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  1. Anaheim Sport-Verein Established: 1963 Joined CALPROSOL: 1967 Championships: (2) 1969, 2003 Home Grounds: Glover Stadium, Angel Stadium of Anaheim Kit manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: Pizza Planet Welcome to Bavaria California. Anaheim SV were established in '63 at the beginning of explosive growth in Orange County. The drew from the city's German origins to inspire their identity, which has largely remained unchanged since their inception. Anaheim have had highs and lows, but fairly consistent fans throughout. They are currently building a new stadium in the Anaheim Hills, but are temporarily located at Glover Stadium. They often play their rivalry and high profile games in Angel Stadium of Anaheim to accommodate larger crowds, but this shouldn't be necessary once their new site is complete. Anaheim SV historically wear white kits with blue sleeves. In their temporary years at ASoA, they have tried to wear red as a clash or third in order to piggyback off of the Angels brand. This year they fell victim to the Nike trend with a yellow 'Night Rising' third kit (I still think it looks good).
  2. Eight days and bumped to page 4? Alright then. Presidio of Monterey Established: 1947 Joined CALPROSOL: 1951 Championships: (1) 1975 Home Grounds: Soldier Field Kit manufacturer: Puma Kit Sponsor: Goliath National Bank Presidio has been around since before 1947, but they were never a formally organized team. In the pre-war years, they would only ever play other military installations in the state. After formally organizing, they gained fame quickly and were admitted to CALPROSOL alongside Burbank, forming the first "Military Expansion". Whereas Burbank has been sold and moved away from its historic military ties, Presidio of Monterey still features an all-Army team, plays its games on base, and severely limits their attendance for precaution. The Presidio crest draws heavily from the Defense Language Institute's Coat of Arms. The Rosetta stone reads 1975 in ancient Greek. The alternate logo is the flag of Monterey, added to the back of kits as a way to draw the local civilians toward the team. Presidio kits are traditionally navy with a yellow sash for primaries and green secondaries. This year's third kits are based on the new Army Combat Uniform (ACU).
  3. I'd buy one of those Colorado Day jerseys in a heartbeat.
  4. Mission San Buenaventura Club de Futbol Established: 1922 Joined CALPROSOL: 1935 Championships: (9) 1939, 1941, 1948, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1958, 1972, 2012 Home Grounds: Estadio Buenaventura Kit manufacturer: Adidas Kit Sponsor: Wharmpess Beer Team four is another Mission team, this time in Ventura. Much like Mission Santa Clara, Mission San Buenaventura joined CALPROSOL at its conception. As is common in most cities, locals often refer to their team as "Mission" even though there are many other mission teams. The Bonnies are the second most successful club in league history, taking home 9 California Cups. Maybe you thought the SF Giants can only win in even years? Check out Mission San Buenaventura - 7 of 9 championships in even years including 5 from 1948-58. Their crest features two bells with dates 1782 and 1922, referencing the founding of the Mission and the club. Mission wear maroon primaries, and this year's kits feature 9 crosses on the hem to honor the 9 championship teams. The tile pattern from the fountains at the Figueroa street mall is referenced on the clash kits. Estadio Buenaventura is located on the Ventura County Fairgrounds and has hosted Mission games since their establishment.
  5. I really like the return of the orange pants. My only criticism is that the whole redesign just seems too safe. There's nothing about it that stands out as unique or special, which makes it feel kind of boring. Still looks really good.
  6. Amy Adams owns the Titans? *quick Google search* Not the same Amy Adams, I am thoroughly disappointed. Looking forward to us all being underwhelmed by Nike's newest "cutting-edge" design.
  7. I forgot Matt Flynn played for the Raiders.
  8. 6 fields for 8 games? I feel bad for the turf crew.
  9. Mission Santa Clara de Asis Club Deportivo Established: 1929 Joined CALPROSOL: 1935 Championships: (4) 1963, 1970, 1983, 2011 Home Grounds: Good Burger Grounds (AKA Nobili Park) Kit manufacturer: Under Armour Kit Sponsor: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce This is your first look at the one of the Original 10 and at the unique naming conventions of CALPROSOL. Numerous of the California Missions created soccer clubs for their parishioners, some successful, others not so much. Mission Santa Clara was formed in 1929, the same year that the actually mission buildings were reopened after a 1925 fire. The church maintains its ownership of the club, but much of the operations and control of the team has been turned over to outside help. The Ganaderos (Ranchers) derive their name from the cattle-ranching industries that kept many of the Missions alive during the pre-secularization period. The round crest features a Franciscan keystone with the CA cattle brand used at Mission Santa Clara de Asis. The Ganaderos traditionally wear Black and Maroon stripes with gold trim. Their home grounds, Nobili Park, recently sold their naming rights to Good Burger, much to the dismay of their fans.
  10. Thanks for the kind words! And please show off your concepts, I'm a fan of your work. Plus, a little competition never hurt anybody, right? Fixed. This is not a Hallmark movie . Haha, yes pure coincidence, but maybe you'll see more of them...
  11. I think all of these match ups that you named work well under the Color Rush idea. The only issue is that the NFL seems to have a penchant for scheduling division games for Thursday night, which limits the possible color combinations.
  12. Guys don't worry, the Rose Bowl looks great.
  13. I've only seen mini replicas in the bookstore.
  14. Please be uniform-wide. Then the jerseys won't look blue on TV.
  15. Sporting Santa Monica Established: 1989 Joined CALPROSOL: 1996 Championships: (2) 1999, 2014 Home Grounds: Tyrell Stadium Kit manufacturer: Adidas Kit Sponsor: Sabre The SaMos are a relatively new franchise, but have already built quite the reputation in CALPROSOL. Just three years after being admitted to the league, they took the California Cup against all odds. Since 2009, they have been perennial contenders but have only achieved one more California Cup to their collection. The Sporting Santa Monica crest is modeled after the famous sign at the Santa Monica Pier. Sporting traditionally wear Blue primary kits with white shorts and blue socks. This year their kits feature heavy gradient themes from Adidas, including their "Sunset" third look complete with some questionable board shorts.