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  1. Link for the Oregon reveal with added Nike jargon
  2. (EDIT: Missed that this was covered on page 139) I saw this earlier and didn't realize they were actually trying to emulate the Pats. I actually like this look!
  3. It is not too often that there is this much purple on a football field
  4. La Tech going full red vs Texas Tech
  5. Solid look! Would have posted this earlier but I don't navigate to the NBA thread too often. Glad they kept it simple, wish they would lose the sleeves!
  6. Pretty funny that they used this template for the official photo ; the official jersey is actually using the Mach Speed cut Tweet with video here:
  7. Mich. State wearing the alternates this weekend?
  8. Cant fin'd a picture but App State is wearing their white helmets vs. Old Dominion. They are using this white version of their logo for the helmet instead of the black version. Can barely see the logo against the white shell
  9. I would say it resembles this Ga Tech set more with the piping across the front
  10. For some reason, their cut doesn't look like it has the quality of the others
  11. thankfully this template is not in the FBS (as far as i know) too many FCS school using this, i would get tired of seeing this every saturday
  12. Georgia State unveiled their first alternate jersey in program history, a BFBS uniform The matte blue helmets were also brand new
  13. The first college game of the year was a decent looking affair We wore our traditional blue-blue-gold with hawaii in all white