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  1. I'm afraid all the community jerseys are going to have hokie nicknames on them: Buzz City, Motor City, etc. I've heard rumors of a Loud City jersey for OKC, which would fit this theme.
  2. They were required to wear white at home a certain number of times, while wearing alternates a lesser number of times. Now, it sounds like it will be more like soccer with primary/clash uniforms.
  3. Did Dwight Howard leak a photo of the Hornets new jerseys? The numbers look heat pressed; nothing like the Rev30 ones. Or is this just how bad replicas look these days? Also, am I seeing things or is there some subtle pinstriping going on?
  4. First look at Oklahoma in the Vapor Untouchable template:
  5. Fanatics and World Soccer Shop have launched the Gold Cup jerseys as well. Fanatics has free shipping, but shows an estimated ship date of July 21
  6. Ditto. It physically pained me to pay that much for shipping, but I bit the bullet. I figure if it launches on other sites by Monday, and the US Soccer Store order hasn't shipped yet, I'll cancel and reorder somewhere else. Really thought they'd have red shorts because of the side stripe on the jersey being blue. Is this the first time Nike's done mismatched stripes on the aeroswift template?
  7. Good info @aawagner011. Just bought my jersey from ussoccerstore!
  8. What's the deal with the new USMNT shirt? I thought it was supposed to go on sale today, but I haven't seen it anywhere.
  9. That Nets jersey will look eveeeen better with a giant red square ad patch on it.
  10. FC Dallas teaser:
  11. Ding ding ding.
  12. OU wearing their alternates for the first time this season. Using the same home combination the did last season: crimson-crimson-cream.
  13. At this point, I think we just need to accept that these are Oregon's official colors:
  14. I really hate Nike's new tank top-looking jersey cut.
  15. Basically every sports logo designed in the last 10 years has jagged edges. It's a stretch, man.