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  1. Vintage College Mascot Logos

    Here are some logos that University of Utah used in some of their football programs.
  2. New Unis and Championships

    Didn't they wear the old uniforms in the first of their b-2-b losses to the Bulls? Nope, they had the mountain jerseys for both years
  3. New Unis and Championships

    The Jazz made it to the finals for the first time after they switched to the mountain look
  4. New Boise State Jersey

    Its funny because Utah had a very similar set as Boise did when they won the Fiesta Bowl and the very next year Nike changed their look to the Miami wrap around crap. Now they're doing the same thing to Boise!
  5. Utah Blaze Unveil Unis

    So they will have the same jerseys as the University of Utah
  6. Utah Jazz

    Yeah, I wasn't trying to redue everything, I was just seeing what I could add to what they already have.
  7. Utah Jazz

    I've been looking at this board for quite some time now, I really enjoy seeing all the different ideas. I thought I'd try to help the jazz out. They look so plain and needed something else to it...What do ya think? Also the rumor is that they will be getting an Alt jersey next year, and seeing that the last alt was black and fairly popular, i thought I'd go with a black one.