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  1. MLB Changes 2017

    Those are my favorite navy Padres uniforms, except for one thing: the typography. The drop shadow looks nasty, the curve is a bit messy, and the color scheme doesn't necessitate double outlines. The road uniforms were similarly flawed: The road greys also had a mismatched script. A faux-cursive or cursive "San Diego" wouldn't be too hard to pull off. If the Padres returned to navy and orange, they would need to perform some cleanup.
  2. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    Thanks! I originally wanted to put the flamingo-F on the road script, but it seemed like a little much (images in the spoiler tag). You think the Cubs blowing it to the Flamingos would be ignominious? Imagine the Giants losing the World Series to the Angels (freshly out of their Disney phase), and then losing to the Flamingos in the NLDS the next year. I'd have grown up a whimsy-hating ass. I'm thinking about implementing a "Philadelphia" script somewhere in the Phillies set, but I'm more often than not against the Phillies wearing their city name on the road. The team name implies the city name and "Philadelphia" is too many letters for a straight cursive script. Thanks! I wanted to bring in the palm tree, if only because it fits with the whole '90's/resort aesthetic. I decided not to go with pink socks because the Marlins used black socks during their teal-centric phase. It was a decision to keep with period conventions. Still, I've got a pink socks version ready to go. Thank you. I'm surprised at how well the pink pinstripes worked. I thought it'd be a disaster, but it looks surprisingly good with the right treatment (i.e., white outline on the wordmark and numbers). I'll do a quickie palette swap of the Snakes in my next round of revisions. The black keyline sounds like a good idea, and I'll incorporate it in the next update. I was hesitant at first because of the black beak on the bird, but a black keyline could make it "pop" more (and it'd be period-correct - look at the original Carolina Panthers' first logo). Now, the main feature! MONTRÉAL EXPOS, PT. I - Le retour de Nos Amours, avec modernisationes. Expos nostalgia is in right now, and what better way to join in on the fun than by sketching up my take on the club! Just a forewarning, this concept will be a bit controversial. While I would not change the name of the team (as it's Bill 101-friendly), I did want to design a new primary/cap logo. I have never been a fan of the Expos' "classic" logo. The "Meb"/"eMb"/"blob M" is a terrible logo that tries to do too much. I'll let @Gothamite sum up my sentiments (I even posted in that thread): I hold that the "eMb" should have departed in 1992 when the team redesigned (to fit in with the whole "grown-up" subtext of that look). While a reborn Expos team would almost certainly bring back the "eMb" (much to @the admiral's delight, and he does make good arguments for the "eMb"), I opted to go a different path. @Ice_Cap outlined a perfect strategy for my new take: So, I got to work on that approach. My early work was less than successful, but then I saw @TheGiantsFan's hand-drawn concept that combined a style of lettering inspired by "old Montréal" architecture with the '92-'04 scripts (my favorite look for the team). I took that direction, with an "M" that combines the sharp Gothic edges with the curves of the old road wordmark (rendered to look less like the Mets' "M"). I placed the fleur-de-lis (from my Browns concept) at the center of the insignia, blending it into the letter. It's a logo that has a bit of that loopy/curvy character of the "eMB," while representing a legible "M" and the iconography of French Canada. Also, thank you @Ice_Cap and @MJD7 for the consult. You guys were a big help. I placed the crest in a roundel for the primary logo, with the asymmetrical stripe from the uniforms and a new font (Batesina Athletica) that homages the "old Montréal" aesthetic. The tertiary is a riff on the crest and flag of Montréal. It also includes the city logo. The colors are the same shades the old Expos used, but I made sure that the color balance was royal-white-red. A team that props itself up on Quebec imagery should not have red be the primary color of scripts/numbers. While it may bring them a little too close to the Cubs, my Cubs concept will have a redder identity (red outlined in white on blue backgrounds). The uniforms are a modernized take on the '92-'04 set. The striping goes blue/white/red on the sleeves, pants, and socks. I evened the width of each stripe, to better homage to the Tricolour. The fleur-de-lis is at the center of the stripe, as a slightly modern touch. I redid the scripts to add a bit more "flair" to them and clean up the "jammed" home wordmark (comparison here). I kept the fleur-de-lis as the accent mark, which I liked on the originals. The primary logo is on the sleeves, and the number font is Varsity Classic A (my go-to block with serifs font). The road uniforms now have a powder blue-tinted road grey, as a tiny homage to the team's powder blue road uniforms. The alternates are royal blue recolors of the primaries. I added the tertiary to the sleeve of the home alt, as a little "civic homage." The second set of alternates were my excuse to modernize the pinwheel hat. I paired it with the home uniform, as well as an event set. This jersey homages the original Expos uniforms and features the tertiary logo alongside the Canadian Flag and the Drapeau du Québec on the sleeves. This arrangement fits with the Canadian flag regulations. It would show up on both Canada Day and Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (the patron saint of French Canadians). That way, no French Canadians get alienated. While I may get roasted over the coals for dumping the "eMb," I'd like to think I've made a classy alternative to that crummy logo. It's a look that balances the team's history with modern baseball aesthetics and civic iconography. They'd still have all of the character of the old Expos (whoop-whoop home run siren, bilingual announcements, songs, etc.), but paired with a more legible insignia. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! For the alternate take, what if the team didn't pick the name "Expos" in 1968? P.S. The numbers are for Andre Dawson, Tim Raines, Tim Wallach, and Expo '67 (the namesake of the team).
  3. MLB Redesigns Series (Outtakes)

