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  1. It's not all good
  2. I really hope a team gets Nike to be their sponsor.
  3. These are great through
  4. I think instead of red, they should make that stripe many different colors to represent Las Vegas
  5. I love the Knights away jersey. The gold really sticks out
  6. Those half collars really aren't that big of a deal, because they are hardly noticeable. Whereas the NFL collars are very noticeable
  7. The gold looks so nice in real life
  8. And those logos are actually related to the team name! Amazing!
  9. I predict that Las Vegas will soon get a third jersey that is mostly gold, and that will become the primary.
  10. The best thing... no dress shirt hems!
  11. I would trade laces for no more dress shirt hems
  12. Your Borders logo reminds me of Broderbund ^Also please do this one
  13. I think this is Titans best uniform set and As you can see, the powder blue looks extra good in the daylight.
  14. How is this bad?