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  1. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    And to confirm it: I suppose this tweet doesn't actually confirm it so much as it just references the original reporter. Still, an interesting development.
  2. No comments but that's okay, because we're moving on! Berkeley Old Boys Football Club Established: 1960 Joined CALPROSOL: 1967 Championships: (1) 1974 Home Grounds: Ohlone Kit manufacturer: Kappa Kit Sponsor: Pied Piper You know those people who stick around their college town long after they've finished school? Maybe you're one of them? Well, that's how Old Boys started. A band of Cal grads never wanted to leave Berkeley, so they formed Old Boys FC in 1960. They salvaged equipment from Cal's men's soccer teams, and played in local parks. Soon enough, Old Boys were dominating competition up and down the state and drawing decent crowds at home. They were admitted to CALPROSOL in 1967 and won their first and only cup in 1974. Although Old Boys adopted "Bears" much like their alma mater, a cease and desist letter followed by a nasty court battle forced them to give up the nickname in 1989. They then adopted the "Sabercats" moniker, drawing inspiration from the statue located outside the old Earth Science Building on campus. Old Boys kits are royal with yellow hem stripes, a unique aesthetic feature in the league. The '15-'16 third kits are red and sand, mimicking the colors of the "Red Trains" that ran up and down the streets of Berkeley in the first half of the 20th century.
  3. Sorry for the long break, but here's another team! Orange City Soccer Club Established: 1996 Joined CALPROSOL: 1996 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: The Plaza Kit manufacturer: Macron Kit Sponsor: InGen Corporation Piggybacking off the success of the 1994 World Cup, the City of Orange was granted a CALPROSOL expansion franchise. Naturally, the club's identity followed the City's identity: Orange. Also following in the City's footsteps, OCSC is often referenced by its nickname, Plaza City. This is a reference to Orange being the only city in Orange County being designed around a plaza. OCSC have never won the CALPROSOL Cup, but have finished as high as 3rd. They traditionally wear Orange at home, blue as a clash (sometimes white), and some flashy designs for third kits. They recently updated their boring Orange "O" crest to a modern "Orange Slice". If you ask me, it's a Dolphins-esque rebrand that looks a lot like Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
  4. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    I haven't seen a 2018/19 thread, but I have seen 2018/19 kits. So I figured I'd start. Chelsea: PSG: Tottenham clash:
  5. Griffith Park Football Club Established: 1924 Joined CALPROSOL: 1935 Championships: (3) 1937, 1940, 2013 Home Grounds: Grand Central Field Kit manufacturer: Adidas Kit Sponsor: Initech Here's yet another Original 10, GPFC! The Ostriches are the pride of the vast Los Angeles municipal park, and take their name from the ostrich farm that was originally on the land. Like many teams in CALPROSOL, Griffith Park have a rich military history. Many of the teams early games were played on fields at the Griffith Park Aerodrome involving players from the National Guard. Later, games were held near the Old LA Zoo. Following the closure of Grand Central Air Terminal in 1959, Grand Central Field was constructed, and GPFC have played there ever since. Although they have only three championships to their name, the Ostriches maintain a competitive club that always provides an entertaining environment for pro soccer. They traditionally wear red and blue striped primary kits. Third kits usually draw inspiration from past activities of the park, such as the observatory, aviation history, hiking trails, etc.
  6. MLB changes 2018?

    Oh man, you guys are gonna love this...
  7. Mission San Jose Football Club Established: 1934 Joined CALPROSOL: 1935 Championships: (5) 1942, 1946, 1960, 1984, 2017 Home Grounds: Chester W. Nimitz Memorial Stadium Kit manufacturer: Puma Kit Sponsor: Paunch Burger Another Original 10, the Joes are a staple of Northern California football. Rooted in tradition, they've held onto their club crest since 1949, and even that was just a slight tweak. They have a generous championship history, and won their most recent cup in 2017 after a 33 year drought. Nimitz Memorial Stadium was built in the 1960s, just after the renaming of the Nimitz Freeway (I-880). It can feel like an outdated stadium at times, but has adapted well to the needs of the club and their supporters. Mission San Jose wear red and gold stripes as often as possible, so you will hardly ever see their clash and third kits, but Puma does a nice job with them since taking over as manufacturer in 2012-2013.
  8. Thanks! More is on the way soon. Well that's exactly what I was going for! Not every team in a league can have perfect aesthetics - Bakersfield chicken is awkward, but it's stuck around because it became iconic in the community and the league.
  9. I'm so excited for everything that this post says about this league. You're doing such a great job on this series.
  10. Bakersfield Chanticleers Soccer Club Established: 1984 Joined CALPROSOL: 1988 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: Gene Newman Stadium Kit manufacturer: Kappa Kit Sponsor: Globodyne Corporation Welcome to Bakersfield! The Chanticleers are the blueprint for what a 1980s expansion team should look like. They formed in 1984 by joining an inferior league, then got a quick invite to CALPROSOL and made a big splash in the California soccer culture. The Chanticleers represent their city very well with lots of flair but also an honest work ethic rooted in the city's agriculture and oil history. Their founding owner, Gene Newman, set an early precedent for the club but they were unable to reel in a title. He passed away before the state-of-the-art Bakersfield Stadium could be completed, as a result, it was named in his honor. The Chanticleers wear purple and green hoops with gold trim. Their gold and blue clash kits pay homage to the Bakersfield Sign on Sillect Ave. The club crest is a return to the original logo. The overall shape of the bird forms the B while the eye forms the C -- something that most fans didn't notice until after the club changed their crest.
  11. MLBers in Minor League rehab stints also NHLers

    I love that the guys on rehab just use their single-flap helmets rather than team helmets. It makes them look like they aren't supposed to be there, which is good.
  12. NFL 2017 changes?

    I am pretty sure that the old D helmets were also 3 individual stripes. You can see there's a shadow on the right white stripe of Mecklenburg's helmet.
  13. Carlsbad Athletic Co-op Established: 1996 Joined CALPROSOL: 1996 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: Carlsbad City Park Kit manufacturer: Puma Kit Sponsor: Stark Industries A co-op is an organization whose members voluntarily cooperates to bring about mutual benefit. In many ways, Carlsbad Athletic fits this bill. The club is owned by the taxpayers, and has brought a lot of economic development to the city. Players also feel the benefit, as the club boasts some of the highest salaries and best facilities in the league. The Triads earned a bid to CALPROSOL in the 1990s, and have fully embraced their origin with bold teal and orange colors. The crest features a 3 pointed gear-like shape (called the Triad) with a water droplet inside, representing the co-ops commitment to Club, City, and CALPROSOL. They have also introduced an alternate logo that emulates the welcome sign which hangs over Carlsbad Boulevard. The Triads have never won a championship, but they always seem pretty competitive.
  14. Thanks for the comments! I will likely get into an element-separated template once all the teams get done. For now, you can click on the pictures and they should be able to zoom. In the posts I think they are only about 1/3 of the actual size. And yes, pretty much all the sports developed the same way. MLS can still exist in this world, just as a small-scale national league. Thanks! The simulations will start to come once all the teams come out. So hopefully the 17/18 season will start that. For now, I'll just tell you the most recent (2016, 2017) champions when I reveal the teams. Also one more thing to mention. Maybe you noticed the black armbands on San Bernardino's left sleeve? Those were added midway through the season to honor the victims of the 2015 terrorist attack that took place in San Bernardino. They remained through the '16-'17 season.