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  1. Oakland Bayside Soccer Club Established: 1912 Joined CALPROSOL: 1935 Championships: (5) 1943, 1947, 1951, 1976, 1985 Home Grounds: Alameda Point Kit manufacturer: Diadora Kit Sponsor: Food and Stuff Another of the Original 10! OBSC has been a staple of the league since its origin. They are tied for third most championships in the league, but haven't hoisted the cup in over 30 years. The Oaks have a strong fan base and strong showings, usually in the top 10 of the standings and attendance lists. For a long time they played their games in the old Oakland-Alameda Coliseum, but were always looking for a place of their own. Beginning in the late 1990's, OBSC secured an agreement with the Navy to build on the old Naval Air Station Alameda, but the agreement was contingent on a similar deal with the city which wasn't completed until 2006. Environmental quality issues delayed the start of the project for numerous years. Long story short, Alameda Point is the Oaks brand new stadium and it has lots of potential to bring the club back into relevance. The Oaks draw their identity from from the Oakland city flag, using gold at home and green as a clash. The third kit recognizes minority owner Mark Davis and his more famous club, the Raiders.
  2. '16-'17 kits are expected to bring more gold into the scheme.
  3. Red button. Because, why not? Actually I like it. The C jock tag should just be the flag, right now it looks like a Cubs knock off. The badge is poorly colored, the red and blue don't have enough contrast. Other than that it's good.
  4. You're doing great for a newbie! Here are a couple of my suggestions: Do a LOT more iterations. It may seem tedious, but it will help you come up with the best possible product. Try changing the shape of the star, the typeface on the R. Scale, orientation, skew, other graphic design buzzwords. The more times you change it, the better designer you'll become. Though I like that shade of blue, I wouldn't start playing with color until you've picked a final logo. The general principle is that the logo should first work in black/white, then in color later. If you make too many changes on the color version now, it might be hard to translate to black/white. If you're going to continue with the current shape, I would definitely suggest using a thicker R. If you were to scale this one down to the size of an app icon, It would start to get pretty small. Keep up the good work.
  5. What, like 10% of all games are extra innings? 20% of those longer than 12 innings? This is idiotic because it will hardly ever come into play. I'm okay with it in the minors though, no sense having to bring in pitchers on short rest because 500 people want to watch the game in Fresno go longer. My idea is to limit the active roster. Carry 25 guys, but the manager must list a specific number of active players. Anything we can do to prevent specialists coming in for one batter would be nice.
  6. Here's the Nationals' logo Here's their warmup field
  7. Naval Soccer Club of San Diego Established: 1960 Joined CALPROSOL: 1961 Championships: (2) 1988, 2003 Home Grounds: Silver Strand Kit manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: Monsters, Inc. Everyone knows that the navy has a strong history in San Diego, but not everyone knows that soccer has a strong history in the Navy. Intramural navy soccer is extremely popular, and club teams pop up where demand is high. In San Diego, there were numerous of such teams in the early 20th century. Navy soccer showed up in the form of three organized clubs at Naval Training Center San Diego, Naval Base San Diego, and Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. Competition between the clubs was fierce, but in 1960 they decided to collaborate in an attempt to make a bid for CALPROSOL. It was accepted, and NSCSD has been attracting the best soccer talent from the world's best Navy. Everyone pulls for NSCSD because they are always the hardest working underdogs. They recently built a new stadium on the Silver Strand that has some great views of the San Diego Bay and National City. The Sailors crest features features an anchor and two inverted stars to represent the testament of hard work in their two championship years.
