recently-ended leadership race produced some lacklustre graphics. Mind you, it was a short, ad-hoc race for a provincial opposition party, so I suppose there wasn't the time/money/need to invest in creative graphics. Caroline Mulroney: (With her last name notably absent) "Let's get it done" and "New and different"...real inspiring... Christine Elliott: Two periods was really necessary. Doug Ford: He didn't really seem to have a logo or even a wordmark; he seemed content just writing "Ford" wherever he could (with obvious emphasis on the last name, just as he and his brother did during their runs for Mayor of Toronto). Tanya Granic Allen: Another generic (and very thin!) wordmark
  8. Yes, as is typically done during debates. MOD EDIT
  9. A clear-cut straw-man if you'll ever see one.
  10. Words do evolve. But many don't. "Redskin" has only one meaning in the English language with which I am familiar -- and it refers to a racial stereotype. "Bignoses...C'mon, Steve, we're not making fun of Jews, words evolve! Don't think of it as 'Big noses', think of it as 'Bignoses'. See, different!"
  11. I think the "C" makes a great cap logo. It just sucks as a primary logo. "Yeah, I know our team is named the 'Flaming Queerz,' but just try not to think of it as meaning anything other than 'someone who plays for my beer league baseball squad.'" The "C" forms the abdomen.
  12. BigBubba

    Logos associated with failure.

    Perhaps because failure isn't an emotion?
  13. BigBubba

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch new box

    Oh hell no. I've always lover the anthropomorphic cereal pieces. Too bad they got rid of one of them.