    Congrats on finishing the series! I like how you've handled the navy and copper in the striping pattern (thanks for the shout out) and on the scripts (which do go together pretty well). The dark copper grey road uniform is really pretty. My one recommendation would be to either eliminate the white outlines on the cap logos/navy and gold tops, or to add outlines to the sock and sleeve stripes. It's just a little bit of consistency. I look forward to the final updates, and I'm curious to see how you'll tweak some teams.
  4. MLB Changes 2017

    Thanks! I've made a better version of that same idea: I had to crank up the saturation/darkness of the light blue, so it showed up better on white and grey backgrounds (i.e. doesn't need white outlines). I'm also more inclined towards giving the Rays a more modern block font, like I did here. Block Standard is a fantastic font (and Wilson Varsity is also good for some teams), but it gets kind of boring seeing it so often.
  5. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    Thanks! While I think it looks good with black in the place of Midnight Green, I really want to stick with that dark teal. It may be drab, but the bright colors can still bounce off of it, and it's more vibrant than the black. Also, I tried black with the other colors, and it kind of hurt my eyes to look at it. Midnight Green makes it a bit less jarring to look at, if that makes sense. I'll show off that test in one of my updates, along with the popular light blue/dark orange/black color scheme. Thanks! I didn't even notice how much the lights fit with the new marlin. I guess that's a nice little bonus. Now, let's entertain a premise almost as bad as "Let's record solo albums for each member of the band!" FLORIDA FLAMINGOS, PT. II - We're dodging a bullet from Wayne's world. Let me introduce you to Mr. Waste Management and former owner of the Marlins and Panthers, Wayne Huizenga. When granted an expansion team from Major League Baseball in the early 1990's, this Broward County blowhard (and his White Flight-y friends - thanks for that delightful quote, @the admiral) wanted to name his team the "South Florida Flamingos." He also wanted a pink/black color scheme. While Major League Baseball shot down the "South Florida" name with little trouble, it took the persuasion skills of Anne Occi (head of MLB Properties) to convince Wayne to drop the "Flamingos" name and pink for the "Marlins" nickname and teal (history of the name + popularity of teal in the early 1990's won out). However, what if Occi was not able to persuade Wayne to drop his idea? This timeline assumes that the same creative that designed the 1993-2002 Marlins identity (before it's full White Sox + minimal teal overhaul) came up with a look for the Flamingos. The logos and fonts (a slightly modified Matrix II Bold) evoke a similar aesthetic style to the old Marlins, albeit depicting a Phoenicopterus ruber stretching his/her neck over the "F" (based on this stock photo). I wanted to add more detail to the logo, but flamingos don't lend themselves to shading in the same way that marlins do. The primary is a roundel (like the contemporary 1993 Mariners design), and the tertiary is a baseball diamond with the flamingo above it and a palm tree in it (taking a cue from the Florida Panthers). The colors also demonstrate this "compromise" thesis. Wayne's pink is co-dominant with black, while metallic gold works as a highlight color (like silver did for the old Marlins). The Marlins' old teal shade is the baseball seam/palm tree color, as both a way to get Occi's teal into the set and to mimic orange's place in the '93-'11 color scheme. It would also enable the squad to sell teal merch, alongside black stuff. The primaries are a pastiche of the '93-'02 Marlins and their contemporaries (i.e. White Sox and Rockies). Scripts on an arc are the main draw, with contrasting front numbers and NOB's (on nameplates, for period-correctness). I added a pink-billed cap on the road uniform, akin to the Rockies' purple-billed hat (even Wayne wouldn't pair a contrast-billed hat with a pinstriped set). While Occi may have had a coronary over seeing pink pinstripes, at least she'd be happy with the amount of black offsetting it. The first group of alternates is pretty similar to the "prime" universe Marlins. They include a vest with the tertiary logo on the undershirt sleeve and a black jersey that complements the road cap. The top also gives me an opportunity to use more gold in the identity. While I thought about a pink alternate, I decided that one of the concessions that Wayne made to Occi would have been to refrain from pink tops. It was the early-1990's, and pink and pastels were on their way out of the fashion circuit. MLB Properties didn't want to have abundant deadstock that would wind up on eBay in 10-15 years. The last set of alternates is the alternate timeline's equivalent of the teal-centric Marlins of 1993-96. Pink caps and undershirts for the home jerseys would be Wayne's little indulgence. They would probably survive as alternates until he sold the team (which is when the new owners probably changed up the color scheme to account for mid-2000's trends, or changed the name to Miami Marlins - this depends on whether or not they went on their 1997 World Series run). I had a lot of fun making this one. I'd never want to see this in reality, but I liked the exercise in imitating early-1990's baseball aesthetics and executing Wayne Huizenga's terrible idea (for 1993, anyway - I think the time is right for a team in the Big Four to embrace pink). C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! Up next, Les Expos! P.S. How can I let a flamingos concept go by without linking to a mini-documentary about one of my favorite movies?
  6. 2017 MLB Season

