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  1. I had heard Spain and Brazil were being added to the World Showcase. It was rumored, but the addition of Spain would, in part, be because of Gigantic, which comes out in 2020. i know it's corny as hell but I like the Carousel of Progress. An update (especially to the "future" portion of it) is sorely needed, though. I'd love to see Ratatouille and Moana attractions. Are there any plans or rumors of a Zootopia attraction? It would be a perfect fit for Animal Kingdom, which, at least prior to Pandora opening, could really use more attractions.
  2. The Toy Story movies. They're the one thing that makes my 14-month old daughter sit for any extended period of time so I don't have to chase her all around the house. It helps that the movies are great and I don't mind watching all or part of the trilogy every single day.
  3. We could all stand to benefit from having a little star power around here.
  4. Look at that 06-07 Cavs roster. How can anybody hold losing in the Finals that year against Lebron when just carrying that to the Finals was an amazing feat? They played a 34 year old Eric Snow 20+ minutes a game for goodness sake. Another thing I don't get is the argument that Lebron wouldn't be as good if he played in the early 90's. Yeah, the league was more physical and there was more grabbing and hand-checking was allowed, but Lebron's also 250 pounds -- he has 30 pounds on Jordan, I believe. Besides that, NBA defenses in the the 90's were very basic because of the league rules. How the hell would you stop him? You couldn't double off of the ball or else it was an illegal defense, so your options would basically be to man him up and hope your guy could grab him enough to keep him from the rim or double team him and hope he doesn't find the open man, which he certainly would. Good luck! For all the modern NBA players get for not playing defense, the great defenses of the 80's and 90's are, statistically, about middle of the road in the league today. Oh, and as I recall, Jordan said he wouldn't have had the career he did if zone defenses were allowed when he played.
  5. I can live with the terrible playoffs so far and these conference finals blowouts if the payoff is a great, seven game series between two juggernauts in the Finals. I just have a hunch, though, that as great as Lebron is and as great as he's playing, the Warriors are going to win a decent, but not great series.
  6. They don't look terrible and these days, that's good enough for me.
  7. I'll never get tired of watching George Carlin's standup. I wish he was around to provide commentary on all of the current goings on in the world. What I'm watching, or about to start watching, is Silicon Valley for the second time. Anybody else here watch it? I hadn't watched it until right before this new season came on and it pretty quickly became one of my favorite shows.
  8. Would you be fine if they kicked you out at 10, then? Their closing time, after all, is 10.
  9. I kind of like Ed Sheeran but I'm not a fan of "Shape of You." I think his other current, though less popular, song, "Castle on the Hill" is considerably better. I don't doubt that "I'm the One" song will be popular since it's not bad and has a lot of big names in it but it doesn't scream song of the summer, to me.
  10. Sure, but when the distance isn't the same, the numbers are inaccurate all the same.
  11. Roseanne is a great show but the earlier seasons were way better than the later seasons and the last season completely sucked. It was still funny towards the end but the whole lottery thing was pretty terrible and killed the whole vibe of a show about a middle-American family just barely getting by. Unlike Fuller House, I'm not really looking forward to this one. Which says something considering Roseanne is probably the third most watched show in my home. Plus, Dan died. So... edit: And yeah, Mark's going to be sorely missed. He was the funniest part of the show towards the end.
  12. I didn't watch a ton of Alabama games but I get the feeling OJ Howard is basically just cashing in on two good Natl. Championship games. I never got the feeling otherwise that he was going to be an elite player at the next level, but I'm no scout.
  13. His mustache is really uneven. I haven't seen anything about him anywhere but in this thread but I'm really surprised he's gotten even this much out of it.
  14. Didn't some professional athlete recently retire to join Barstool Sports or something? A kicker or something? That nonsensical career decision is the only reason I've heard of it.
  15. Mandatory military isn't practical but I would be for some kind of civil service requirement. I worked on aircraft in the Air Force and it was two months for basic, another four or five months of technical training (which was 95% classroom learning) and then another year (at least) of on the job training to be proficient. By the time you're capable of doing that particular job, your time would be about up. . Military service comes up a lot with the free college debate and really, not everybody can serve in the military and certainly not everybody should. I can't speak for any job but my old one but there's already too many guys that aren't cut out for military service serving, in my opinion. I can't see how mandatory service wouldn't make matters worse.