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  1. I read recently that the focus for venues of Big 4 PPVs will be larger. Also, Allstate Arena is sort of a dump.
  2. Thank you for this reminder. Not only does it look like Chicago won't ever get a Wrestlemania but it's also looking like we'll never get another Big 4 PPV either. I don't want this to happen and wasn't Sinclair in talks to buyout TNA? What the hell happened? I would 100x rather NJPW buyout ROH than WWE.
  3. You mean The Kat vs. Terri Runnels wasn't your 2000 Match of the Year? Now that's crazy.
  4. Ah, you learn something new everyday. I always just assumed it was in reference to the anniversary of Hogan body slamming Andre The Giant hence why I thought it was so stupid. WWE actually went ahead and started selling "The Creation of Kevin" posters
  5. It reminds me of when Wrestlemania 23's tagline was, "All Grown Up." They pushed it nonstop and I still don't know what the it means. At least the thrill-ride is in reference to Orlando's theme parks even though it's still annoying.
  6. I didn't realize Chuck Norris was 77 years old, maybe there is actually some truth to his mythos.
  7. Gallows and Anderson are fantastic
  8. Yeah, I don't think Taker's doing anything he doesn't want to do. I'd be surprised if this isn't his last Wrestlemania. Not only are we going to blessed by Cornette's presence at the Hall of Fame but Bischoff will be inducting DDP.
  9. It's a good thing that Vince gave Undertaker his own daughter in ritual sacrifice because he has absolutely drained the man of everything. There is no way Undertaker will be able to walk in the next few years. I really hope this is it. I want to hear Mark Calloway, out of character, on either Austin or Jericho's podcast. If any wrestler should write a book, it should be Taker.
  10. Also, this could be a great return package if WWE does it right: It's almost as if they're trying to butter us up before they give us Wrestlemania.
  11. I want to say no chance but you never know with Vince. As big of news as this is, how dare this overshadow Southpaw Regional Wrestling!
  12. Same in the sense her privacy was leaked, huge difference between knowingly video taping yourself and having someone drill a peephole into your hotel room to film you without your permission though. All WWE has to do is make a morals contract for their talent to sign that says, idk, maybe don't videotape a threesome involving your championship belt and current boyfriend. But I still think it's extremely hard to punish someone for what they do behind closed doors if no crime has been committed.
  13. That's exactly it, they were young and dumb. But how do you punish someone for someone else getting hacked and personal videos that you assumed never would see the light of day getting leaked? It's not like this is something new in the world of wrestling, or any world for that matter, there's just the technology out there now that let's this stuff get leaked.
  14. I don't feel okay posting or pming a link but you really don't have to do much digging. There's stuff that's being posted every couple hours on reddit.
  15. "Welcome to Wrestlemania 33, now to Cedric Alexander, who has always been the third member of New Day."