    I fixed your post, but your point still stands. He's been a tiny bright spot, alongside good performances by Buster Posey, Ty Blach, MadBum, and several others. I've got no ill will towards the guy. I'm just worried that the front office doesn't want to rebuild in any substantial way. The negative reaction to the Matt Duffy trade (and I'll defend that trade, given that his achilles issues have cost him a whole season now) may have scarred Evans, Sabean, and the owners. It was good for a team looking to "win now," but it was dreadful from a PR perspective.
  7. MLB Changes 2017

    Blue Jays may drop their red alternates due to misfortune while wearing them. If that's the case, good f'ing riddance.
  8. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    Thanks for the C+C guys, I do appreciate it. I thought about orange, but I'm much more into the deep pink. It's a bit more unique, and it looks damn good on a Miami team. I think you'll like the update I have for the logo, which now looks less like a "C." Thanks. I think you'll be happy with what I'm about to show off. The more that I've thought about it, the more I don't really like that marlin illustration. It isn't Art Deco (read: patterns and geometric detail) enough for my tastes. So, I've decided to give it a little re-jigging! This marlin is a bit of a compromise between the '93-'11 marlin and the SB Nation-esque marlin, and is in keeping with the Art Deco aesthetic. I think that it's a bit better.
  9. MLB Redesigns Series (Outtakes)

