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  1. And just like that, Florida equipment announces they're wearing all orange today. You had one job.
  2. Yes, pitchers aren't allowed to wear any white accessory, so white undershirts aren't possible.
  3. Sure, that looks nice, but Nike hates shiny things, so it's highly unlikely that we'll see this again.
  4. Fair enough You just seemed particularly appalled to the red-pewter-red, was what I meant.
  5. I would only watch to prepare myself for infrared's weekly list.
  6. I get that the Bucs uniforms are all kinds of terrible, but what about this combo is "God-awful" in your opinion? Just curious, I'd take this over white at home any day, personally.
  7. Who? Oh, right, that guy:
  8. And don't worry, the loss means you won't be seeing it again.
  9. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Jaguars.
  10. I may as well join in on the fun. I was fortunate enough to place third in medals and fourth in points (missed the podium by just five!) in this year's Logolympiad. I was pretty surprised to medal in some of these events, it took pretty much the whole week to come up with a concept in my head. I'd love to hear your thoughts on all the entries I submitted this year! Event 1: Anniversary Patch Honestly, I thought this was worthy of a medal and was a bit disappointed to have missed out. Originally, it said "YEARS SINCE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP" which would have been a much more patch-worthy event, but since the Buffs won the championship for the 1990 season, it technically wasn't eligible. I thought the combo of the custom number font with the Boulder Flatirons made a strong concept, but I guess the date appears a little tacked on. Event 2: Wordmark I forgot about this one until Thursday night, and while I had the idea the whole week, it looks pretty rushed in the end (rounded vs angled strokes, for example). The fact that I had to use all four colors was pretty tough, as I thought the concept could have easily been simplified to two. The whole thing feels pretty unbalanced, but hey, it got the votes I guess. Event 4: Crossover This one was tough because I know nothing about hockey uniform design. I tried to emulate the stripes in the logo on the sleeves, like everyone else did in their Timbers entry. I debated using the script "Timbers" wordmark they wore in the past, but nixed it because it didn't feel "hockey" enough. I imagine it was two safe of a design to be considered, but I really like the white sweater on this one. Event 5: League Logo Another one I was hoping would medal. The ball coloring comes from the old ABA ball, but the colors came out all muted when I converted it to a PNG, which is a shame. In an ideal world, the logo would be used without the full name, giving it that simple, iconic look. Looking back, some of the lines in the ball could be cleaned up and evened out. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one. Event 6: Alternate Uniform Again, I have no clue when it comes to designing hockey uniforms, but I pulled out a medal in this one. In hindsight, the Scottish plaid doesn't really fit for a German hockey club, but I thought it was a good out-of-the-box idea for a contest. Event 7: Company Logo I was pretty proud of this one, and I'm happy I medaled in it. It probably would have been improved if Virtucon Industries was stacked on top of each other instead of linear, and I'm still not sold on the color scheme. Honestly, I the monochrome version is strong enough by itself. Event 10: Time Warp The concept here was to go with a board shorts design, playing off of the club's nickname. The biggest struggle was trying to make the crest seem like something that was designed in 2016 as opposed to just a flat-out modernization. Thanks for all the votes, and thanks to Pollux for running another great competition!
  11. Lol, he's not even the best running back in the conference.
  12. nfl

    Lol, we lose in everything. So that theory doesn't really work anymore.
  13. Lol, my bad. They seemed like two stylistically different logos and that tipped me off a bit. I like the line work on the bottom and how much simpler it is, but the mane highlights are a step backward for me.
  14. so now that you know its the same guy that did the logos, which of the two perspective faces do you prefer and which do you prefer between all 3? Thanks for you input

  15. Well, seeing as the first one isn't yours.... I guess the bottom.