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  1. Did you not see those pics? The second one of Magic is a brighter yellow and the first one of Lonzo is a darker yellow. Try watching highlights of the Lakers



    As the players move around the court, their jersey colors change slightly... that is a direct result of the lighting and if someone takes a photo at an exact moment, the uniform colors might be slightly different because of the lighting. 


    You also have to consider the difference that HD makes. Back in the 80s the Lakers home uniforms looked bright yellow on TV.



  2. 1 hour ago, jerseyjunk said:

    Giants got 1958 2018 on their patch, Royals got 1969  2018.

    Why is that? 


    1958 to 2018 is 60 years since moving to San Francisco.


    1969 to 2018 is the 50th season played as a franchise.

  3. The Patriots uniforms are top 5 in the NFL and the best "modern" uniform in sports.


    Excellentt logo

    Great, unique numbers

    Simple, good-looking striping

    Great color scheme (Silver-Blue-Silver home and Silver-White-Blue away)

    The details are spot-on (facemask, collar, etc.)


    IMO they are the definition of a modern classic and hopefully they remain the Patriots primary uniforms forever.