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  1. 2018 MLB Season

    Just embrace the team that used to play in New York! We'll take you in, introduce you to the whole gang, and even let you wear the east coast Giants fan hat: You'll get to watch this Giants team that barely has a rotation fumble their way through the next few months (until MadBum and Cueto return), staying in the division race because Arizona and Colorado crapped away hot starts and the Dodgers have turned into a MASH unit.
  2. Unpopular Opinions

    Ah, that makes sense. Shouldn’t be hard for a major-league team to do. Of course, it’s probably too late to change it now. Had it been 1969, things might have transpired to allow it to happen. Can’t really throw out roughly a half-century of brand equity (of all the 1969 expansion teams, the Royals have kept the closest to their initial brand).
  3. Unpopular Opinions

    There’s a key difference. That American Association team was mundane, with a name taken by the St. Louis NHL team. The Monarchs were a long-lasting Negro League team in the founding city of the Negro Leagues. There are no Big Four teams with the “Monarchs” name. Monarchs > Blues, from a historical and branding perspective. “Royals” is an OK compromise, but the Blues really aren’t worthy of that honor. Let them be a footnote compared to the Monarchs’ legacy. Besides, the Blues were a Yankee farm team. I’d think that the baseball fans of Kansas City would want nothing to do with an homage to a “Yankee farm team,” after that toadie Arnold Johnson ran the Kansas City A’s as one. We have enough teams named after old minor league franchises, why not have one squad named after a Negro League club? What better club than the one playing in Kansas City? Also, look at how many games the Royals have played in Monarchs throwbacks vs. the amount in Blues uniforms. It clearly favors the Monarchs.
  4. Is it bad that I can’t really think about lobsters without remembering Homer’s short-lived pet?
  5. Unpopular Opinions

    I’ve kind of soured on all aspects of the Royals’ identity over the past year or so. The Name: While it’s a fine name, there exists a better alternative - the Kansas City Monarchs. It’s not a direct riff on the livestock show as much as it is slight homage. Monarchs was more importantly the name of the famed Negro League team. With Kansas City being so important to the Negro Leagues (and the site of the Negro League Museum), the name makes sense. However, the Royals started playing in 1969, when no major league owners really cared about the Negro Leagues. The Colors: We’ve all heard about how they’re derivative of the Dodgers and that they should incorporate more gold or powder blue into their identity. However, that’d still leave them a blue team. I’ve long believed that the team should have rocked purple and yellow from day one. It was coming into vogue as a color scheme, looked fantastic (and unique in baseball), and had just as much of a “royal” connotation as blue. Purple has been a color of royalty since Antiquity (in Europe, Asia, and Polynesia), while gold has connotations of wealth. The cap logo: I’ve long preferred the Monarchs/Athletics style of KC logo. It has more “heft” to the design. The scripts and uniform template are decent, but I prefer the style with more prominent trim: Imagine this, but with purple/yellow/purple striping.
  6. Unpopular Opinions

