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  1. Care to be any more vague?
  2. Libya (formerly):
  3. They had me at the helmets. They lost me when that dude dabbed in the beginning.
  4. Such a downgrade. The sleeve horns are almost as tacky as Adidas' wing design for all their bird teams. The white home numbers and sleeve horns don't go well with the gold horns on the helmet. The stupid pants wordmark is stupid. And mono-green is also stupid.
  5. Rams and Bengals come to mind.
  6. nfl

    Remember when this thing was voted the "Best Uniform of All Time?" Lol.
  7. Because that would look terrible and generic? Because no one wants to see more sans-serif fonts on a football field? Seriously, this was an awful design: (not to mention the kerning lol)
  8. Stanton hit one 504 feet tonight, which was really far. I caught one of his BP homers today and it hurt like a .
  9. That's one of my questions on these new VICIS helmets. Over time, you'd think there's a chance it'd look like this.... Especially since, from what I've read about it (which I admit isn't that much), the company designed these helmets after a car that absorbs the driver in a crash.
  10. I'm kind of looking forward to Rex Ryan's last day at the helm.
  11. This is an awesome idea! It rivals the Corporate (American) Football League from several years back. The only thing I have to say is that you might consider toning down your background circles just a tad, though. They're a bit distracting as is.
  12. I understand that, but it still seems to be inconsistent. Especially with the capital-style M.
  13. Also, why does the first A come to a peak at the top, but the second and third A's flatten off? Strange.
  14. Using a star in the All STAR Game? What an unoriginal idea! No one should ever be allowed to do that!