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  1. Yeah we have also dropped many different variations of the schedule poster with varying uniforms and players as well ; don't read too much into it for now ; With that being said however, if we fast forward 10 years, i doubt the dolphins still have the toothpaste logo
  2. They have the potential to have a great look; their previous set without the gradient with the "checkerboard" was nice minus the BFBS ; Not sure what the significance of the diamond is since it is at least carried through their last 2 uniforms Their new look has the potential to look great; This shot vs. Penn State is very good. If Russell didnt run the gradient sleeve mess into the ground I would prolly like their set even more.
  3. these are old ; they have another variation of this also :
  4. Suprisingly, Cal drops the logos at 7 AM PT, the uniforms will come later. We now have a full California script, the previous secondary created by Nike is out and and we have the main design element, a sather stripe
  5. I loved the current unis so much because they simplified the "claw marks" on the side that Baylor, Idaho, and numerous other teams took and also made the weird collar a little less weird but on some jerseys, it would look extremely thick (Jared Goff's first year is a perfect example;. By the time he left though, the collar wasn't as thick and made for some good looks) I'm really gonna miss this set but at least they can be associated with the Goff era and a mini resurgence
  6. Just a friendly reminder that Cal is unveiling all their Under Armour jerseys tomorrow ; I am praying for nothing garish, just something simplistic; Nike has done a great job with our football identity over the years and I hope UA is able to uphold that. Not sure if the new secondary we got a few years back is being retained.
  7. reminds me of the previous Oklahoma State set which i really liked; solid "minimal" upgrade
  8. UAB just dropped some images of their new uniforms; no white jersey yet
  9. This scares me for the Cal reveal in 2 weeks...hopefully we don't get that ugly stripe on our pants
  10. New uniforms for Utah football...if it isn't broken. don't fix it.... i dont really like the pants on this set and this also scares me for the Cal set also....which is set for a June 1st unveiling
  11. Link for the Oregon reveal with added Nike jargon
  12. (EDIT: Missed that this was covered on page 139) I saw this earlier and didn't realize they were actually trying to emulate the Pats. I actually like this look!
  13. It is not too often that there is this much purple on a football field
  14. La Tech going full red vs Texas Tech