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  1. Planters Peanuts Redesign

    Am I the only one bugged that his hat no longer says "Mr. Peanut" on it?
  2. School Logo design.

    Looks good. I'm having a bit of an issue with that sliver of silver just above his bottom jaw. Are those supposed to be teeth? I can't really tell, and it just seems sort of unnecessary to make the design work. I think all of the spikes on his collar would look better if they all extended past the collar itself. The shape of the spiked collar would read more as a spiked collar by its silhouette that way. The way it is now, those spikes create an implied tangent with the edge of the collar. That nose looks kind of awkward too. Even on an English Bulldog the nose protrudes slightly, even if the rest of the face is smushed in. I would have the shape of that nose extend past the heavy outline of the rest of his face, because right now it looks as though the nose was just cut off at that point.
  3. St. Louis University's New Billiken Logo

    I don't like how the face fits into that "shield" in their wordmark. It makes him look like he has no neck. The grey shadow bugs me. If they had formed it to fit the contours of his face a bit more it would work, but the way it is now simply doesn't.
  4. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    That's an awfully strange way of spelling "Clippers". In all seriousness, the Pacers only really need a change of typeface; Agency (or whatever it is they use) just seems so bland and generic, and it doesn't look good next to their awesome logo.
  5. 2015-16 College hoops

    Georgetown's works. The lane pattern is about as inventive as you could hope for from the Hoyas. I like it a whole lot better than GW's court, at the very least. Marquette... meh. When your school has two bright, distinctive colors, it looks weird to do a flat stain for the lanes.
  6. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I know the NBA is trying to grow its brand internationally, but designing all the logos to look like soccer roundels seems like the wrong approach to me. When I see a roundel, I think soccer, not basketball. Though I guess with all the flopping that goes on in the modern game, it's kind of hard to tell... amirite?!
  7. Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Louisville Lightning (a nod to General Electric) Louisville Browns (a nod to the local dish, the Hot Brown) Louisville Mammoths (a nod to Mammoth Caves, about an hour south of the city) Louisville Scriveners (a nod to Henry Watterson, the famous journalist for whom I-264 was re-named) Memphis Blues (too obvious, though) Memphis Smoke (a nod to the barbecue tradition) Memphis Bombers (a nod to the Memphis Belle, the iconic B-17 bomber) Memphis Hounds (a nod to the Elvis song) There are probably a few more for Memphis. (EDIT: The Memphis Belle was a B-17, not a B-29. Apologies.)
  8. Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Louisville (no hometown bias) because nobody can decide whether it's located in the South or the Midwest. Most larger cities have histories and regional tastes that make it a bit easier to figure out names for fictional sports teams, but mid-sized ones can be challenging, especially ones that are located inland and don't have the coastal/nautical themes to fall back on. Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Omaha, Columbus, and Portland (OR) also give me trouble for those reasons.
  9. Best NCAA FCS logo

    What is the blue signature looking thing on the bottom left say? I see a U and D, but what does that first word say? Apparently it is the signature for Delaware's mascot. HER name is YoUDeeee FTFY. Delaware's mascot is a "she", as hens are female. And as far as I know, she's the only mascot the school has. (I know some schools have separate mascots for their male and female athletics programs, but aside from UL Lafayette, I think YouDee is the only female D-1 mascot who serves as the only mascot for the school.) (I could be wrong about that, though.)
  10. Small Details (and quirks) that You Love

    The old WCC logo, which highlighted the locations of member schools in the logo itself. Very clever - and a shame they didn't just update and modernize that concept after BYU joined instead of completely changing it.
  11. The CAA will probably argue that they deserve to jump to FBS before the Big Sky doex.
  12. Unpopular Opinions

    Agreed. Those notches look tacky, I think.
  13. But again, that's true of graduates of just about every conference, not just the Big Ten. That doesn't say anything about whether Maryland or Virginia would make a more attractive candidate for expansion.
  14. ... except nobody here gives two farts about the Big Ten except for Big Ten alumni (but then you could say that about any conference). The Big Ten is a decidedly Midwestern conference, whereas DC is a decidedly Mid-Atlantic (some would say Southern despite its strong progressive bearings) city. DC doesn't care about college football. That's part of the reason Maryland football has struggled to fill Byrd Stadium even during the early Fridge years when they were ranked in the top-10. And if what you claim is true about the Big Ten not needing Maryland or Rutgers to expand influence to the Eastern Seaboard, then why would the Big Ten even consider expansion at all?