  8. And if they put down some synthetic grass they could be Surf-on-Turf.
  9. Stockton 88 Established: 1988 Joined CALPROSOL: 1988 Championships: (1) 2007 Home Grounds: Acme Arena Kit manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: Sacred Heart Hospital The 88 (not the band) take their name from their established year. Their introduction to Stockton brought a lot of hope to the city and played well into their 1990's revitalization plan. They just opened the state-of-the-art Acme Arena (no TNT, anvils, or Instant Tunnels allowed) in 2010 with some help from the government, but unfortunately it took the city into bankruptcy. Nevertheless, the support for Stockton 88 is high. They wear red and white hoops and their 15-16 kits from Nike use a mix and match system to get as many unique looks as possible all on the same template. Fun side story about the jerseys: In the fall of 2006, someone managed to vandalize all of the equipment by rewriting the long-time sponsor as "Sacred Fart Hospital". The club didn't have enough time to make a change for two weeks so they were forced to play with the kits in three crucial games. They won those games with a +10 goal differential and decided to keep the kits for the rest of the season. The 88 rode the "Fart Kits" all the way to the 2007 California Cup. Maybe sometime I'll show them off to you.
  10. I think we will probably start seeing more international games replace TNF rather than Saturday games. I will be interested to see how the streaming trend changes the league in the coming years.
  11. Goodell's probably thinking, Next time suspend him for the LAST four games not the first four.
  12. Is it just me or did the just switch over to a "Fantatics Experience"? Has it been this way for a while?
  13. Sacramento Football Club Established: 1985 Joined CALPROSOL: 1988 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: Tower Bridge Stadium Kit manufacturer: Hummel Kit Sponsor: The Daily Bugle No championships, but one heckuva fan base! If you want to talk about about dedication, look no further than the Salamanders. Since being formed in 1985, they've come close to the top, but never quite made it. Nevertheless, they have some of the most raucous fans in the world, let alone the league. Led by their supporters, "The Sacramento Underground", their antics will perturb any visiting team. Sacramento have a very unique color scheme based on the colors of the Sacramento Mountain Salamander (not indigenous to the Sac). Their kits, produced by Hummel, feature some gaudy manufacturing marks, but have very unique diagonal themes for the '15-'16 campaign. Their home grounds, Tower Bridge Stadium, is located directly across the river from the Sacramento River Cats field.
  14. Santa Ana Unified Football Club Established: 1967 Joined CALPROSOL: 1967 Championships: (1) 1986 Home Grounds: Eddie West Field Kit manufacturer: Under Armour Kit Sponsor: JJ's Diner The Blue Suns were built as a part of the "OC Football" program that CALPROSOL implemented in 1967. Although many teams that joined the league were established years before, "OC Football" teams were truly expansion franchises. Santa Ana have played like an expansion franchise for most of their existence, with one lone championship in 1986. However with a GM in place, things may finally be on an upward trend for the club. They play their games at Eddie West Field which is more commonly referred to as the Santa Ana Bowl by locals. They have their biggest rivalries with other OC clubs like Anaheim and Irvine. Santa Ana wear navy and athletic gold diagonal-halved kits, but rumor has them moving to some better and brighter and more shades soon to restore team history! They experimented with the Under Armour "bra" template, but the sublimated Native American pattern works quite well if you ask me. The booming breakfast chain JJ's Diner has taken over sponsorship this year from Duff Beer.
  15. Los Angeles City Fitness Club Established: 1911 Joined CALPROSOL: 1935 Championships: (1) 1938 Home Grounds: Wrigley Field Kit manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: Cyberdyne Systems Corp. Here's another of the Original 10: LA City! The Redshirts are one of the oldest clubs in California, but one of the least successful. They've only won the California Cup once when there were only 10 teams, and are under what many would call the Curse of the Valley of the Bears (San Luis Obispo).Any time LA City has come close to a championship, SLO got in the way somehow. The club's crest has never been changed since their establishment as a group of fitness gurus. The Redshirts wear red (no way!) but tend to mix up shorts and socks. The 15-16 clash kits feature zig-zag patterns on the sleeves from the club crest and the Los Angeles city flag. Unfortunately, LA City also fell victim to the Nike Night Rising thirds, but the green is a nice color. Each kit features the team motto "Pintalo Rojo" on the back, which rougly translates to "Paint it Red". They play their matches in a remodeled Wrigley Field (former home of the Los Angeles Angels).