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  1. 2017 High School Football

    1 and 9? Jeez! I thought Maryland was bad regularly having 4-6 and/or 3-7 teams make playoffs.
  2. 2017 High School Football

    The Maryland State Semifinals are set. 4A https://mpssaa.countysportszone.com/?bracket=919 Howard (10-0) at Henry A. Wise (10-0) Quince Orhard (9-1)at North Point (10-0) 3A https://mpssaa.countysportszone.com/?bracket=918 Long Reach (6-3) at Milford mill (9-1) Oxon Hill (6-4) at Linganore (8-2) 2A https://mpssaa.countysportszone.com/?bracket=917 Glenelg (6-3) at Damascus (10-0) Gwynn Park (8-1) at Harford Tech (10-0) 1A https://mpssaa.countysportszone.com/?bracket=916 Lackey (8-2) at Fort Hill (9-1) Havre de Grace (9-1) at Dunbar (8-1)
  3. I went to the Bowie State/Delta State game in the D2 playoffs. Bowie could not stop the QB option keeper in the first half. AT ALL. The managed to come back and take the lead going into the 4th quarter, but they couldn't finish Delta off.
  4. So here are the matchups for a few Division II bowl games. Just a heads up, I received this info by word of mouth by a pretty reliable source. I haven't checked anywhere to verify yet, so these could be wrong. I don't know the location of any of these games right now. Mineral Water Bowl: Minnesota-Duluth vs. Central Missouri Corsicana Bowl: Tarleton State vs. Central Oklahoma Heart of Texas Bowl: Washburn vs Angelo State
  5. As far as the playoffs go I usually pull for HBCU's and schools out of Maryland & Washington DC. With that said, I'll be pulling for Bowie State (my brother played college ball there), Virginia State & Shepherd (just across the MD/WV border, not too far from DC ) in Division 2. In Division 3 I'm gonna have to pull for the teams from Maryland, Frostburg State and Johns Hopkins. Although they have a potential second round matchup against each other. I have no dog in the fight of the NAIA playoffs, but I may just root for Georgetown out of Kentucky because they have the same school name as the Hoyas here in DC lol SN: It was brought to my attention earlier today that there are a few Division 2 bowl games for teams that just missed the playoffs. I'll try to keep the thread informed once I hear any announcements regarding participants.
  6. And the Division 3 bracket Edit: Ahhh Sea Dragon beat me to it lol. Ah well. No Wisconsin-Whitewater this year? Shocked. Although I don't usually follow D3 until playoff time.
  7. Division 2 bracket has been announced.
  8. North Carolina A&T (10-0) wins the MEAC (at least a share for now) and will represent the conference in the Celebration Bowl. The Aggies still have to play their arch rival North Carolina Central in the season finale on Saturday. http://www.ncataggies.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=593291&SPID=74503&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=211684989&DB_OEM_ID=24500 Howard University (7-3 overall) could win a share of the MEAC title if they beat Hampton and A&T loses to NC Central. Howard would not go to the Celebration Bowl in that scenario though. Howard and A&T did not ply each other during the season. If Howard finishes the season 8-3, they might be able to get in the FCS playoffs. A big might lol. Edit: North Carolina Central is also 7-3. A win over A&T could put them in the playoff conversation as well.
  9. It's that special time of year for those of us that follow college football outside of the FBS. The NCAA Division 2 and 3 playoff selections will be this evening. FCS has one more week left in it's regular season and will have their playoff selection next Sunday. I personally don't follow NAIA, NCFA (club football) or NJCAA (junior college), but there's usually a couple guys here that do a good job keeping everyone informed on the postseason of those leagues.
  10. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    You think Premier League, La Liga, etc. could actually lose money if they added a playoff system?
  11. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Question. Somebody on another forum I visit brought this up and I wanted to know what you guys think. Could a soccer league realistically have both a postseason playoff tournament and promotion/relegation? They weren't specific as to which league, so they could mean the big 5 leagues in Europe. Although I have a feeling they were talking about MLS (and USL).
  12. 2017 High School Football

    The first round of the Maryland playoffs is in the books and the matchups for the second round (Regional Finals) are set. 4A https://mpssaa.countysportszone.com/?bracket=919 West: No.2 Northwest at No.1 Quince Orchard South: No.3 Eleanor Roosevelt at No.1 Henry A. Wise North: No.2 Howard at No.1 Paint Branch East: No.2 North Point at No.1 Broadneck 3A https://mpssaa.countysportszone.com/?bracket=918 West: No.2 Linganore at No.1 Westminster South: No.3 Oxon Hill at No.1 Northern North: No.3 Edgewood at No.1 Milford Mill East: No.4 Atholton at No.3 Long Reach 2A https://mpssaa.countysportszone.com/?bracket=917 West: No.2 Walkersville at No.1 Damascus South: No.4 Glenelg at No.3 Thomas Stone North: No.3 Hereford at No.1 Gwynn Park East: No.4 Kent Island at No.2 Harford Tech 1A https://mpssaa.countysportszone.com/?bracket=916 West: No.2 Allegany at No.1 Fort Hill South: No.2 Frederick Douglass at No.1 Lackey North: No.4 Overlea at No.2 Dunbar East: No.2 Bohemia Manor at No.1 Havre de Grace
  13. women's volleyball shorts in NCAA

    This may be going off topic, but what type of floor is International Volleyball usually played on? Whenever I see an Olympic matches or random televised FIVB events, it's never played on hardwood like NCAA and high school volleyball.
  14. Unpopular opinion (amongst Redskins fans anyway): I hated the Skins white on white run in the 2005 season, that carried over into 2006. I tolerated it because they made a playoff run with that look, but I was dying for them to stop it. Honestly I've never liked the Redskins in white pants no matter what jersey they wore with them. The current home/away uniform situation the Skins have works for me. Just switch the striped burgundy socks for the plain burgundy socks.
  15. Unpopular Opinions

    I don't like the Vikings sleeves stripes or the ship sail first digit font. I honestly think they'd look a lot better if their sleeve stripe was the same pattern as the pants stripes, and if they only used the second digit number font.... They also need a pair of white socks... and switching to white facemasks wouldn't hurt.