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  1. The middle is what I love about UA , something simple and clean... what's on the left (and Maryland, one offs) are what scare me about Cal being on UA. I hope we take the Auburn/Wisconsin route...something simple and not gimmicky.
  2. Wisconsin reveal is tonight.. here is a preview
  3. Hopefully the real deal wont look as jagged
  4. You will love this thread as the season goes on , i predict at LEAST 100 different chrome designs this year other gold chromes
  5. They will always look cheap to me until they change out of our old template ; lots of teams still used those pants (Baylor, Montana, Idaho) but this is one of the few that copied the jersey as well
  6. Idaho adding gray everything for this upcoming season
  7. Im talking about the red stripe above the Riddell; it looks like it curves around to the front also but the chin straps are in the way
  8. Miami Ohio got rid of that ugly template finally: Two things of note here: They are using two very interesting helmets. The white helmet has a red stripe in the back for some odd reason and the red helmet is two tone with a fade to white at the bottom. I actually like this for the white jerseys but it looks out of place on the red jerseys
  9. NC State is wearing these October 8th
  10. ACC: Clemson Big Ten: Michigan B12: Texas Pac 12: Cal (Homer Pick), 2nd: USC SEC: LSU , Honorable Mention: Georgia
  11. Tulane teased a new helmet on Twitter
  12. The throwback game will be Aqua/White at least so thats good balance IMO 4 white, 2 mono aqua, 2 throwback
  13. New road look for LA Tech. they've always kept it simple and look good doing it
  14. KU with another helmet.. anybody know what logo this is ??
  15. Not a big fan of the font and the collar logo looks really cheap . At least the traditionalists should love this set? or does no striping on the pants kill this look ? (helmet striping also different from the jersey)