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  1. This is super weird. Had any other college team done something like this? Sure there are college teams that look like some Pro Teams but not as a special uniform when playing in their stadium. It's like @Discrimihater's College to Pro concept series came to life.
  2. Tulsa's satin gold helmet looks really nice.
  3. LMAO. This is my favorite stolen concept: A quick mockup image that I did to show off a template technique.
  4. Never should've gone away from this:
  5. Somebody at the Tulsa unveil said they were keeping the white helmets from last year(and black unfortunately), but altering the gold. Maybe no more chrome?
  6. No, that rule still exists. That shot was from the lead up to the 2014 FIBA World Cup. I believe he's wearing #13 for the Olympics.
  7. To me, the angry wave helmet looks photoshopped. Either that or whoever cutout that decal has never handled scissors before.
  8. If the helmet compresses as much as it seems it does, based on that video, it will be interesting to see how the decals hold up over the course of a game. I think we may see a lot of wardrobe malfunctions.
  9. At least now the people sitting behind the shot clock won't have a black box in their view. I'm sure that's part of the thinking.
  10. New USA jerseys and shorts have launched on the NBA store and it looks like the blue ones are two different shades of blue on the front and back.
  11. A couple quick jersey swap graphics I put together last night. Nothing official, all just for fun.
  12. Isn't that what I said? The mesh panels are always affected by the color of what's behind it, whereas the other fabric is not. I think we're saying the same thing in different ways.
  13. ^ All good stuff. Color theory for the win. Also have to consider the fact that the mesh panels are filled with holes so while the fabric has the same dye, their observed color will be affected by whatever is behind the mesh panel. In that photo, it looks darker because you see the shadow of the inside of the jersey. If you were to stick a white shirt behind it, the mesh would seem lighter.
  14. ACC: FSU Big Ten: tOSU Big 12: OU Pac 12: USC SEC: LSU
  15. There were quite a few schools that opted not to use current players' numbers last year. Many either go with historical numbers, or things like #1. Some have been using the year as well (15, 16, etc). Here's an article from last summer on it: If I remember correctly, a player changed their number to 15 last year because he wanted "his" jersey to be sold. Can't remember what school that was though...