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  1. Some people on the MLS Facebook page got real pissy about the start of the Atlanta/NYC game being moved to ESPN News due to a college softball game running long. Forgive me for being a realist, but doesn't the NCAA (as a whole) have way more pull than MLS? I'm not surprised (or upset) about the situation. Yet, some people treat it as if the heads of ESPN and the NCAA came together and took a dump on the steps of MLS headquarters smh. Seriously man, some of this league's fans are way too much.
  2. Just curios, did #7 from Columbus club anybody with his cast?
  3. I don't know man. The Rock's bull silhouette sideplates were pretty lame considering they had the capabilities (as seen with the plates of practically every other title holder) to put a detailed brahma bull logo on their. As far as Jinder's goes, just make him some Indian flag plates and call it a day.
  4. Is their no way possible to get lightweight football pants from a durable shiny fabric? I miss seeing true silver and gold pants of the mid/late 90 and early 2000s.
  5. They should have left the facemask navy blue IMO. I don't like how the horns, bumper and facemask all blend into each other now.
  6. Been wanting Goldust to become a sinister character for a while. Was never a fan of him doing the comedic stuff, not even with Booker T long ago. Honestly wanted him to go to Smackdown (solo) during the roster shake up. Feel like there is still a lot that can be done with Goldust, both in the ring and as a character in general.
  7. If only Arizona would just stick to white helmets with navy facemask. NEVER liked their all red helmets. The navy blues were an easier pill to swallow than the reds.
  8. Somewhat off topic: Does anybody know if Vicis has plans on making helmets for hockey, lacrosse and motorsports with this shock absorption feature?
  9. Did the Rams ever make a full bodied full version the current Ram logo?
  10. Better than Cincy's previous set?
  11. OT: the A in the Timberwolves new logo bothers me. It's just a godamn upside down V
  12. Minnesota's improved a lot since those disastrous first few game of the season.
  13. Sooo, am I the only one that saw Victoria's leaked sex video?