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  1. The Twins current identity is boring and generic. This is great
  2. The Red Sox hat is better than their primary one.
  3. Bring back Turn Ahead The Clock
  4. I like the Kings uniforms, but they would be a lot better with no side stripes
  5. I have to say this is the Falcons best uniform set
  6. The Phillies are just like the Flyers. They both always throwback to one era, even though they both upgraded that particular look.
  7. Oilers new look is definitely an upgrade. And they have their own look now.
  8. I think he looks good with white skates
  9. I think The Golden Knights would look better with Gold gloves, but I'm glad they are trying something different
  10. Use a green and blue and white Flying V. No Johnny Canuck.
  11. It's not all good
  12. I really hope a team gets Nike to be their sponsor.
  13. These are great through
  14. I think instead of red, they should make that stripe many different colors to represent Las Vegas
  15. I love the Knights away jersey. The gold really sticks out