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  1. I feel like a kindergarten classroom is one of very few places where comic sans is actually appropriate.
  2. I'd like that if it were a two color interlock like the current, sure, but the outlined version here doesn't work very well.
  3. Thanks for ruining my day.
  4. These were my favorite year of draft hats: Reebok doing something right.
  5. Interesting, how recent was this? Never heard of velcro being used. The Dodgers were pretty much set until they added that pointless road alternate, it's pretty unnecessary to me.
  6. I guess just sewn shut, but either way not the standard button front.
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned, or if there's other guys doing this, but Adrian Gonzales has a faux-button up jersey today:
  8. SJSU signs with Adidas, beginning this year. They're gonna look like garbage.
  9. I'd put the checkerboard in the pants stripe as well, instead of the solid colors like you have.
  10. I've got one! What was your "foot in the door" to working in the sporting industry? I'm always curious to see how different people got into the field, as the sports design community can be kind of a niche community that's hard to get into unless you knows someone (or someone knows you). I'm currently in my second year of college, and I'm sure there's lots of others my age who are wondering what the best way in is. Hopefully that's worded semi-well.
  11. I think my favorite part is that Spilborghs didn't act like he's done this before, pretty sure he rounded the bases faster than it took for the ball to get out. And he was 0-6 before this. Baseball is cool.
  12. The man responsible for blowing up this thread twice with his photo-realistic concepts. First with the ASG hats (which were better than what really were made), then with the MLB-Asia jerseys. His presentation is killer.
  13. llfhockey

    It'd be good to either provide a back view of the player, or if ones not available in that pose, just go with a 2D to accompany it. It'd really help to determine what all the striping patterns are as well as the helmet logos. As far as corrections go, the Nike logo on the white pants should be red, and both sleeve birds should face the front. (Personally I'm not a fan of the sleeve logos but that's just a preference).
  14. The Broncos orange jerseys looked so much better in Reebok material than Nike.
  15. I think my favorite part is that they drew the Nike logo on backwards....
  16. Either the Padres wear brown and yellow forever, or the Rockies embrace purple and move past the Times New Roman era.
  17. I mean, if the Cubbies get to flaunt their WS Champs patches the whole damn season, so should the umps, right?
  18. Reminds me of this: Supposedly this is meant for 5-6 people too.
  19. Fixed that for you
  20. This helmet is fantastic. It could be the Expos pinwheel hat of its time/universe. I think it's the best option you have, personally.
  21. The only thing I'd like to see is a little bit of gold on either the home or clash. It looks really sharp on the crest and would love to see it on the kits in some way.
  22. This is $tupid.
  23. No, the Rockies have theirs on the front still.
  24. Considering he was (presumably) in the passenger seat? I wouldn't call that blatant disregard on his part.