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  1. Went to OT on a lucky shot... won it on a waaaay luckier shot. That was awesome!
  2. And last year two of those teams, Cleveland and Denver, were willing to discuss giving up draft picks and taking on his huge salary. Now, after a year that was objectively better than his 2015 campaign, neither team wants him for no picks and less money? He was a dynamic talent who, the last three years, has been coached by a guy that was well on his way out the door, Jim Tomsula, and Chip Kelly. He deserves a little slack for the last three years. Somebody would take a flyer on him if he hadn't kneeled last year.
  3. I've been arguing on this forum that Kaepernick isn't any good as far back as the days when he actually played pretty well for a few seasons but I think the thing about nobody wanting him because he's not any good went out the window when the Bears guaranteed Glennon $19 million. He was actually pretty good last year despite the dumpster fire around him.
  4. Down goes Duke! This saves me from having to choose whether to cheer for Duke or Baylor.
  5. Well, that was a pretty terrible first day of the tourney.
  6. That'd have been something if he nailed the full-courter for the win, though. I feel pretty terrible for him, but there's not really an excuse for not knowing the situation. The first and last games of the early games were good, everything in between was forgettable.
  7. These are great! I wish I'd have seen any of these shirts when I was in Hollywood Studios last week. They're all really good but I especially like the Toontown Cabbies logo with Roger Rabbit.
  8. My only complaint would be that I don't think the wolf needs the eye. Beyond that, it's an awesome set!
  9. And that could have happened if they announced Best Actress before Best Actor. Granted, maybe in that case they might've managed to get the right envelope to the presenters.
  10. I'm pretty excited for the World of Avatar even though I wasn't all that into the movie. I really enjoy Animal Kingdom but the park is definitely in need of some other attractions. They've also just recently started doing the light show on the river at night. Unfortunately the World of Pandora opens up right around the time my season passes get blocked out for the summer months.
  11. DDR, If you're wanting to do that new Frozen ride in Epcot, try and Fastpass+ it as soon as you can. Not sure if you know but if you're staying in a Disney resort you can set up your Fastpasses 60 days ahead while other park guests can only do it 30 out. I've looked 30 days out before and haven't ever seen it available and the standby line wait time is pretty routinely around 80 minutes. The other option is going to it right when the park opens.
  12. Equal, maybe. I wasn't alive for UCLA's streak so I don't know how much parity there was in college basketball back then compared to now. What I will say for UConn, though, is that the streak is obviously still going, seems pretty reasonable to think it's not going to end this season, and they're supposed to be greatly improved next season. After last season they lost the top three picks in the WNBA draft and just keep rolling.
  13. He's my favorite and I've never seen the guy play.
  14. You guys pretty much summed up my thoughts on Deadpool. In a bubble, I liked it alright. After hearing nothing but how great it was going to be/was for months, it fell flat. I was fine with breaking the fourth wall but the humor was lazy and pretty much what I would expect to hear if I was in the company of high school freshman. Dick jokes? No thanks. The biggest thing it had going for it was that it was better than I thought it was going to be.
  15. I don't know that that's it, though. The Falcons didn't lose that game because they played the clock and were content to hand the ball off until the it hit 0:00. They lost that game because, on a 2nd and 11 from the Patriots ~25 yard line when running the ball twice and kicking a FG basically guarantees them a victory, they ran a passing play with a five step drop, took a huge sack and then, instead of salvaging their shot at a FG by running the ball on 3rd down, they tried to pass and got sacked again. They didn't get too conservative. I don't know what they were trying to do on offense, to be honest, but they outsmarted themselves in doing it.