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  1. The socks have been a part of the uniform (striping unchanged) since I believe the 30s if not earlier. Ithe was the basis for the 67 striping pattern. And personally I'd love to see the winter classic become the new base for a new home/road set. Retro looks are the best in my opinion, just need to cut the last ties from the Ballard era
  2. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Let's face it, it's just a quick paint fill alternate to draw in a few extra dollars before next season when they are supposedly overhauling the brand to differentiate themselves from the AHL club.
  3. Home, road or 3rd?

    Ducks: 3rd Bruins: Home Sabres: Home Flames: 3rd 'Canes: 3rd 'Hawks: Home Avs: Home Jackets: Home Stars: Road if I had to pick one Wings: Home Oilers: Road Panthers:Home Kings: 3rd Wild: 3rd Habs: Home Preds: Home Devils: Home Isles: Road Rangers: Home Sens: 3rd Flyers: Home 'Yotes: 3rd Pens: Hom Blues: 3rd Sharks: Road Lightining: Home Leafs: 3rd 'Nucks: 3rd, unless you count the millionaires Caps: Home Jets: Home
  4. 2012-3 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Pete's wearing special pink in the rink jerseys tonight vs. Soo Saint Marie
  5. Lycan38's CHL - Drakkar Added

    Very nice, I've been hoping to see this series revive, there are only so many NHL concepts to look at before toy see some repetitiveness this is a good releaf for it
  6. "Banner" iphone wallpaper

    Could I possibly get a blue Toronto Maple Leafs Wallpaper?
  7. "Banner" iphone wallpaper

    That's really cool can you change the background color?
  8. 2013-2014 NHL Uniform & Logo Changes

    My only request for Dallas is to not change the colors
  9. Miami Marlins Concept

    100 times better, I can't see why this isn't in service now. The only reason they shouldn't use this look is to seperate themselves from the dolphins
  10. Physter's NHL Concepts

    very nice! I like the use of the green. a great update.
  11. Odd Devils jersey$(KGrHqR,!lIE9RoyrdvHBPZ3yibWJg~~60_35.JPG it's black
  12. Lycan38's CHL - Drakkar Added

    Very nice, with the petes though, try adding just a touch of gold to add depth and color. I know the Pete's are a classic identity but it would really put the look over the top.
  13. Lycan38's CHL - Drakkar Added

    Very nice job but i must say, the rangers shield and soldier logos should be swapped. With Barrie, you should try to add just a touch of yellow, there is already too many teams that use the red white and blue color scheme. but it is a great start! I look forward to the rest of this series!
  14. 2012-3 CHL uniform/logo thread

    What were they thinking unveiling 3 versions of it at the same time? I believe the middle one is the actual primary, the others are just secondary color options for the logo.
  15. 2012-3 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Not like its breaking news or anything but, the Kingston Frontenacs officially unveiled their new "K" logo today. My link