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    Some NHL Concepts (feedback needed)

    The Sens got it perfect with these, and have been downhill from there. It't funny how simply going back to older unis is a great concept for a lot of teams. Request, Can you make a Penguins jersey based on this one? If not, I'll request the Nordiques.
  2. Nah I didn't, I just wasn't sure what you meant.
  3. Ark

    Worst ideas in sports history

    MLB not at least having a salary floor. The reserve clause. Not a league rule, but 85%+ of teams having red, blue, or black as their main color.
  4. Wait, according to this site the Mavs stopped using those after 00-01 (which is unbelievable enough, haha) and the Sixers started using their blue alts in 01-02. Oh man, there must be a ton of good ones with these Mavs unis.
  5. Not sure if you're making fun of my post, but a change of identity doesn't necessarily need a total change of colors. And those are fairly different from what they use now anyway.
  6. Here's one with more purple/violet: Skylines rule.
  7. What's wrong with the one they have now? IMO this one is outdated but got a perfect update (like I said erliar)
  8. Ark

    Unpopular Opinions

    I agree with the guy from the Uniform Trends thread that the "_____ for _____'s sake" phrase is really overused. Example, the first comment:
  9. They don't even need the horse. That wordmark makes so much more sense.
  10. Ark

    NHL Redesigns by bohob

    Wow, those Avs uniforms are great. I agree that there should be mountain horizontal stripes at the bottom. Now to go through the other ones... Yeah, your logo designs are great! I especially love the Flyers' Liberty Bell alternate. That would have made for a great Winter Classic jersey. However, besides the Kings (not counting the retros) and Ducks, I think all of the teams have had better uniforms in their history which would work with Edge. But like I said, nice work!
  11. That's right, their primary still has the same wordmark... Man, if they got to the Finals and won they might still be wearing those same unis today.
  12. I actually really like those. They are very unique and would only work with sleeveless basketball unis to begin with. Maybe an all-purple set would be better, but the contrasting one would at least be a good alternate.
  13. Classic This was such a great tweak. Not outdated and the Celtics are still a great team today. Classic logo. Keep it I like the purple, but red and green are their retro colors and happen to be unique in the NBA. Tweek it I would looove for them to make the yellow stripes go all the way around and make that their chest logo. Also, remove the silver. Lose it Very generic name and they don't even have an orange uni anymore... Return it 2002 Kings, I love that team.
  14. Ark

    Nike Pro Combat NFL in 2012

    Why the Saints? I love the black and gold. Jets and Eagles to kelly green.
  15. Ark


    OT but, This is a really good logo IMO:
  16. Ark

    Unpopular Opinions

    I think those are the best of the vertical piping jetseys, but vertical piping was outdated the first time it was thought of.
  17. Ark

    Unpopular Opinions

    I think wearing a throwback jersey with a modern player's name on it is fine. A team could announce a throwback alternate tomorrow and it would then be an official jersey. Or to put it another way, you could buy a pro team yourself and announce a throwback alternate. It's just you supporting your favorite team.
  18. Ark

    Uniform trends that oughta go

    I agree, but that color scheme is very boring. Actually, it's basically the same as the Floida Panthers' at that time, just with some light blue added in the logo.
  19. Ark

    Uniform trends that oughta go

    Oh, here's one I thought of. Teams usually using either blue, red, or black as their primary color. Only 5 teams or so use a different-colored primary home jersey (in the NHL) or road jersey (in the NBA), and obviously the NFL and MLB are no better. Why is this? The shades of those three colors that teams use are usually similar anyway.
  20. Ark

    Uniform trends that oughta go

    Hmm, interesting idea... How many teams have not had a white jersey throughout a season? The Pens in 83-84 and the Lakers...? Alrhough if a team had a blue home and red away jersey, that might not work all the time. I disagree with this. The only reason many teams still only have a white and grey jersey is tradition. Many times the alts are just as good as the primaries
  21. Ark

    Uniform trends that oughta go

    There are many posts which I would like to respond to, haha. I guess I'll start with this one. I agree with this for the most part. One of the things I've disagreed with a lot here (I'm a lurker) is the hate for "BFBS". If black makes a jersey (or epecially a color scheme) better, a team shouldn't hesitate to add it because some people on the internet might get angry. Yeah, the Islanders' new alts are awful but it's not because of the black. Another Example - even though they represent the North Stars' move to Dallas, I've alwys loved these unis: Yeah, it's technically black for black's sake, but it's still an amazing uniform. In fact, blue for blue's sake is definitely a worse problem today. --- One thing I definitely agree with though is the football jerseys that show the players' armpits. That is just gross.