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  1. I don't see them replacing Chester with a new vocalist. Linkin Park may officially end, but the Mike and the other remaining members could form a "new band" under a new name. Then again they've been at it for a long time. If it hasn't been 20 years yet, it's getting close (not sure how long they've been together prior to Hybrid Theory's release in 2000). They may just decide to go their separate ways or even retire from music altogether.
  2. Sad to hear of Chester's passing. LP's music had a big impact on my life. Chester's lyrics in particular. Don't really know what to say or think. This one hurts more than the usual celeb death.
  3. Man Florida really needs to go back to their previous number font. The font they've been using the last few years just looks so cheap. Like the numbers could peel off the jersey at any point during a game.
  4. Iverson has looked completely broken down in the BIG3. May be fair to say he's got nothing left to pro basketball at any level. Considering how he has been marketed as the league's marquee player it's a little disappointing. However I've been pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of play in this league. Best case scenario for the BIG3 going forward would be to secure as many recent big name former NBA players as they can for a 2018 season. Obviously they'd need to be in better condition than Iverson is in lol. Far as Iverson goes, his best option would be just coaching going forward. Even if he has to shut himself down for the remainder of this season. He's got nothing left to give and nothing less to prove as a player.
  5. Jordan actually looks like he could be Kurt's son. Far more so than Gable does. I see this becoming a nepotism angle leading to an eventually heel turn of Kurt Angle.
  6. Good job by Under Armour on both Cal & UCLA's new uniforms, but ummmm when the F are they going to fix Maryland? I just think the University of Under Armour, College Park should have one of the brand's best looks.... They don't
  7. Perhaps the Nike, the Jets and Colts just don't give a damn about that *shrugs*
  8. Hoping UNC puts that argyle stripe on the pants this season, but not expecting it.
  9. If they're not using pyro for the foreseeable future, think they'll actually start having events in Chicago at the United Center?
  10. In my mind a Revival vs Club feud could be pretty damn good. Just don't think we'd see the best version of it on Raw.
  11. A little confused by one thing. Does the X-Division still exist now in the "new" Global Force Wrestling? Was it unified with an "old" GFW equivalent title?
  12. Soooo, this http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/dixie-carter-wwe-24-angle/#.WWA9Y8-GOM8
  13. Always thought the Dorsey era Miami uniforms would have looked a lot better had the pants stripe ran straight down the leg instead of tapering.
  14. A lot of people seem to genuinely like this league so far (both live in arena and watching on TV). Only gripe most have is that the games aren't televised or streamed live. Part of me feels like they're using this season to get a better idea of how much TV time would be needed for potential live games in the future.
  15. Allen Iverson hasn't looked as good as many were probably hoping. I don't know if he's out of shape or just has nothing left to give, but he couldn't hang with Mike Bibby in last night's game.