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  1. I say the NFL just does like mlb and let the players wear their team jerseys
  2. Texas tech wearing their throwbacks tobight against Texas
  3. Pants have blue silver blue stripes
  4. So far the cowboys have the best "color rush" uniform
  5. Nike took the page down.
  6. Texas tech put this on the video board during the walkthrough of Oklahoma state this after noon. And it will be left on overnight
  7. Probably not gonna happen but I would like to see Texas texh in all black against OK St in all orange on Saturday.
  8. This cowboys/saints game looks great wish the boys would wear blue at home
  9. Texas tech in black helmets white jerseys and red pants vs Baylor in all grey
  10. Texas tech wearing red jerseys today
  11. Texas tech wearing throwbacks against Arkansas
  12. Not the best picture but Texas tech in all white and utep in all orange with grey gradient numbers on their jerseys
  13. What are the blue stickers on the back of Florida St and Texas st's helmets?
  14. Looks like alcorn St got Georgia techs left over honeycomb jerseys. Can't find a pic of them