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  1. I thought it was outsourced to Nike? This quote is from the team president at the time the uniforms were released: "“The Arizona Diamondbacks have always been focused on innovation and it is time for us to take that step forward on behalf of Major League Baseball and continue the evolution of our uniforms. This process began over two years ago and has involved our players, coaches, fans, partners at MLB, Majestic, New Era, Nike and an extremely talented in-house design staff."
  2. 12 21 9
  3. Yeah, all of the promo shots Nike released made them look pretty red, almost like the Bills jerseys. I'm glad that wasn't the case. Also, broncos look so much better with the block font, and I'm one who actually likes their current number set.
  4. So, no colored background version this year?
  5. nfl

    The Bills announced they're going to ruin a great uni matchup by wearing blue over blue.
  6. My ESPN app just notified that the game should be as scheduled in Miami.
  7. nfl

    Maybe because it's hideous.
  8. Interesting. I had thought (and hoped) it was just all Thursday Night games that are actually on Thursday night. Edit: sorry for the DP, not trying to be that guy
  9. Not again.
  10. That doesn't mean anything. Last year we had matchups on Saturdays that weren't Color Rush. The point of Color Rush was to increase viewership on the weeknight games, and I'm sure people won't have any issue tuning on a Saturday.
  11. So....it'll be like a normal game? Color vs. white? Good work, nfl.
  12. http://wallpart.com/poster/dsaline97-s-mlb-series-page-10-concepts-chris-creamer-s-sports-196724378802 They're literally selling a list of color schemes I made. What? The pandas popped up under my name too, as did a mockup of a Bills color rush. Half of this stuff literally has my name on it.
  13. Sure. "This is subjective..... unless you disagree with me. Then you're wrong."