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  1. Can't wait to get my hands on some of this.
  2. Mission San Francisco Soccer Club Established: 1945 Joined CALPROSOL: 1948 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: Kezar Stadium Kit manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: Nerd Herd San Francisco's first CALPROSOL team (chronologically). Mission San Francisco joined during the first expansion period of 1948, but have done literally nothing since. If the Cubs are/were the Lovable Losers, Mission San Francisco is the Lovable, Pathetic, Losers. That's what has earned them the nickname "Los Dolores" (translates to sorrows or pains, comes from the nickname Mission Dolores given to the original Mission San Francisco de Asis). Aesthetically, Los Dolores are pretty pleasing, they have a simple crest featuring a portion of the Franciscan Coat of Arms. They wear black kits at home with red and green trim. They alternate between green and red clash kits and try to bring some city history into their thirds. The '15-'16 thirds feature International Orange stripes down the middle. MSF latched on to California-based electronics retailer Buy More recently and have the Nerd Herd pasted on their chests. They used to play in the Mission District as much as possible, but have called Kezar Stadium their home ever since the 49ers moved out in 1970.
  3. Mission San Fernando Established: 1944 Joined CALPROSOL: 1948 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: Alemany Stadium Kit manufacturer: Umbro Kit Sponsor: Entertainment 7-Twenty Mission San Fernando are not a church-based club, but rather one that took on the moniker in an attempt to piggyback off the success of other Mission clubs. They have never won a championship, and are seen as the runt of the litter of clubs in the city of Los Angeles. They are located in the Mission Hills neighborhood where the original Mission San Fernando is located. Being named Ferdinand III of Castile, their brand focuses on castles and lions - from the kingdoms of Castile and Leon. The charcoal and gold colors are a nod to the first discovery of gold on Alta California, which occurred just outside the Mission in 1842. The home kits typically feature charcoal and gold stripes with silver accents. As a part of a recent marketing push, the club has pushed the "Gold Rush" mantra. As a result, they wear gold third kits quite frequently.
  4. I think this is also why the seats at DSG Park only say "Colorado" and not "Rapids".
  5. Giants no longer have ice cream helmets. I was really upset until I found a CREAM stand and then I was less upset. Who doesn't have ice cream helmets???
  6. This was such a great post, I could have commented on all of it. But I wanted to mention that China Basin and the warehouse do still have an impact on play. Because the outfield is oriented toward the Basin, there is way less wind than if they had oriented the field toward downtown like they originally planned - so home runs are more likely than anywhere else in San Francisco. In a contrasting the fashion, the B&O warehouse rebounds all the wind and blows a lot of fly balls back into play. Only 88 home runs have hit the plaza and none have hit the wall (except Ken Griffey Jr. in the HR Derby) in 25 years. So even the things that don't seem to matter still matter.
  7. Edwards Air Force Base Soccer Club Established: 1957 Joined CALPROSOL: 1961 Championships: (2) 1971, 1981 Home Grounds: West J Stadium Kit manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: The Dollhouse Nightclubs The last true military team in the series (as it stands) is from Edwards Air Force Base. This all-airmen team plays their matches off base in Lancaster, and have built quite the rapport with the city. They've collected two California cups but recently have found themselves dwelling toward the bottom due to the growth of talent in the league. The Thunderbolts crest is based loosely on the insignia for the 412th Test Wing which is garrisoned at Edwards. Each of their home kits is powder blue featuring a lightning bolt sash. The '15-'16 clash kits feature a slick navy camouflage pattern while the thirds tie in some colors from the USAF fatigues of the 1970s and 1980s. The West J Stadium started out as a modest park but has steadily grown over the decades into a very nice soccer environment.
  8. Sorry for the long delay, but stuff happens. Here's the next team! Mission Santa Cruz Football Club Established: 1936 Joined CALPROSOL: 1955 Championships: (2) 1962, 2015 Home Grounds: Branciforte Kit manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactors Mission Santa Cruz are not directly related to the Catholic church, but adopted the name to fit in with other California soccer clubs. Santa Cruz waited patiently to be admitted to the top flight and finally got their chance in 1955. They have brought championships to the Real Surf City in 1962 and most recently in 2015 - thus their '15-'16 kits feature gold league patches. They typically wear green kits with white shorts. Lavender is a common secondary color, and makes its way prominently onto the clash. The third kit for the '15-'16 cycle features a sleeve pattern inspired by the Santa Cruz County flag. The seal logo has remained largely the same since the club's inception in 1936.
  9. Or the other Cisco Field...
  10. They had this court system last year. Couple of color changes but just about the same. Personally I prefer the big blue circle at center court from years previous.
  11. Mision San Diego de Alcala Club Atletico Established: 1907 Joined CALPROSOL: 1935 Championships: (1) 1978 Home Grounds: [Historic] Lane Field Kit manufacturer: Lotto Kit Sponsor: KVWN-4 San Diego So maybe you thought the Padres were the pioneers of brown? Well you'd be wrong. It's actually Mission San Diego, the oldest club in CALPROSOL. "El Marron" has quite the history, but not a whole lot of success - only one championship in 110 years of competitions. Mission San Diego co-leased Lane Field with the PCL Padres from 1936 to 1957 and when the baseball team moved out, they began making it their own. Today, Historic Lane Field is a hallmark of the league, much like an Anfield or Old Trafford. Lotto signed a historic kit deal a couple years ago, but some of their products have been questionable with the fans. Mission San Diego wear Brown at home and usually have gold, orange, and white in their clash and third rotations. KVWN-4 San Diego holds kit sponsorship thanks to a ownership tie between the station and the club.
  12. Congrats to you! But wasn't NKU eligible last year? As a Valpo grad, I can't bear to watch this tournament. Two years in a row they haven't let top seeds practice in the Joe even though their first round opponent gets to play one or two full games.
  13. Club Futbol de Chula Vista Established: 2005 Joined CALPROSOL: 2005 Championships: (1) 2006 Home Grounds: Chotchkie's Field Kit manufacturer: Adidas Kit Sponsor: Binford Tools CFCV is one of the two most recent expansion clubs in CALPROSOL. They came in with a very strong ownership and business plan, drawing lots of fans and high talent players in their first few years. They brought home a championship to the city in their inaugural year in 2006, the first CALPROSOL expansion team to ever accomplish this feat. Recently they've been on a downturn, and hired new GM Diane Weidler to head up the refreshed club. Weidler is the first ever female GM in the league. Las Chulas earned their nickname after their 2008 campaign when they were named "Sexiest Team" by GQ. They wear a unique shade of blue at home with lime green trim. The club crest has remained unchanged since their inception and reads "Vista Marchando" or "Vista keeps marching" - a motto put forth by the owner. Their clash kit for '15-'16 features a lime green heathered pattern, while the third kit heavily references the Chula Vista city flag in a unique, Adidas style pattern. Chotchkie's Field opened in 2012 as a part of the new Bayfront Master Plan.
  14. Liverbird was not actually my goal, but I can definitely see some similarities!
  15. Interesting. Will this also apply to Championship level? I wonder how these contracts would work once a team is relegated.