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  1. And then complain that nobody takes you seriously because the best team you play is Memphis and pout that nobody will play you. You can't have it both ways. You can't complain that nobody will play you and demand those schools do it on your terms. Seems pretty clear Florida's not not playing UCF because they're afraid of losing a game, it's because they have better options. So yeah, the criticism of UCF is valid. As far as I'm concerned, scheduling a 2-for-1 with Florida allow them to make a lot of money hosting Florida in a sold out the Citrus Bowl (the Pitt game didn't sell out Spectrum Stadium which seats 20,000 fewer people), gives them a chance to show they're on level footing with a program that regularly poaches recruits from their backyard, and satisfies some of the critics saying they don't schedule anybody. That sounds like a sweet deal for UCF.
  2. Not at all. Florida and UCF are in two completely different situations. Florida plays LSU, Georgia, and Florida State every single year guaranteed. Next year they add Miami and Auburn to that. Florida is in a position where they can act in the best interest of the program financially because they're not desperate to play blue chips. Florida takes a 2-for-one series against USF because it's good for recruiting in Tampa, it's another chance to play close to home, it's going to be a very pro-Florida crowd, and it's cheaper to have USF come to the Swamp twice than it is for, say, Idaho to come for one game. USF takes the series because they want to play programs like Florida. They obviously do since they have a strength of schedule down in the 70's, the best team they've played in Memphis, and they're constantly having to explain away not playing any good programs because they're somehow "above" doing what all of the other teams on their level are doing. Sure, they can get Pittsburgh or Georgia Tech or Maryland to Orlando but that's not doing anything to change the fact that they don't play anybody. A few years ago UCF played a one-off game at Michigan. They've beaten up on a weak conference and now they're too good for a two-for-one?
  3. Why would Florida, though, when they can play games like Miami in a neutral site in Orlando (or Michigan in Dallas) and make a ton of money doing it? There's a benefit to Florida playing schools like USF for Florida (it's good for recruiting in the area and it's a cheaper alternative to these other non-conference opponents they bring in) but ultimately, teams like UCF are desperate to play against programs like Florida and not the other way around.
  4. Florida AD Scott Stricklin is open to scheduling a 2-for-1 with UCF, like they already have done with USF. UCF AD Danny White responded "I'm encouraged to hear that UF is open to the idea of playing us in football. Since I've been here, it had been made clear to me there wasn't much hope of that," which is bull considering, again, USF and UF already agreed to a deal. It seems to me like UCF is not trying very hard to schedule good out of conference games all the while throwing their hands up and claiming nobody will play them. There are a number of reasons teams like Florida, Florida State, or Miami would want to schedule a series with UCF. UF and UCF played in, I think, 2006 and UF won handily. They were supposed to play the next year but Florida let them out. I think there was one other time more recently that UCF ducked Florida and now they suddenly can't sink to the level of not getting a one-and-one, so the idea that the bigger programs are scared of UCF is absurd.
  5. Herbstreit and Tebow are trying to make the case for Georgia. I'm starting to think they might find their way in.
  6. I'd go with: Alabama Clemson Oklahoma Notre Dame Notre Dame has a better case than Ohio State. Sure, Ohio State had the extra game and had they played a better team or not struggled against a mediocre Northwestern team, that might be a difference maker. I would punish Notre Dame for no conference (and thus, no conference championship game) with the 4 seed and a beatdown at the hands of Alabama. Also, apparently there are people who still think Georgia has a case? Georgia attempting to gain 11 yards with their punt team against Alabama's defense is of the dumbest coaching decisions I've seen. The way Georgia has recruited under Smart has me nervous, but I haven't seen all that much from Kirby himself that makes me think he's a particularly good coach.
  7. Does Memphis just not make halftime adjustments?
  8. See Red

    2018 NFL Season

    This league is hard to watch. I've been watching for five minutes and I've seen two big blown calls and one really dumb rule.
  9. Jeff Brohm is staying at Purdue. Bad news for Louisville!
  10. I hope so, but if Oklahoma ekes one out and Ohio State wins by 40, I think it'll matter to the committee.
  11. It's worth noting that, Florida, the ones you're referring to being a bunch of wussies who should just play the game has scheduled a three game series with USF (including one in Tampa), a program that is on UCF's level. UCF could certainly schedule something similar with cash-strapped Miami who has played on the road in stranger places than Orlando. Of the two programs, Florida isn't the one with a hangup when it comes to schedule good programs out of conference (Michigan last year, Miami next year plus FSU every year)
  12. Florida is #13 in the S&P+, Kentucky is #41. If they played tomorrow, the very accurate S&P+ gives Florida a 71.5% chance of winning. Now, I understand Kentucky beat Florida but, for obvious reasons, that can't always be applied to rankings. It was early enough and Florida is a different enough team that I'm not sure the head-to-head game matters as much as Kentucky's late-season struggles.
  13. You're probably right. But I will say part of the SEC (and Big Ten) is the grind, since the bad teams in the SEC are still pretty good relative to the bulk of UCF's schedule. For Florida this year, for instance, Vanderbilt might not be terribly tough but when it's the game between LSU and Georgia, it is not quite as easy of a game. Georgia got lucky in that regard last year. Florida and Tennessee were so bad that South Carolina actually looked reasonably good.
  14. I don't think they were getting in anyway. Sorry, UCF, but the 70th best schedule isn't gonna cut it when the other teams in the conversation are a lot higher. Maybe stop demanding home-and-homes for good teams to play you.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but 50% of the time that last team in has won the whole thing. The regular season games do matter, though. We may debate who's loss is worse but that is still those games mattering.