    Yes. What was wrong with green/red? They one their lone title in those colors, wore them for longer than any other combo (AFAIK). Sure, the recent run in that colorway was messy, but it’s still their classic look.
  7. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    Thanks for pointing out the Inkscape glitch, and it's fixed! Thank you! I think you'll like the rest of the set. Thanks. I sometimes go through phases where I fall out of love with a concept. While trying to replicate the "rise shadow" look on another concept I made, I realized that I wasn't as in love with my original as I once was. Anyway, it's AL West time! Anaheim Angels - I opted to recreate the UCLA-style stripes from the alternate uniform, while also making one to match their retro set. Arizona Diamondbacks - I carried over the trim striping to the trim areas of the jacket. Both insignia logos feature on the sleeves to bracket the "Arizona" wordmark. The throwback features the purple jersey's sleeve trim on the trim areas, with the old "D-snake" logo on the back and the "A" on the front. I opted to go with a purple jacket since my throwback uniforms emphasized purple. Chicago White Sox - I emulated the sock stripes on the primary jacket's sleeve, with the "White Sox" script being front-and-center (I might consider revising it to the "Sox" crest). I also added jackets for the 1917 jersey (using the 1915 road jersey wordmark ) and the 1969-70 jersey (with the period-appropriate insignia). Kansas City Royals - This is a relatively plain design, with a trim striping pattern meant to emphasize the yellow and white. Minnesota Twins - The jacket has UCLA-style stripes (another Vikings homage) and trim striping to emphasize the white-over-red colorway. I opted to use the "Minnesota" wordmark, akin to the 1960s jacket. The road alternate's outfit homages the striping of the late-1980s/early-1990s outerwear. Oakland Athletics - This is a recolor/tweak of the 1960s-'80s A's jackets, with a recoloration/implementation of the elephant logo. Seattle Mariners - I added minty teal sleeves, to better reflect the color balance of the identity. The trim stripes mimic the sock design. There's also a jacket to pair with the PCL-style alternate, with no white (for differentiation). Texas Rangers - I got this idea from @MJD7's fantastic MLB series, in which he used the western-style vests for the team. I also opted to use the badge as a crest for the jersey (akin to MJD7's other design), if only to give it a bit of the (ugh) "cop cosplay" look, which sells among certain sections of the populace. Up next, the NL East!
  8. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    THE DUGOUT JACKETS, PT. I: AL East I figured that releasing some new designs would be a good way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of this thread. Using this image as a base, I created a dugout jacket template for a bunch of new concepts. While I try to stick to the traditional look of dugout jackets, I have made several unorthodox choices. These include logos on the back, sleeve stripes, and several other touches in trim regions. I hope you guys enjoy them! Baltimore Orioles - This is a recreation of the team's classic black jacket design, albeit with a bit more orange and white in the mix. Boston Red Sox - I opted to duplicate the sock stripe pattern on the sleeve while placing a textless version of the primary logo on the back. It turns that striping design into an essential part of the team's identity. Carolina Pilots - They have two jackets, one for the primary set and another for the fauxback. I wanted the main one to resemble a WWII-era bomber jacket, albeit with some concessions to the team's aesthetics (stripes on the sleeve to get more powder on the outfit). The fauxback has a "Carolina" wordmark in the same style as its linked jersey. Cleveland Indians - I've opted to homage the 1989-93 racing stripes, which are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I added the Penobscot double curve on the sleeve, in keeping with the jerseys. There's a red and a navy version, depending on which color balance you prefer (original or update). Detroit Tigers - Both the navy/white and navy/orange variants are simple designs, featuring the "merged" Old English D and the tiger head logo on the sleeve. New York Yankees - Joe Torre's favorite piece of outerwear returns! Tampa Bay Stingrays - I implemented the light blue-lime green gradient on the sleeves, for that slight modern touch on the jacket design. The fauxback has its own outerwear, with collar/sleeve/bottom trim to sort of match the logo. Toronto Blue Jays - I carried over the dual stripe motif to the sleeves and trim, while also placing the "T-Maple Leaf" on the back. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, it's the AL West.
  9. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    Thanks! I've got that little fix right here: Also, here's a cleaner version with just the Tequila Sunrise on the socks. Thanks. There's some wrap-up work for this series; then I'm moving on to my next big project. Thanks! I totally get where you're coming from with it, but I'd argue that the team emphasizes the "Twin Cities" more than enough. The mascots in the logo are "Minnie" and "Paul," who each wear the insignias of their respective cities. There's also the "TC" logo, which emphasizes the cities over the state as a whole. I'm not sure about how the "TC vs. M" debate plays out in the fanbase, but I just went with what I wanted. I don't like state names for Big Four teams, and I like to use any excuse to downplay states in favor of cities. I get that it's unpopular, but that's just my approach. I'm sorry if I touched any nerves. Anyway, here's another mini-update: SEATTLE MARINERS, Adjustment - Grappling with grey This one was something I cooked up while preparing the next section of the series. I didn't like how I used a darker grey with my Mariners concept (#a2aaad), so I brightened the grey to #b2b4b2. The update also gave me the excuse to put the whole revised design in one post (which I didn't do earlier). It really lets that minty teal "pop" on the jersey and cap. C+C is appreciated, as always. For the next step (and the one-year anniversary of the project), I'll see you tomorrow!
  10. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    Thanks! I figured that I wasn't the only guy to have that idea. Don't worry about bumping the dead thread; I'm just happy you didn't hijack it by posting the entirety of your concept. Well, I'm back with a few alternative editions of my primary concepts. CLEVELAND INDIANS, Adjustment - Navy Lover's Edition I'm very much happy with my red-centric Cleveland concept, but my time in the Sports Logos section of the board has shown me that it's not such a popular opinion. Just ask @crashcarson15 his opinion on any radical retooling of the team's color balance and scheme (which I've come to agree with, to an extent). Also, the team has had issues when embracing red, be it mediocrity (391-417 with the '65-'69 red caps) or choking in the playoffs ('95, '97, '16, and '17 with red accessories at home). So, I figured "what the heck?" and made a navy-centric version of the set. In a way, it brings the look closer to the 1948 World Series -winning team (which was part of my intent). The light blue accents, scripts, and use of a red bill keep the look different enough from my Red Sox, Twins, and Angels concepts to work. The uniforms now have the navy cap with red bill (no all-navy cap, as it's too close to the Red Sox). I kept the feather on the "C," since it's a nice little touch that doesn't hurt legibility. Blue socks with the stripes are here since I'm not keen on the top-heavy navy cap-red everything else look. Besides, it's more in keeping with the 1948 team's aesthetic. I did keep the red cleats, for that extra "punch" and distance from the Red Sox. The alternates are unchanged, save for the color swap on the "Alnōbak" uniform. I wanted to keep red as the softball top's base, again because navy has some not-so-fun memories with it (1997 World Series, 2016 World Series, 2017 ALDS, etc.). I also put a cap on its use, unlike the current navy jerseys. The Larry Doby Day uniform remains the same, while the red cap gets a dedicated red-centric alternate. I liked how it looked when they wore it this year, figuring that it'd be an aesthetically-pleasing way to mix up their look now and again. This redesign would be less jarring than my previous concept, while also calling back to the days of Larry Doby, Bob Feller, and Satchel Paige. MINNESOTA TWINS, Adjustment - A New Alternate Looking back on my series, I find that I don't like my road alternate for the Twins. It was kind of messy, and I figured that it was best to downplay the connection to the Sen(ationals)ors (sharing their color balance is enough). So, I decided that I could do a little tribute to the 1987-2009 road uniforms while putting a vintage spin on them. I designed a new "M" logo to homage that old set, alongside "M' and "Stp" insignias for each section of the uniform's front. That way, the team always emphasizes that they are from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and not just Minnesota in general. The new top is less messy alternate than my original and tributes the Minnesota part of the team's heritage. KANSAS CITY ROYALS, Adjustment - Color & Script Fixes This tweak is a bit of housekeeping of the original. I swapped around the colors on the logo lettering, while also bringing back the current "Kansas City" script. My other one looked too distorted. HOUSTON ASTROS, Adjustment - A Navy Nagareboshi (shooting star) I love the orange-centric Astros concept I made (it might be my favorite concept in the whole series), but I figured that there were enough fans of the navy version to justify a navy-centric mock-up. I made some adjustments to the scripts to accommodate the new colorway. The alts would remain the same. I don't like it as much as my primary version, but it was a worthwhile experiment. Stay tuned for more from this almost year-old series in the coming days, as I make a big addendum to the series!
  11. Players on your team you don't like

