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  1. philcar1994

    New Era to become official outfitter of the CFL in 2019

    Couple of screen grabs from their video. Description reads "New colours, new identity, still game. Toujours Game! What’s cooking?" White "Montréal" on the chest, red numbers, VICE News appears to be sponsor
  2. Better pictures of the new Wildcats sweater, I assume the white jersey we saw at the draft has become the away sweater. Hearing rumours of the London Knights getting a new green jersey for next season. Team has officially switched from creme/off-white/ivory to plain white on the current green uniforms
  3. MasterCard dropped as sponsor of the Memorial Cup, KIA motors now title sponsor, now known as "Memorial Cup presented by Kia". I sure hope this isn't the logo ... EDIT: Kelowna just named 2020 host city
  4. philcar1994

    My CFL Uniform Database

    I'm in for helping out! Always wanted to see something like this. As a TiCats fan, I've always wanted to see our uniforms from start to present
  5. philcar1994 missing logo thread

    Canadian Junior Hockey League National Championship (Formally RBC Cup) logos
  6. Apparently all teams are moving to this new CCM template (Similar to the ones worn for the recent Utica All-Star game)
  7. Sarnia Sting 25th Anniversary logo unveiled today
  8. philcar1994

    Canadian Premier League

    Hamilton's team is in fact "Forge FC Hamilton", was at the TiCats shop where they are also selling Forge merch and asked. They said their official colours are "Spark Orange, Waterfall White and Platinum Steel" Their hammer logo has some cool Hamilton roots in it, each line of the handle represents each smaller city in the Greater Hamilton Area; Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Flamborugh & Glanbrook
  9. philcar1994

    Canadian Premier League

    From the Forge and CPL twitter. They've been posting videos and images for the past hour. Their official colours seem to be orange and slate/black
  10. philcar1994

    Canadian Premier League

    Also unveiled, they will pay tribute to the "Black & Gold history of Hamilton by wearing black and gold once a season, June 9th, Hamilton's birthday" Some alternate logos to celebrate the occasion
  11. philcar1994

    Canadian Premier League

    Ladies and gentleman, the Hamilton Forge FC or Forge FC Hamilton or i don't know to be honest
  12. I belong to a London Knights game worn jersey group and posted a mock-up of what I think it to be, also tweeted at the team directly and they like my tweet. Was somewhat confirmed by a member with very close ties to the team. Don't know if what capacity, but I'm certain there will be a Knightro jersey this season
  13. philcar1994

    A Collection of Irrationally Bad Logos from Amateur Sports

    These have always been the two that have bugged me in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League the Caledonia Pro-Fit Fitness Corvairs Lambton Shores Predators They have both since rebranded, Lambton Shores is now the Kings, but these will forever bother me
  14. philcar1994

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    Montreal's helmet for July
  15. philcar1994

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    Never noticed this before, but the TiCats have player numbers on the side of their paints (home and away) Not a fan