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  1. Forgive me if it's been stated already, but how long are the Chargers legally obligated to be in LA?
  2. $
  3. So for about the last 8 years or so I've wanted to have a customized jersey made for my brother as a gift. Pretty much just trying to have a replica of his old college football jersey made. However, I've been unable to find any places that do individual custom jerseys. Figured asking the members of this site couldn't hurt. Do any of you guys know if any places that make and sell individual custom jerseys?
  4. Does somebody in Vegas think UNLV will get an invite to join the Pac-12 or something? Because I don't ever see it happening. Pretty sure a deal could have been made that excluded UNLV altogether.... Then again, I was also sure a deal could have been made for the Raider's Vegas stadium to be built with entirely private funds. Also. What happens to Sam Boyd Stadium once UNLV football moves into the Raider's stadium?
  5. I'm surprised Savannah State has remained in Division 1 for as long as they have.
  6. If AJ Styles is the face of Smackdown, isn't pursuing the US title a downgrade? Wasn't he complaining about not having got his one-on-one rematch for the World Championship a few weeks ago? I know a potential Styles vs Jericho/Owens feud would raise the prestige of the title, but that was the oddest part of SDL for me last night.
  7. Had a feeling we'd see Alexa Bliss confront Bayley & Sasha sooner than later. Moving Mickie James to Raw was a good move. Raw needed a veteran in the women's locker room. No offense to Alicia Fox, but she wasn't it. Seriously wondering who has gone to Smackdown though.
  8. Outside of soccer, the only yellow vs powder blue matchups I can think of is Nuggets at Lakers. Unless one team wears an alternate.
  9. IMO Nike should have made that set exclusive to Arizona for a few seasons before making it available for general purchase. Some schools actually take pride in having a unique look. Unfortunately Nike has to make it's money so they pimped that design out to every high school and non-major college program that wanted it. SN: I personally feel the same should have been done with the set Miami wore when they first came into the ACC back in 2004. IMO these were Miami's best uniforms. The Nike set that followed it was a HUGE downgrade.
  10. Not sure why Colorado is wearing their alt kits in KC tonight. No risk of clash with their primary burgundy jerseys against KC's powder blue.
  11. Just went to http://www.mghelmets.com/ a few minutes ago and a "service unavailable; HTTP Error 503" message came on the screen. Does anybody know if that site is still running? I know at one point the guy Mike posted messages stating that he became overwhelmed by the site at one point due to the new norm of multiple helmets which has taken over many college and some high school football programs, which led to a huge influx of requests. It would be a shame if he just threw his hands up and decided to quit. I helped contribute to many of the Maryland and Washington DC high school helmets that were on his site (including my avatar here on this site). Mike was even kind enough to make custom helmet designs I ended up using for several of my old fantasty football teams, and even customize logos I ended using in NCAA Football's team builder site. Truly hope the site is just temporarily unavailable. I was a big fan of his work.
  12. OT: In the 2017 Detroit Lions thread somebody posted an old photo of North Carolina in which they had drop shadow numbers on their jerseys. Not usually a fan of drop shadow, but it looked pretty good with UNC's colors. If they ever decided to bring that back to their uniforms, I'd be fine with it.
  13. Just based off character vs character, Alex Bliss seems like a natural rival for both Sasha Banks & Bayley. SN: Whenever they decide to turn Alexa face I seriously hope they don't turn her into a blonde Bayley. One of the downsides to Sasha's face run is that they took away much of the attitude the made her a good character as a heel in NXT and with BAD when she first came to the main roster. Don't want the same happening to Lexi down the line. SN2: They need to get Carmella back with Enzo & Cass. She's just not a good solo character as is. I've tried to get it a chance but nah, it's not working. Either that or she needs to be taken off TV for a while and completely repackaged.
  14. Undertaker needs DDP Yoga. Not even a joking around. Might help him out a lot as he enters life after wrestling.
  15. DDP in a La Parka disguise (I remember that pop for the diamond cutter and unmasking being ridiculous).