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  1. My pace is slow and I'm good with that! Miami vs. Cincinnati Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville - AT London (9:30am kickoff) Tennessee vs. Houston Cleveland vs. Washington Seattle vs. NY Jets Buffalo vs. New England Carolina vs. Atlanta Oakland vs. Baltimore Detroit vs. Chicago Denver vs. Tampa Bay Los Angeles vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. San Diego Dallas vs. San Francisco Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh NY Giants vs. Minnesota
  2. This is how the West Coast feels about Phil Simms:
  3. Do the Browns fit this category? Otherwise he could take his talents to the arena league.
  4. Is it just the lighting or is the Color Rush a duller orange?
  5. Houston vs. New England Arizona vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Miami Baltimore vs. Jacksonville Detroit vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Cincinnati Minnesota vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay San Francisco vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Kansas City San Diego vs. Indianapolis Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia Chicago vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. New Orleans
  6. FYI this is Blucifer:
  7. This screen-printing nonsense is getting out of hand.
  8. Valparaiso showing off these classy new home unis. Unsure if they will be full time or one-off. They did just get new jerseys last year.
  9. Way too much white space on the Vikings patch.
  10. Thank you for letting me know about the two helmet types, that means i have to get both when I go! As far as NFL and NBA, I think you will be hard pressed to find items that are similar across all teams. Maybe mini basketballs for NBA, Junior footballs for NFL? The issue I think you might find is that there isn't any souvenir that serves another purpose. I don't think many of the other leagues serve food or drink in a souvenir container.
  11. No I find it pretty easy, even when you start dropping in quality it's easy to pick up who is who. Teams line up on specific sides and go in certain directions.
  12. The stripes on the Bills socks make them look so much better.
  13. I was hoping this would be the case.
  14. Or go with yellow decals