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  1. rsaline

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - SIGN UP NOW

    Nope! As long as it fits in one image. Absolutely!
  2. Are you super excited to watch soccer all morning like me? Are you kinda bummed that the US didn't make it but still enjoying world class talent? Do you have a hankering for making some international soccer concepts? Then you clicked on the right thread! This is a reboot of a contest that was done for the 2014 World Cup, for those of you who are new. See these threads for inspiration: Individuals wishing to sign up for this years' edition will be randomly assigned to one of the 32 teams in the 8 groups of the World Cup. Designers will compete in a group stage with the best two concepts from each group continuing to the 16-team knockout round. From there, concepts will be pitted head to head in a single-elimination tournament to determine the champion, runner-up, and third place finishers. Once you are assigned a team, you will be responsible for creating: -A new team crest -A primary kit consisting of shirt, shorts, and socks -A clash kit consisting of shirt, shorts, and socks -A scarf related to the team (can be one-sided or two-sided) Although some designs may carry over from real life (checkers for Croatia, blue/white stripes for Argentina), everything you create should be your own. All of these items must fit on one image. Now let's talk timing. If you are interested in participating, reply to this thread by Tuesday, June 19, 2018, at 11:59:59 PM PDT. The first 32 people to sign up will be guaranteed a spot. If there is more interest I will try to find a way to work you in - TBD. By Wednesday June 20, you will be assigned a team. You will have until Sunday, July 1, 2018, at 11:59:59 PM PDT to submit your concept to me via PM or email (upon request). Voting for group stage will last 4 days, then each knockout round will last 2 days. This will give us a champion by July 13th-14th-ish. More details on voting will come after we have submissions collected. If you are interested, reply to sign up. If you have questions, reply to have them answered (hopefully). P.S. I am signing up to fill slot 1
  3. rsaline

    The 1972 Project: Cal Golden Bears

    I think baseball would look better if you took the bear off of the cap. Also, I don't think Cal needs another non-revenue sport, but the hockey sweaters look nice.
  4. Long time, no post. Sorry for the big gap, but here's another team for you to enjoy: Long Beach Young Men's Soccer Club Established: 1952 Joined CALPROSOL: 1955 Championships: (2) 1959, 1979 Home Grounds: Mendl's Grounds Kit manufacturer: Hummel Kit Sponsor: Tantrum Maximum Caffeine Energy Drinks It's fun to cheer for the Y! M! S! C! Organized as an after-work outlet for men in the Long Beach/Signal Hill region, the Mariners were comprised of and supported by the large blue-collar population. However, this isn't the first working-class club in the city: Signal Hill and Wilmington Oil Field Crews (OFC) briefly sponsored teams during early years of drilling. These clubs eventually petered out, but Long Beach YMSC has remained steady over the years. They clinched a title in '59, then waited 20 years for the second (ironically the year after the Village People released a classic song regarding youthful adult males). Since then, no cups, but the Mariners remain competitive every year. Their homely stadium, Mendl's Grounds, maintains its charm despite approaching 60 years old - renovations are on their way soon. The Mariners re-branded in 2012 from Blue and Yellow city-inspired colors to new shades of slate blue, sky blue, and coral to better fit the Mariners moniker. The seashell crest is also updated from the original badge, which had featured LBYM in block letters inside the shell. The jocktag of the new kits pays homage to the history with a similar mark. The alternate crest is used on kits, but the official crest features the club name over the top of the seashell and trident.
  5. rsaline

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    So Puma is jumping on the heathered train this year?
  6. rsaline

    rsaline's Baseball Uniform Template - PSD

    I've updated the file to fix the back jersey mask, and have also added Tigers-style belt loops as shown below. Here is the link for the updated file (OP is also updated): Media Fire Link
  7. rsaline

    rsaline's Baseball Uniform Template - PSD

    Awesome concept! I knew that the jersey mask was messed up, but forgot to move it. So I will make that fix. I actually had never noticed the Tigers belt loops before you mentioned it, but I'd love to get that included. It may take me a bit, but I will get an updated version out soon(ish).
  8. rsaline

