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  1. Eugene Emeralds Memphis Redbirds Fresno Grizzlies Bradenton Marauders Myrtle Beach Pelicans San Antonio Missions Brooklyn Cyclones Columbia Fireflies Hillsboro Hops Defunct Names: Portland Beavers Seattle Rainiers San Francisco Seals (sometimes, I kind of wish the Giants adopted that name in 1958) Houston Buffs Sacramento Solons Denver Zephyrs Minneapolis Millers I also love their cap logo, especially because it calls back to the "proper" Brooklyn Dodgers' cap logo:
  2. I was thinking more Navy/Red/Light Blue, in terms of hierarchy. I'd go with the second one. It incorporates some of the significant symbols (source here), while still fitting within the aesthetic standards of a baseball patch and maybe looking a little less appropriation-y (removing the crosses while not removing the trees might be an issue). Heck, you might want to remove the triangles to focus only on the double-curve. I'd recommend using light blue in the outer circle, to get a bit more "definition" into it. I think you're headed in the right direction. Keep it up!
  3. I wish the White Sox would have one alternate uniform with the full "White Sox" name on it, preferably based on either of these uniforms (1942, 1987-90): Putting either one of those uniforms in the black/grey/white color scheme would be fantastic.
  4. Think Tennessee Titans, but with a bit more red thrown in. If you're going to do the "CI" logo, I think this is probably going to be the best approach. If you don't think this is enough to convey the "Indians" name, might I suggest doing something based off of the emblem of Louis Sockalexis' (who is wrongly cited as the reason the team is named the "Indians") tribe, the Penobscot? I think you could do it in a way that subtly hints at that, without going into "cultural appropriation" territory (symbols without proper context).
  5. I like your revised version of the concept (with white-bottomed socks on the road uniform and the "Sox" cap). Black/powder blue is a fantastic color scheme that looks pretty good on the White Sox (who do have an "experimental" history). My only suggestion with the primaries would be to replace the road uniform's sleeve number with the home uniform's sleeve patch. I would avoid the circus numbers, as the block font "grounds" the uniform a bit more. I'm not as big on your alternates, but that's probably because I loathe the '83-'86 identity. A black/powder take on the 1942 home uniforms would be a far better course of action. That would also make use of a full "White Sox" script, something sorely missing from their current set. As for a second alternate, maybe do up the 1969-70 road uniforms , which are among my favorite road uniforms in baseball's history. This is some good work, and I look forward to seeing your take on the Indians (I suggest going a double blue + red route, as opposed to the brown/red that's become so cliche around here)!
  6. Say what you want about his later pitching, but Barry Zito was certainly a handsome guy who played for good-looking teams.
  7. Lightning: You've done a good job updating the original uniforms while incorporating some of the better traits of the current identity (i.e. logos). My only critique would be to drop the "hockey club" text from the logo. Other than that, good work. Maple Leafs: It's a fantastic tweak of their current look, and the third sweater fits well with their visual identity. I would have preferred the '67 sweater (or something based off of it) as an alternate, but that's personal preference. Islanders: You've made a wise choice in dumping the roundel for the excellent "NY," and it's always nice to see the lighthouse logo again. The third is an effective modernization of the Fisherman set, preserving its uniqueness while keeping it tasteful. Stars: Your latest update handles the color scheme and logos well, with proper outlines and logo coloration. However, I don't like it. I contend that the North Stars ruined their uniforms when they added black (it always felt like an afterthought, and kelly/yellow work fine on their own). If I was more inclined towards the kelly/yellow/black, I'd probably like it more. I still enjoy your third sweater, as I'm a sucker for faux-gradient striping. My only criticism would be that the numbers should be outlined to match the crest. Senators: This is pretty much my ideal look for the Sens, should they go all-in on the heritage theme. Stripes with a consistent width, one-color numbers, and the Peace Tower logos are all excellent modifications to the set. I don't really have any criticisms for the set. Good work!
  8. Johnny Bench in 1966 or 1967 Spring Training, not only wearing the wrong uniform style (1961-6/7 Spring Training) but also the wrong number (53). On a side note, I enjoy the number font on those uniforms. At least one team in the majors should use this thin, wide varsity block with a Packers-style "5" and minimal serifs.
  9. Thanks, BeerGuyJordan's girlfriend, and @BeerGuyJordan! It's good to know that there would be only a minuscule chance of a new Brewers "block M" infringing upon Michigan's trademark. Still, I think the visual similarity of the two logos is a little too strong for the Brewers' "block M" to come back unmodified. Even if trademark law doesn't see the similarity, focus groups and fans probably would notice. I agree with @Gothamite that an H-star style modification of the "block M" would be an excellent direction for the team to take (to the point where focus groups and fans won't make the comparison). Of course, the team probably would prefer to simply reinstate the BiG, due to brand recognition/equity and popularity with the fan base.
  10. Paging @BeerGuyJordan, would the Brewers' block M logo (given that it's also in a blue/yellow color scheme) potentially infringe on the Michigan M? The "block M" worked for the American Association Brewers and Milwaukee Braves because it wasn't in roughly Michigan's color scheme. Put it in blue/yellow, and you've got something that's a bit too close for comfort. Heck, when I tried to bring the "block M" back for a concept, I had to mod it to make it look less like the Michigan M.
  11. Yeah, if we're being realistic, the name won't be gone. However, that shouldn't stop you from doing an additional concept demonstrating how you would brand the team. I agree with @coco1997 that Blues is your best course of action, but make sure that you brand them in a way that's distinct from the St. Louis Blues of the NHL. Maybe a "blues guitar" route, with a bit of musical notation thrown in on the scripts/cap logo (since the block C might not fit with this idea)?
  12. You'll get no argument from me. I've wanted a rebuild for a long time, and "Jumbo" Joe's retirement/trade to a contender plays a big part in that. He's probably headed to the Hall of Fame, and the Sharks will probably retire #19. His legacy is set, and he doesn't need to painfully drag himself through the rigors of a hockey season. The same goes for Patrick Marleau and the other Sharks old-timers. It's time to spite "loyalty" and "nostalgia" by moving on, via trade and/or retirement.
  13. "Jumbo" Joe Thornton played with a torn ACL and MCL in the playoffs. On one hand, I admire his ability to power through these things. On the other, he's endangering his future health far more than any sane person should.
  14. As a current resident of Milwaukee, I've only seen one person wearing Brewers gear from that period. Even then, it featured the "MB" logo. There's little local impetus to bring back the Germanic look, compared to the BiG and royal/yellow-gold.
  15. I'd just go for a non-pinstriped version of this set with the BiG cap, a block (provided it doesn't look like Michigan's "M") or germanic M cap, etc.: The cursive scripts have far more personality than block. If you want to give them a bit more "personality," change up the tail to match the below image (which has the added benefit of looking like a beer label script tail).