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  1. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    The sponsor looks like an Italian restaurant chain, not a dairy producer. (Had to look it up). Also the cut off stripes are unnecessary.
  2. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    They should be. Likely white because it was made in a rush, didn't have yellow available.
  3. 2015/16 International Football

    Eden Hazard delivers a second straight championship-clinching goal. You can't write this stuff! (Already planning to put down $5 on Burnley next year)
  4. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Is that a real collar? If not, it really detracts from the look IMO.
  5. I drafted a rookie second baseman by the name of Ian Kinsler number one overall in my '06 fantasy draft. It was auto-pick and he hit .285 or so, but still, not my smartest decision.
  6. Yes, but the decibel level in that booth will be much too high.
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    I was watching Timbers-Toronto this afternoon and I must say that I'm amazed at how much the atmosphere at these games has changed. Everyone is standing, unified around the game, it's pretty cool to watch. Same goes for Orlando, and maybe even Seattle. But I'm curious if this is the case for most of the other teams? I remember going to a Rapids game before DSG Park and it was terribly boring, worse than a minor league baseball game. If this hasn't changed, would MLS consider relocation before expansion? Obviously national interest in the league and the sport is growing, but why waste time on markets that aren't interested?
  8. 2016 MLB Season

    Didn't realize until tonight that Hanley Ramirez is the starting first baseman. Is his bat really that good that they're willing to put him there? He looks incredibly awkward on every play he had made.
  9. As long as they don't mix and match this is great! Can't wait to see what you have in store because it looks like you have some real talent.
  10. "Circle K" Refresh

    BOOOOOO. I think it's mostly because of the Kodak color scheme though. As long as the fountain drink prices don't go up I will be okay with it, though.
  11. 2016 Schedule Posters

    Excellent work. Simply gorgeous. Plus one of the greatest color combos in college sports!
  12. NFL Draft Jersey Swaps

    This is great! I'll bet your weren't expecting Jack to be the 2nd round pick of the Jags, but it works out anyway right?
  13. NFL Changes - 2016

    From what? Everything? Hopefully at least the Pro Bowl - this past year looked good without it.
  14. NFL Changes - 2016

    ESPN draft coverage using volt accent colors. Yuck.