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  1. I believe so.
  2. Excellent typeface choice @derschwigg!
  3. And they wonder why viewership is down
  4. So effectively, you want 2 jerseys (front and back), two shorts, two socks, two helmets, and a logo within 800x530 px? It's going to be a little cramped.
  5. I don't quite know how I got it except by clicking "Watch" on my ESPN phone app.
  6. G: 19 S: 8 B: 11
  7. Hate bumping an old thread, but I thought this was cool. ESPN Data Center has a horizontal score bug.
  8. Love how this has progressed. Is it possible to extend the serif up? Similar to how it looks on the Cleveland C? Right now it feels kind of low on the right side as it is.
  9. Chicago vs. Green Bay NY Giants vs. Los Angeles - AT London New Orleans vs. Kansas City Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Minnesota vs. Philadelphia Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Washington vs. Detroit Oakland vs. Jacksonville Buffalo vs. Miami Baltimore vs. NY Jets Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco San Diego vs. Atlanta New England vs. Pittsburgh Seattle vs. Arizona Houston vs. Denver
  10. G: 22 S: 9 B: 21
  11. Or maybe he went to the locker room, put down his hat, then accidentally picked up a different one. I wouldn't read too much into this.
  12. Denver vs. San Diego San Francisco vs. Buffalo Philadelphia vs. Washington Cleveland vs. Tennessee Baltimore vs. NY Giants Carolina vs. New Orleans Jacksonville vs. Chicago Los Angeles vs. Detroit Pittsburgh vs. Miami Cincinnati vs. New England Kansas City vs. Oakland Atlanta vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Green Bay Indianapolis vs Houston NY Jets vs. Arizona
  13. Still feels too small
  14. Agreed. The color rush helmets look like mini versions because the logo is so small. I like how the current logo begins to wrap around the helmet.
  15. I'm with you on the Rose Bowl - the best college football game every year! And looking at the Pac 12 South, that thing is a mess. It would be great if Washington made the playoff, but I'm already getting excited about purple endzones in Pasadena. It would look so good!