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  1. Ark

    New Houston Astros Uniforms

    I like it. To the designer if you are on here: This logo never had a chance on this site, don't let the hate get to you.
  2. Ark

    NHL Pens concept

    I would prefer that to what they have now, but I don't like that design in general.
  3. Ark

    Brooklyn Islanders

    Hmm, what if you made the bottom of the B thicker/cut off a bit of the lighthouse bottom? Anyway, I like it. The Brooklyn Dodgers are awesome.
  4. This is relevant too:
  5. Ark

    2012-13 NBA Logo & Uniform changes

    They should, that is a great look.
  6. Ark

    Brooklyn Islanders?
  7. Ark

    New Houston Astros Uniforms

    Is the H star thing just trolling? How many other logos are considered clip art by those standards?
  8. Ark

    Ripped players

    I love Randy Johnson in an Astros jersey. Maybe it's his throwing motion. And this pic of David Robinson is O_O
  9. Ark

    Unpopular Opinions

    The Reds should use a black trim. They may have used too much during the KGJ era, but their jerseys look right with black shadowing. There's a difference between black for black's sake and black because it looks good.
  10. Ark

    SF Giants away unis

    They should have kept the neck striping and/or added orange to the piping. Otherwise I like that road jersey the most. I like the SF jersey too; they should use that as an alt.
  11. Ark

    I love the SF Giants uniforms...

    What teams make orange and black look like Halloween? I can only think of the Orioles and the Flyers, but they look great in orange and black. Oh, and there are the Bengals but they look like tigers, not Halloween.
  12. Is that derailing a thread by talking about the Browns unis? well I guess I can see how it got popular enough to get its own name, haha.
  13. The Browns should get rid of the midfield logo and make their field orange
  14. Ark

    New Houston Astros Uniforms

    I think it has to do with the lettering. People call the "mb" BREWERS jerseys generic for the same reason.
  15. Ark

    New Houston Astros Uniforms

    It's their only modernized outer space look.
  16. Ark

    New Houston Astros Uniforms

    I love the star. It's bold and unique. If that is an eyesore and what they're doing now is generic, then what is good?
  17. Ark

    New Houston Astros Uniforms

    I think the Randy Johnson set is the best.
  18. Ark

    2013 MLB Logo and Uniform Changes

    I think the Pirates P looks really nice with a white outline.
  19. Ark

    The Old English D

    I love the Tiger road cap.
  20. Ark

    New Houston Astros Uniforms

    There's a difference between "generic" and bad (if you can even call this generic). I wouldn't mind if every team in the NHL switched to a jersey with a set of stripes on each arm and on the waist. Also, can someone explain this Enjoy 2012 thing?
  21. Ark

    Uniforms that should be thrownback

    I agree those should be thrown back, but am I the only one who hates the silver helmet wings? The current wings with black outlines and a bit of silver look much better IMO.
  22. Ark

    Contemporary Classics?

    Edit: delete
  23. Ark

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Not sure what you mean by "truly," but I really think he looks good in this.
  24. Ark

    Contemporary Classics?

    I agree. I LOVE this logo.
  25. Ark

    Windows 8 Rebrand

    I like it.