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  1. I don't know a lot about how/where these changes come from, but it's worth noting that the team is still owned by Pat Bowlen but due to Alzheimer's he does not run the team and has very little involvement. It would surprise me if a major change like this happened while he's still alive and/or owns the team, but isn't necessarily competent to approve it and see it through. I suppose the team's president could do it, or that there could be Bowlen family members giving approval behind the scenes, but Bowlen was very involved in the redesign that gave them the current logo and changing it given his current state seems ... odd.
  2. LOVE that!
  3. This is beautiful stuff. I remember those signs well and your update is really classy.
  4. I guess it depends on the sport and context. My first thought was logo. I was thinking of a university where the logo can be an overriding brand even as the team rolls out different jerseys seemingly every season. But others made a good point bringing up something like MLB. You essentially never see a baseball team's primary logo. The jerseys are far more important there.
  5. When I was in school, the top part of this was the de facto school logo. That was some 15+ years ago, now it appears they just used an O with the word Blazers over the top. Overland Trailblazers, Aurora, CO
  6. I really like the Broncos "mane" stripes. It recalls the current set while being more purposeful.
  7. Love that as well.
  8. Pizza (the slice) and salad (the green semicircle)? Had to look at it and think on that for a while, though. The location not far from me updated their sign a month or so ago and it has always just looked like random shapes to me when driviing by. Also not at all a fan of the typewriter font. Seems so plain.
  9. Old New The old logo dated to 1958 so it was very much time for a change. New one is an upgrade IMO, but almost anything would be.
  10. Uniforms are kind of bland, at least after the build up. I don't love the font, but otherwise they're OK. The helmet is terrible. And Nike needs to figure out where a human heat is located in the body.
  11. These are really great. Anyone have anything for the Arizona Wildcats? I've seen old pictures and the like, but never quality reproductions.
  12. Some did. Michigan refused. (Maybe Wisconsin, too?)