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  1. Stanford Cardinal. Dumb. And this is the reason why it exists: "On November 17, 1981, school president Donald Kennedy declared that the athletic teams be represented by the color cardinal in its singular form" Dumb.
  2. I would much rather turn it into a Top Golf resort. We know it can work.
  3. Thanks for a great contest pollux! My only complaint was that there was a lot of hockey, but I suppose that will change from year to year.
  4. G: 9 S: 8 B: 3
  5. G: 7 S: 4 B: 1
  6. G: 4 S: 1 B: 13
  7. Since we can pick our own color palette, is sublimation allowed?
  8. G: 11 S: 6 B: 2
  9. Not just in your rendering, but I love how turn 2 is just a little off compared to the others. Quirky and awesome.
  10. G: 15 S: 9 B: 2
  11. Thursday night song > Sunday night song. Cheers to you, Pentatonix.
  12. Took five contests for someone to get a second medal? Wow!
  13. Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore Dallas vs. Cleveland Jacksonville vs. Kansas City Miami vs. NY Jets Philadelphia vs. NY Giants Detroit vs. Minnesota Carolina vs. Los Angeles New Orleans vs. San Francisco Tennessee vs. San Diego Indianapolis vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Oakland Buffalo vs. Seattle
  14. I miss that stadium. The Color Rush end zones could do without the D, it blends in too much.
  15. G:18 S: 8 B: 6