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  1. Hey you're right, I just edited it to avoid confusion
  2. I don't like stirrup worn like that, they are the best like this or this
  3. Rays could make left field like Candlestick Home runs to left field in Candlestick during that era are the best.
  4. On this board I'm surprised this isn't a popular opinion but stirrups should be required in MLB
  5. Better than a lot of actual NBA uniforms
  6. This is what I meant (MS Paint version)
  7. I think if an NHL team wore white pants with white jerseys it would be a good, original look.
  8. This is a terrible way to think. It's how the Carolina Hurricanes went from their wonderful original look to being an Original 6 wannabe.
  9. I really like the We Are Family era Pirates, but this is objectively the best Pirates uniform and it makes no sense that they aren't wearing it now with a road version.
  10. Old Yankee Stadium definitely >>> New Yankee Stadium
  11. Best Marlins uniforms
  12. lmao
  13. These are from the "Teams in the Wrong Stadium" thread (LA Coliseum) I love the way this looks, with all those people and the arches in the background. (Radio City Music Hall) And this is so cool. The bottom one especially is absolutely picturesque.
  14. I like these uniforms
  15. and HUGE downgrades from and