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  1. Does it drive anyone else crazy that they can't center the stupid thing in a square?
  2. New logo will be released today.
  3. Did you see his BAC level? Part of me is surprised that dude is alive. That might explain it.
  4. nfl

    Do you know @aaron25628? You guys seem like you'd be friends. Or the same person.
  5. Pics? I haven't seen this yet.
  6. I hate our owners.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is an annual sale for the Broncos, too.
  8. No, I already have some of those plans myself. I'd doubt it, I don't see Detroit as a market worth expanding to. It would have made more sense as an original franchise than an expansion candidate.
  9. Impressive! It's unfortunate the show doesn't know how to make a vested jersey come out right, that Suns alt is one of my favorites. Too bad the customization isn't on par with the NBA game. Thanks for sharing!
  10. nfl

    That's because you're looking on Twitter, the place where people back their opinions with #straightfire and heart eye emojis, rather than actual design critique. Also, I can't imagine the Ravens would wear purple against Pittsburgh's black this week.
  11. Man, I just left there this morning or else I would have tested it out for you. Looks really sharp, it's nice to see something a bit different for the area!
  12. Yuck.
  13. Looks like Gotham to me.
  14. Once you get to the Cactus Bowl, you should use Boise's blue and Baylor's traditional gold helmets. Hopefully the game doesn't get more modern than that.
  15. So did Clemson, I'm not seeing anyone arguing for them to be out based on that.