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  1. 7 hours ago, infrared41 said:


    I liked the Titans look a little bit too, but combined with the Patrtiots there wasn't enough to give the game serious consideration for the best list. 


    I really don't understand the hate for the Patriots uniforms.


    I personally like the side panels, but that is the one thing that I can see people disliking about them. And they are very subtle/not even visible on the home set.

  2. The Rangers actually successfully tweaked their primary uniforms before




    This uniform (especially with the NEW YORK) is better than their current one. 

  3. I guess it depends  on the uniform, but if you're actually watching a football game you'll mostly see the big picture rather than the fine details. So something like the Bengals pants stripes aren't that noticeable from the standard TV distance (or when you're actually at a stadium) and you just have a nice matchup.


    This is probably more true for the dumb details on the Browns uniforms, which is why I think the Raiders-Browns game from last week could be the best of the season.