    I like the Tigers-style belt loops, and the non-vest orange alternate! It's a good way to keep the spirit of the idea intact, without being silly. My only complaint here would be to make the green NOB white, so that it shows up better on the dark orange background. I look forward to seeing your Blue Jays.
  10. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    Thanks, guys! MIAMI MARLINS, PT. I - Deco-ed Out in Midnight Green and Rubine Red This one is an expansion on a concept I did for my tweaks thread almost a year ago. I'll be quoting a lot of my write-up from that one, so bear with me. Here's the intro: I've turned a bit of a corner with the Marlins' current look. I like the Art Deco-styled font and the slow embrace of bright colors (i.e. the All-Star Game materials and the light blue/orange HR Derby set), but I still think there are many problems with it. The number font is mismatched (serifs), the "toothpaste marlin" is still crummy, the black should be a dark cool color, and light blue/orange is still too fundamentally close to the Mets for my liking. There had to be another way... I knew I had the solution once I saw the beautiful color scheme of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, as well as the work dsaline97's did on the Florida Blue Herons, and my own Miami Heat concept. Cool colors and pink (Rubine Red) would give the Marlins a color scheme that not only mimics the art deco architecture and signage in Miami but is also unique in the Big Four. However, navy and black are all too frequent in the majors. I instead used a teal-esque color, to have to allude to the club's history. I opted for the "Midnight Green" color used by the Philadelphia Eagles. I don't like that dark teal color for the Eagles, but it worked perfectly for what I wanted to do with the Marlins! A lighter blue accompanies the dark teal and pink, to hammer home the "neon signage" look. As for the font, I like what the Marlins tried to do with an Art Deco-esque font, but I wanted something that had a bit more of an Art Deco flair/had consistent weights and none of the weird shadowing stuff. The font's name is Belgrad, and I've slightly modified it (namely removing the line through the zero). In the place of shadows are double outlines, which produces a bit of a cleaner look. Belgrad is also the new number font, so the wordmark and number fonts remain consistent. The most notable change from the previous version is the removal of the "toothpaste marlin" from the design. It takes away from the Art Deco symmetry of the "M." I instead drew up a streamlined Marlin, which features simple accent marks and fits with the Art Deco style. I drew inspiration from the SB Nation logo for the Marlins (Fish Stripes), but I tried to remove some of the "SB Nation-ness" of the design. I placed it in an Art Deco-style frame (as seen in this image), which blends both sharp edges and curves. The side panels have the sock stripe pattern, to invoke neon signage on the frame. On the home and road uniforms, I've tried to display the team's unique color scheme while sticking within traditions of color distribution in baseball. The home uniform bears the updated "Marlins" wordmark (I can't stand city names on standard home uniforms), and a pink-billed cap. I've kept the large "M" in both the "Marlins" and "Miami" wordmarks, to emphasize the "M" as a team emblem. The sleeve and pants stripes mimic the wordmark's color distribution, while the sock stripes mimic the lights in the primary logo (which is on the sleeve). It's a nice little bit of unique color distribution. The road uniform uses the updated "Miami" wordmark and an all-dark teal cap, with a pink-centric cap logo (so there's still plenty of pink on the cap). NOB's are one-color block, for legibility's sake. The alternates follow in much the same convention as the Marlins' current alternates, with pink replacing orange and dark teal replacing black. The pink jersey is simply a color-flipped version of the home uniform, while the dark teal alt is a recolored version of the road set, as it wouldn't hurt to have the "Miami" script at home once in a while, especially when the color scheme/identity is so Miami. The Marlins logo is on the sleeve, as the primary didn't stand out enough on a teal background. I also established a cap on how often the team would break these jerseys out, as the franchise has a history of overusing alternates. The next set of alternates are both unique looks. The first is a pink cap/undershirt/belt/socks version of the home uniform. I did try to pair this pink cap up with the pink jersey, but it was a bit too much pink for my tastes. The other alternate is a fauxback to the 1950's minor league Miami Marlins, one that uses the current color scheme to provide a new take on a classic look. It uses an updated version of the script and patch from 1956 home uniform (updates to the patch provided by @ZionEagle, who did an excellent job with his update), and the cap logo/color distribution of the accompanying road uniform. I added sock stripes to the design after my research showed the team wearing such a design. With this alternate, the Marlins can push the dark teal/pink/light blue brand while honoring baseball's history in Miami. I was content with my previous Marlins concept, but I felt like it needed this final push to nail it. It's a look that combines a unique color scheme with the architectural history of the city. C+C is greatly appreciated! For the alternate take, what if Wayne Huizenga got his wish in 1991?
  11. 2017 MLB Season

    It'll matter when it comes to the Nationals' seeding in the playoffs.
  12. MLB Redesigns Series (Outtakes)

    While I like what you've done here (and thanks for the shoutout), I think you could refine it a tiny bit more. I suggest using green undershirts with the orange alternate for more contrast, and a green cap somewhere wouldn't be a bad idea. I agree with Coco that the sash should be either on the caps of belt tunnels/loops, not both. My preference would be to keep that hat sash, if only because of the 1969 Pilots' precedence. If you want to get the idea of "Ranger Pants" across, might I suggest a logo at the top of the pants (like the Cubs do on their road uniforms)? You've got a lot of good stuff here, and it's only a few tweaks away from being one of my favorite Rangers concepts I've seen here. Good work!
  13. Star Wars Movie Thread

    Adywan's fan edit, The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited is finally out! For those who don't about it, it's a fan-made special edition of the movie that avoids the pitfalls of the real Special Editions. Here's a comparison gallery showing off some of the work, and his version of the Emperor scene:
  14. 2017 MLB Season

    The Jeter group might remove the home run sculpture from Marlins Park. Unlike the removal of Tal's Hill, this is a renovation I can't get behind. The sculpture was a gaudy mess, but it was kind of endearing.
  15. Pink Uniforms

    Let's also remember that the Mets nearly went with black and pink as their color scheme (now with a mockup of the uniform):