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  1. That's because it's just a recruit taking some pictures for the school to make personalized graphics. (Well, I'm about 90%sure.) Everyone does it.
  2. I've got one too, @dsaline7. I really should post more. Funny, over the past couple years I've watched this thread like a hawk waiting for someone with an invite. Now the roles are reversed and there's a ton of us offering our invite to (seemingly) nobody. PM a portfolio link and I'll hook you up!
  3. To be fair this isn't really dependent on dimensions, with exception to the gaps. I was just trying to stitch everything together.
  4. I went a little overboard and made a compilation of my perfect outfield.... Western Metal Supply Co. (Petco) Green Monster (Fenway) Rockies Scoreboard (Coors) Left-Center Gap (Coors) Tal's Hill (Minute Maid) City of Pittsburgh (PNC) Triples Alley (AT&T) Out of Town Scoreboard (Coors) Pesky Pole (Fenway) Tapered Upper Decks (Kauffman) .....complete with the St. Louis Arch mowed into the grass.
  5. When your team has been terrible for a decade, and continually collapses in early May, this feels pretty late in the season for us Rockies fans to be feeling good about things.
  6. To be fair, his 2015 season was equally bad, so it's not like no one saw this coming.
  7. As long as it doesn't get used much at home, i don't mind it. This could be unpopular, but I really liked this jersey from 2012 and was hoping for a return to that: The yoke was a nice, unique look that seemed to fit them pretty well imo. It just needed TV numbers on the sleeve.
  8. This series needs more love, there's so much good stuff here. I really like that argyle pattern on the third kit, I think it would look nice on the socks as well. Love that alternate logo too!
  9. I'm pretty sure it's going to be blue/white/orange in terms of jerseys. Not sure about helmets or pants. I'd imagine the silver stays as an accent color, though.
  10. Boise State will release new uniforms today at 1 MT. Not significant changes from what I've heard, but the black jersey is gone (thank goodness)
  11. We don't hate things that are new and innovative, we hate things that suck. This is one of them.
  12. I think I'll just live the rest of my life pretending that this is how the finale went down. It's so much better.
  13. Two. 08 and 09 have sure been nice, but nothing beats this one for me: Its bizzare because it was bookended by two horribly bland World Series logos.
  14. 10 years of wrinkles removed 8 times? Gotta keep that in mind for later.