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  1. Didn't some professional athlete recently retire to join Barstool Sports or something? A kicker or something? That nonsensical career decision is the only reason I've heard of it.
  2. Mandatory military isn't practical but I would be for some kind of civil service requirement. I worked on aircraft in the Air Force and it was two months for basic, another four or five months of technical training (which was 95% classroom learning) and then another year (at least) of on the job training to be proficient. By the time you're capable of doing that particular job, your time would be about up. . Military service comes up a lot with the free college debate and really, not everybody can serve in the military and certainly not everybody should. I can't speak for any job but my old one but there's already too many guys that aren't cut out for military service serving, in my opinion. I can't see how mandatory service wouldn't make matters worse.
  3. I had Home Depot install carpet in my living room and had no complaints. They had a guy come out a few days later to do all of the measurements and then, a few days afterwards, a local company came out for the install.
  4. Yeah, whatever the reason, it's about time for the change. Are they still trying to make the most unhealthy food imaginable these days?
  5. I'm so disappointed I didn't think of that.
  6. I'm all about the first two rounds. Beyond that? Meh.
  7. Maybe he'll parlay his new found fame into a rap video appearance like the "cass me outside" girl. I always hoped he was calmer off of the boards and this was the one place he let himself go insane every once in a while but... nope. Also, I hope the spelling in the closed captioning was as poor as in his posts on these forums so the hearing impaired could get the full experience.
  8. It did happen to Tiger, I think. If I remember correctly, he was almost disqualified from the Masters because of it.
  9. Went to OT on a lucky shot... won it on a waaaay luckier shot. That was awesome!
  10. And last year two of those teams, Cleveland and Denver, were willing to discuss giving up draft picks and taking on his huge salary. Now, after a year that was objectively better than his 2015 campaign, neither team wants him for no picks and less money? He was a dynamic talent who, the last three years, has been coached by a guy that was well on his way out the door, Jim Tomsula, and Chip Kelly. He deserves a little slack for the last three years. Somebody would take a flyer on him if he hadn't kneeled last year.
  11. I've been arguing on this forum that Kaepernick isn't any good as far back as the days when he actually played pretty well for a few seasons but I think the thing about nobody wanting him because he's not any good went out the window when the Bears guaranteed Glennon $19 million. He was actually pretty good last year despite the dumpster fire around him.
  12. Down goes Duke! This saves me from having to choose whether to cheer for Duke or Baylor.
  13. Well, that was a pretty terrible first day of the tourney.
  14. That'd have been something if he nailed the full-courter for the win, though. I feel pretty terrible for him, but there's not really an excuse for not knowing the situation. The first and last games of the early games were good, everything in between was forgettable.
  15. These are great! I wish I'd have seen any of these shirts when I was in Hollywood Studios last week. They're all really good but I especially like the Toontown Cabbies logo with Roger Rabbit.