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  1. The first college game of the year was a decent looking affair We wore our traditional blue-blue-gold with hawaii in all white
  2. Utah has added a stripe to the helmet
  3. Sounds like the normal set they've brought out past years on a newer template
  4. ODU on the BFBS train
  5. another screaming video.....wonder how many more to go before the end of the season
  6. Colorado State with new uniforms >> Solid look minus the wordmark on the pants
  7. Just comparing that photo as well as the wisconsin one above, i dont see how people thought they were a "clone" of Nebraska/Wisconsin. Similar, maybe but the stylings are pretty different on the shoulder/cuff area stripes as well as Nebraska nor Wisconsin having a script above the numbers. .
  8. Im surprised they didnt implement their wordmark their instead or at least get an updated version with the move to UA
  9. One thing I am NOT looking forward to when Cal moves to UA next year
  10. Nice side by side of Wisconsin's old/new digs.
  11. I think I prefer the collar logo to a script mark
  12. possible new hideous helmet for virginia football
  13. SMU with a fantastic uni update
  14. Didnt realize they had two gray jerseys
  15. That is definitely a beautiful combo i hope they dont break out those ugly grays too often