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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Colorado used this mantra in 1985 when they returned from sky blue to black.
  2. They forgot how to maintain and operate a stadium
  3. Also new: Raiders just filed a trademark application for Las Vegas Raiders.
  4. Saints wearing this sticker for Will Smith:
  5. I wish it didn't have the paneled metal effect, but just be plain silver. I understand the idea, but it just feels cluttered.
  6. The red triangle doesn't look good at all on the Toulouse pink. I'm really digging Crotone's kits, they look sweet!
  7. Only because there have never been midseason uniform changes significant enought to warrant updates.
  8. Could Madden just release updates as the season progresses like they do for rosters?
  9. We should instead call them IUPUFW. I think that would make IUPUI seem less ridiculous by one letter.
  10. I've seen these Vicis products, but I didn't know they got approved. I think this is going to be the future direction of football helmets. One other thing is that we really won't know the impact of rules already in place until 10+ years from now. Although we are seeing more concussions, we're also looking for more concussions. The most recent players who died of CTE didn't have Heads Up training or limited full contact days in their youth careers. Maybe 15 years from now, the results will be different.
  11. The laces are on the collar are awesome and should definitely be a thing for more teams.
  12. That yellow Dresden kit looks like someone forgot to iron it.
  13. I really like the sleeve caps but it looks tacky when player have the stripes cut off like #88 and #14 in this picture.
  14. Whitecaps look great! I've been really impressed with the evolution of this project, you did a great job.