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  1. Yes! I like the thicker version, but it won't really work until you get into the 90s and 00s. The thinned out ones in the left make a lot more sense given the time period. The top left is the one for me. Personally, I'd like to see straight bottomed text, but since you've made it clear the similarities between the NFA and NFL logos are intentional, it's not a huge deal. 
  2. To me, the font seems a little too thick for the 70's, it could be thinned out a stroke or two. I'm not totally sold on all the little maple leaves, but I'm sure the league will be expanding soon so that may change. Looking forward to the league Chris, you're certainly the right guy for this!
  3. Super Bowl Shuffle

    I'll join this as well!
  4. I can see the Whales being this universe's equivalent of the Washington Senators from the MLB, if they indeed relocate....
  5. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl 50 Field

    It's navy. The turf was probably discolored/different lighting in the last pic, but this one shows it more clearly.
  6. Valpo Crusaders concept

    Nice to see a Valpo concept on here. I think it would be better for the alt to be yellow, like the basketball team's road unis:  
  7. I don't really follow this thread as closely as I used to, but I think putting the year on the Victory Bowl logo would be a nice addition (though I'm not sure what you've done for the others, so it may feel a little out of place). Even the Super Bowls IIRC put the date of the game somewhere below the  Roman numerals. 
  8. MLB 2016 Changes

    But then that clashes with the white text on the hat:
  9. I'm willing to bet the Seahawks wear gray pants, which they've done every time they wear blue on the road.
  10. United States Baseball League--Expansion Coming Soon

    As suggested, here's the final bracket. I went ahead and skipped to the Championship Series, because well, I didn't want to write that much. Congratulations to the New Mexico Suns on winning their first Branson Cup over the Colorado Kings, 4 games to 3. Rob Barajas was the series MVP, hitting 10/25 with 2 HR and 8 RBI, including 3 in the title-clinching Game 7 for the Suns. Happy offseason!
  11. MLB 2016 Changes

    My favorite parts are the trading cards where the guy was clearly too lazy to find the actual players he was photoshopping. If only we had David Price.... Seriously, though. I hate the idea of a color change for the Rox because 1) it's not unique to the MLB and 2) the vast majority of states use a combination of red, blue and yellow, so the "it's our state colorz" card hardly is passable.
  12. United States Baseball League--Expansion Coming Soon

    It's a fair point on San Antonio, and I wanted to add a team in the state of Texas. El Paso had their shot and couldn't get companies to support the team. I could go with Houston or Dallas, but there aren't many pro teams in San Antonio (both in real life and in the USBL universe) so I thought it would be a good fit for the league.
  13. United States Baseball League--Expansion Coming Soon

    I've been working on expansion candidates pretty recently, so it's not dead. I'll release my tentative markets now. I'm not too open to change, but if there are some extreme issues with these, let me know and I'll try to replace them. Philadelphia, PA: This creates an in state rivalry with the Flying Shearmen, and also will revive the identity (or at least the name) of a former minor league team from the 1960s in Philly. Brooklyn, NY: Boston held two teams for a few seasons in the 1980s, but the experiment failed, and failed miserably. Part of that was because the Masons weren't too willing to accommodate the new team and still tried to control the entire New England area. This time around, the USBL is targeting a much larger city, putting a team in Brooklyn. Taxpayers are supporting a new ballpark in the borough, and the New York Knights ownership is has stated that they will help fund the team and get it off the ground. Finally, San Antonio and Minneapolis-St. Paul.
  14. Denver Broncos new logo for 2016-17?

    Here's a rough mockup to show what I'm talking about:
  15. Denver Broncos new logo for 2016-17?

    Coors Light uses this logo on their billboards around Denver to advertise the Broncos. The mouth opening is a bit strange, but I think it would make a great logo, or at least a start, if they wanted to do a combination-of-eras with the old Denver D.