    rsaline's Baseball Uniform Template - PSD

    Here are some sample uniforms from @dsaline97 and I:
  9. Hello all, I've been working the past few weeks on a new template for baseball uniforms in Photoshop. It was a painstaking effort to get everything on there but hopefully I've covered everything. I'd really like to thank @raysox for the inspiration from his Soccer and NuSoccer templates - I love the flat looks with thick outlines. I also want to thank @dsaline97 for critiquing the final product with Snapchat sketches. Here's some of the highlights: Traditional and "Taco Bell" style hats Traditional, Paneled, and "Taco Bell" helmets Gloss and Matte finishes Smart Object layers for helmet and hat logos Four Jersey Styles: Pullover (with round, v-neck, and one-button collar styles) Button down w/ undershirt Button down w/o undershirt Button down vest Each jersey style has raglan and traditional sleeves and pinstripes Three jersey piping options for placket, sleeves, and neck: One color (most teams) Two color (Nationals) Two color (Braves) Two pants styles Elastic waist (70s - 80s) Belted waist (traditional) Each pants style has pinstripe and pocket flap options Three pants piping options for outseam and belt loops Separate stirrup and sanitary sock layers Everything should be layered and grouped logically. Here's the deal - I only have Photoshop, so please don't ask me "When will this be available for Paint, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.?" because I won't doing that. However, if you think there is a critical piece missing from the template, please let me know and I'll see if it's worth adding. Please have fun with this and feel free to show of your concepts! TL;DR - Here's the link: Media Fire Link Bonus: If you can tell me individual and team referenced in the picture above, I'll give you a high five.
  10. rsaline

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    The Netherlands clash looks like a rip off the Nike thirds from 16-17
  11. Astro West Hollywood Established: 1996 Joined CALPROSOL: 1996 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: Gilmore Stadium Kit manufacturer: Adidas Kit Sponsor: Nottingham Hotels Go Go Astro WeHo! That's how supporters cheer on this expansion franchise. Astro West Hollywood bring lots of rowdy, entertaining fans to their games, but not a whole lot of quality play. Since their formation in '96, coinciding with CALPROSOL's expansion after the '94 World Cup, Astro WeHo has done a whole lot of nothing. They've beating their Sunset Bowl rivals Sporting Santa Monica exactly once in their history. To compensate for their lack of on-field production, Astro have come up with a unique marketing tactic - no true crest colors. Each year their home kits are white with a navy sash, but the accent colors in the crest and kit change. For '15-'16, this accent is a bright pink that fades to reddish-orange. The crest itself features deco-style neon script and faint spotlights, emulating the nightlife of West Hollywood. The Astro name was chosen as attempt to piggyback off of Hollywood's (and West Hollywood's) reputation for celebrity activity. The '15-'16 third kits were designed and released by Adidas in June 2015. But after the landmark SCOTUS ruling on Obergefell v. Kasich, the kits were redesigned with new crest patches and collars. This change came to the delight of fans and citizens, as the City of West Hollywood prides itself on being a leader in advocating for LGBTQ rights.
  12. Lancaster Rockets Soccer Club Established: 1988 Joined CALPROSOL: 1988 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: War Eagle Field Kit manufacturer: New Balance Kit Sponsor: Hooli The pride of the Antelope Valley - the Lancaster Rockets. The Rockets take their name from the rich aeronautical and aerospace history in the city, and their colors from nearby California Poppy preserve. After their founding as an expansion team in 1988, they developed a fierce rivalry with Edwards AFB. Unfortunately, neither club has won a championship since Lancaster came into the picture, so it's not exactly a high-quality matchup between the two. The Rockets are controlled by majority owner "Hurricane" Bob Hannah, motocross superstar and Lancaster native. The clash kits for '15-'16 are designed off of his racing plane, "Voodoo". Home kits are "Poppy Gold" with black sleeves, black shorts, and gold socks. Lancaster had been outfitted by Warrior for many years, but switched to parent company New Balance in 2015.
  13. So Brandon King is wearing cleats with the old Patriots wordmark on it. Color me confused. (2nd picture)
  14. rsaline

    2018 MLS Kits

    More Rapids. Maybe it's just me but that looks graynot burgundy.
  15. rsaline

    Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    And to confirm it: I suppose this tweet doesn't actually confirm it so much as it just references the original reporter. Still, an interesting development.