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  1. UncleJunior

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Old and perhaps played out design, the name with a slight tilt, skew. (Gray jersey would have "Marlins" on the front - I just don't have that typeface, logo right now)
  2. UncleJunior

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    An improvement! I do like the white and gray jerseys. The black, give me time...it might grow on me. The teal, not my favorite. ANYTHING in my opinion is better than the previous logo, those orange jerseys!
  3. UncleJunior

    Teams Due for a Rebrand

    "Eagles- Bring back the kelly green" It's been a huge debate in Philly for a while. An "alternate uniform" Or heck, at least let them wear it on the TNF Color Rush games. It was brought up at the Winter Meetings a few months ago. I think they will come back...maybe for a few limited games, just a matter of time. NO question they will be huge sellers around here. Approval is "dragging on" by the league. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2018/3/27/17170306/kelly-green-jerseys-eagles-jeffrey-lurie-midnight-color-alternate-helmet-philadelphia-nfl-rules-news
  4. UncleJunior

    Philadelphia 76ers reveal new logo for upcoming playoff run

    At first I thought it was a mess, but I guess it has grown on me. They had the tagline "Unite, or Die." but since it hints at violence they toned that down and now use "Phila Unite" on the newer merchandise. I can' understand that, I've been seeing this on the Philadelphia Union shirts - the snake with "Join, Or Die" in bold letters) Anyway It is an extremely popular logo up here right now, clothing sells out very fast! BUT when it comes to merchandise this is where it does becomes a fail from the marketing team. You can find these overpriced thin Nike "DryFit" blue shirts in stores like Dicks, Champs, Modells for $40, that's it - IF they have them in stock. If you want the cooler looking hoodies other tee shirts, stickers with this logo on it - only darn place you can find it is at the Wells Fargo Center. And even that is pretty tough! The 76ers / Flyers Fan Shop is only open on home game days, 2 hours before the game. AND it's only Sixers merch before the Sixers home game - - if it's a Flyers home game - like it was Saturday...the fan shop only sells Flyers merchandise. No extended hours for this place. They do have a online site, and finally they replenished 76ers stock with the playoff logo. But..well forget it. 70, 85 dollar hoodies, 50 dollar tee shirts - (lot of it is ending up on Ebay at jacked up prices) I know sports merchandise is never cheap, but that's absolutely insane. They did this with the VERY limited "City Edition" logo merchandise, That was simple cool logo design, I admit I liked the blue hoodie that was out ("76" on the front, Script "Phila" on the hood) the clothing for that came and went within days.
  5. UncleJunior

    Super Bowl LIII logo

    Eh I figured they would change the color. I don't know. - "Ice_Cap" - “red for AFC venues, blue for NFC venues.” Yeah quite possibly. At this point, this makes complete sense now. Red for last year's AFC Texans home stadium NRG Stadium, Red LI colors - for AFC (NOT the red in the Texans logo) Blue LII for NFC Vikings / US Bank Stadium So..ok LIV 2020 SHOULD be red for AFC Miami location. Then back to blue for LV in Tampa Bay. etc, etc
  6. The logos for MLB Postseason 2018, World Series 2018. --- Not horrific, I kinda like the banners, the gradient letters. The font is a typeset I have had on my computers since 1998, called "Bank Gothic." The only slight change is the "S" Other than that, the font is pretty much a perfect match.
  7. UncleJunior

    Super Bowl LIII logo

    Sample mockup - Alternate
  8. UncleJunior

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    I like the "Brotherly Love" script on the bottom. As for this Stub Hub patch...eh!!!! The oversized Nike swoosh..tad obnoxious Nothing you can do about it, all the jerseys will have some ad on them. Every time I see a new Sixers jersey, I can just say to myself "well it could be MUCH MUCH worse!" ? These from the early 90s...wow these were painfully bad!
  9. Pretty much what I expected, The Capitol, red white and blue colors.
  10. UncleJunior

    Phillies embracing old logo and wordmark

    Always loved the classic 1971-1993 "P." Phillies usually do a few retro night games per year, they seemed to do more this year with the 1983 "100th Anniversary patch jerseys. MIGHT do it again the weekend of Aug 11 against the Mets. On Aug 12, Pete Rose will be inducted to the Phillies Wall of Fame.
  11. Not THAT bad. I'm still a little undecided on the chiseled look on the text, but I suppose without it it looks extremely bland.
  12. UncleJunior

    2016 Postseason Logos

    A friend of mine bought a WS16 Cubs jersey (he's from a suburb of Chicago) and the darn patch peeled right off! For that money, you'd think they would be stitched on, these are more like plastic patches simply glued on to the sleeves. . These plastic shiny patches started I think last season...before that it was always the stitched look and stitched onto the sleeve. Same with the emblems on the hats - my old 2008 Phillies WS hat has a felt logo on it and the darn thing just peeled off after a few months, I was able to dab it back on with glue and not damage the logo.
  13. UncleJunior

    2016 Postseason Logos

    I couldn't figure this one out when I first saw it! It's like someone just said "to heck with this" - Slapped it together in 2 minutes on a Mac and the OS standard "San Francisco" font. If they win..it will take 30 seconds to edit the "new logo"
  14. UncleJunior

    2017 MLB All Star Game - Logos

    Yeah, there is a lot of white space. The logo on black looks better. Stil....that darn MC logo! Hate it.
  15. UncleJunior

    2016 Postseason Logos

    I agree with you. I loved the 2008 - 2011 logos with "Fall Classic" adding the 2 leafs (either used in the Primary logo or alternative) I looked at last years again, that wasn't too bad. Seems like every other year they just say "ehh, we'll just throw something together in 10 minutes and be done with it."