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  1. Question. If the Jets actually ended up getting this stadium built in NYC, would the Giants still have pursued a new stadium in New Jersey?
  2. Somewhat related to Ring of Honor. Is it true Sinclair Broadcasting is shutting down American Sports Network? Hope not as I like that they primarily show lower tier Division 1 college football & basketball (even FCS football games). SN: I'm currently watching Around the Horn, and they showed a clip for Gronk knife edge chopping Mojo Rawley repeatedly in a locker room O_o
  3. So what do you guys think will most likely happen in regards to the league's uniform/kit suppliers? MLS re-signs with Adidas? MLS makes a new league wide deal with another company? Or would MLS let the individual clubs go back to making their own deals?
  4. Not quite ready to call DC United a bad team after 3 games, but umm they haven't looked good thus far.
  5. Thirded
  6. Damn. Didn't see that video
  7. Xavier Woods is currently married. Can't confirm whether he nailed Paige while married to/engaged to/dating his wife. If it happened at any point during their relationship, he's as good as screwed. Divorce attorneys are immune to the power of positivity.
  8. Easily hotter than Chyna & Sunny's porn vids. Isn't Xavier Woods married?
  9. There has to be some legitimate reason as to why WWE didn't choose WWA or WWL when they had to rebrand in 2002 (stupid pandas). I would not be surprised if those two names already belonged to other entities at the time (possibly even to this day). FWIW, either League or Association would have been a thousand times better than Entertainment. I know for a fact Major League Wrestling was an Indy promotion at one point. Now it's some sort of wrestling blog and or podcast.
  10. That's not a bad name I suppose. Although I could see the powers that be wanting to avoid a "CW" name seeing as how WWE owns the 2 most famous CWs in wrestling history. Maybe simply calling it "Anthem Wrestling" could work. I would suggest "Anthem Wrestling Association" but that's an obvious no go due to initials. "Anthem Wrestling Federation"? Nah, people would just call it "AWFul". "Anthem Wrestling League"? Might make people think Owl. Never thought about how difficult naming a wrestling company could be. Oh well.
  11. I'd place the following wishes in a hat then blindly pick one NFL get rid of the white bottom half sock rule NFL get rid of the solid white chinstrap rule NBA get rid of jerseys with sleeves All college sports get rid of names on the back of players jerseys New York Jets go back to Kelly green with black trim Philadelphia Eagles go back to Kelly green and silver NFL make team colored shoes the rule and not an option Patriots go back to the Drew Bledsoe era uniform with a pair of blue pants to go along with the rest of the set Seattle Seahawks go back to previous uniform set Baltimore Orioles get rid of the cartoon bird logo NY Yankees put their cap logo on the home jerseys Plain block numbers on MLS uniforms Get rid of league logos within the jersey numbers in all soccer Football teams wearing white on white (it's always bugged me) NFL referee go back to their old uniforms (without curved lines in their shirts) Cincinnati Bengals go back to their previous uniforms. 49ers add red facemask to their helmets Philadelphia Phillies go back to powder blue road uniforms. Keeping their current shade of bright red though. Baltimore Ravens take the B of the raven head logo
  12. *reads this after just having watched brutal women's MMA highlights on youtube* You'd think there'd be women's lacrosse (and apparently hockey) advocates demanding the same exact rules as the men. But what do I know? I'm just a guy that randomly tuned it to a lacrosse game on a Saturday afternoon
  13. Any chance of women's lacrosse adopting the men's rules one day?
  14. During my commute home from work I pass a field where some youth lacrosse program practices. Boys on one side of the field and girls on the other side. I notice all of the boy LAX players wearing full helmets, while the girls only wear eye guards (don't know if that's the correct term for that piece of equipment). At the moment I'm watching a college women's lacrosse game on TV (Maryland vs Syracuse). I notice the only players wearing full helmets are the goalies, while the rest of the players just wearing the eye guards. Is there any reason why helmets are not worn in women's/girls lacrosse? Personally knowing of a handful of dudes that have had their bells seriously rung playing lacrosse with helmets, I cringe seeing female players out there without them. What's the deal?
  15. Wonder why the refs aren't wearing yellow for the LA/Portland game? Always thought yellow was Fifa's default color for officials' jerseys unless there was some sort of clash. I don't think yellow would clash with LA's white kits.