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  1. Favorite Band/Artist Logo or Album Cover

    Interlocking W's
  2. definitely some awesome work.. i would absolutely be interested, if in the future you guys offered different jersey templates, nike.. under armor, etc..
  3. Renaming the Big Ten

    i like this one
  4. NBA Abstract Concept

    Saw this on Facebook, its incredible
  5. College Bowl Tournament Bracket Concept

    I really like this idea, Ive had similar. Much better then the pointless bowl games played now
  6. Afghan College Football - 92/138 teams complete

    this is awesome work!
  7. Nike Does Big Ten

    This is fantastic
  8. College Football 2014 Season

    I like the uniform, but DO NOT like the template.
  9. Chicago _______'s logos


  11. "Hate the font"

    Not a Cal fan but i really like this!
  12. NCAA March Madness Jersey Wallpapers

    Marquette #13, please?
  13. New "Boise State" Rule in college football.

    MTW doesnt like the Boise State rule.
  14. NCAA Yakball Voting

  15. NCAA Yakball Voting

    Michigan.. UNC - Greensboro
  16. NCAA Yakball Voting

    Michigan Alabama UNC-Greensboro Missouri
  17. Worst sports logos ever

    What is it? its a team from the American Basketball Association..
  18. Worst sports logos ever

  19. 2015 MLB All Star Game

    I haven't seen this posted anywhere, and if it is sorry, but i found this on Yahoo.
  20. "Banner" iphone wallpaper

    thank you sir
  21. "Banner" iphone wallpaper

    Marquette Golden Eagles? -thanks