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  1. Rondale Moore is such a weapon for Purdue. Just the threat of him getting the ball on the jet sweep can completely open up that inside run. And also...
  2. I'm looking at this list and trying to guess which one hosts it next and they all just seem so unlikely. Iowa State? Week 9 has to be Florida-Georgia in Jacksonville, eh?
  3. He's tired of the Red Sox juggernaut he's spent the past few months calling October chokers but whose dominance is also, somehow, inevitable.
  4. I'm going by USA Today. There's a few sources that vary in regards to who's the top payroll but USA Today is the only one I've seen that cites where they got their information. Doesn't matter, though. Red Sox fans are aware that the team throws around money and certainly aware they've made some bad moves. You're acting like the Giants are somehow different when they're paying Mark Melancon $20 million a year.
  5. Did you not cheer for the Giants and their largest opening day payroll in the league this year or something?
  6. Well, they've only played one team in the top 36 of the S&P+, and that was Texas A&M (#18) and the average of the teams they've played is 63.5. Granted, I think they will go undefeated and win it all again, but I'm not buying that nobody else has a chance just yet.
  7. Turns out Georgia might not have been sleepwalking through an easy early schedule and really just aren't as good as everyone thought. I still think they beat Florida in Jacksonville, but I think Florida can make a game of it.
  8. See Red

    Game Show Network Logo

    As far as I know. I know he does the Celebrity Family Feuds on ABC's summer lineup.
  9. See Red

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  10. Uh, he hit .313 in the 2017 ALDS compared to .188 this year. Be smarter.
  11. See Red

    Forgotten Rivalries

    Miami and Florida do play week one next year in Orlando but it's just a one-game deal.
  12. See Red

    Forgotten Rivalries

    It's been recently renewed with a home-and-home series after close to a decade of not playing, but Colorado and Nebraska used to be rivals in college football. Granted, the rivalry meant more to Colorado than to Nebraska, who mostly dominated it, but it was the Friday-after-Thanksgiving game every year. It basically started because Colorado didn't have a rival so Bill McCartney started calling Nebraska their rival since their fans used to flood Boulder when they played every year. Nobody from Nebraska cared until Colorado got good and McCartney won a national title before Osborne. Interestingly enough, had Colorado not pushed the issue in making the game a rivalry, Osborne might have voted Colorado #1 in the coaches poll that year and it would have been an outright national title and not a split with Georgia Tech. There's probably a long, long list of college football rivalries that are no more. Pittsburgh/West Virginia comes to mind.
  13. See Red

    2018 NFL Season

    And because it's the NFL, the officials flagged the on-field celebration for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  14. See Red

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    To me, it's like Florida's font which feels like it belongs back in the early aughts. I wish both teams would move on.
  15. I didn't watch FSU/Miami but you can probably just copy and paste that sentence every week. His inability to make halftime adjustments is just about the stuff of legend at this point.