    I’m surprised you didn’t pick Armando Benitez, Jeff Kent, or Aaron Rowand. Then again, Benitez has hate from several teams and isn’t outwardly a racist hothead. I can’t stand either Strickland or Benitez. I can drink to that (grabs bottle of Everclear and chugs)! The Seals’ stink will never wash away, will it?
  12. NHL 2018-19

    It’s an issue with trademarking, I think. It’s the same reason why some Transformers have the name Autobot/Decepticon __________ instead of just their name. TFWiki gives a good explanation of it.
  13. MLB changes 2018?

    Ah, my mistake. Thanks for the correction!
  14. MLB changes 2018?

    The Marlins’ old font/script (I use that term loosely, since it’s not cursive) has this whole “I can’t believe it’s not Matrix Condensed” look to it. It’s too tied to that early-mid 1990s wave of aesthetics to really escape from that period. Bringing in black made it a smidge too close to the White Sox, only to get closer with the 2003 tweaks. Had the team just used a darker teal from day one, it may never have been demoted in favor of the White Sox/Rockies clone look. I’ve never been keen on the 1993-2011 Marlins’ identity, especially not for a team playing in a city with such a rich architectural heritage (e.g., Art Deco) as Miami. That’s why I’d rather the team refine what they have now to emphasize that blue color and firmly demote black to an accent color. Having a better marlin logo than the toothpaste fish would also help. The “Florida” look fit for a team playing out in the suburbs. It may be the look in which they won two titles, but it’s also what they wore for the ‘98 and ‘06 fire sales. I would prefer that it remain a throwback item, not the primary.
  15. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Ah, I blame my lack of research in this area for my judgement rush, and my association of that font/ones like it with a different time period. I’m no @slapshot when it comes to fonts. The Houston/Milwaukee Cardinals is a fascinating swap, from several perspectives. Would a 1956/57-style redesign have happened (cursive replacing rounded slab-serif wordmarks, with the birds-on-bat returning in 1957), and would the birds-on-bat survive to the present day? Of course, the rivalry with the Cubs would have survived (Central division and all that), growing stronger with a move to Milwaukee. It also poses an interesting ethnographic point. Does the whole “BFiB” aura form around the perennial dumpster fire known as the St. Louis Browns? How much of that is marketing, and how much of it is St. Louis/Missouri on its own?