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  1. This is a much better logo than what the main team has.
  2. If baseball was any other sport I would agree there should be no interleague. But baseball stadiums are all different and interesting, and because of that I'm glad there's interleague.
  3. This thread offends me.
  4. You knew it was coming... going to start with an unpopular opinion
  5. This has probably been made before but I couldn't find it through search. Anyway, I made made this thinking of Keith Van Horn's huge socks. Which reminded me of John Stockton's shorts.
  6. This is a great logo
  7. Most of the 2002 World Series Angels team was around for the Disney uniforms Troy Glaus Darin Erstad Tim Salmon
  8. On a side note the Indians looked their best ever in the 90s. Something about the lower quality cameras makes their uniforms look extra good.
  9. Indians only became a mostly-blue team recently, but thankfully they have changed back. They look MUCH better mostly-red. Dull: Vibrant:
  10. You have to be able to compromise. Chief Wahoo will eventually (sooner than later) be retired because a lot of people have a problem with him, ok. But if you say a clear falsity like the 1970s look is the same thing, then obviously your logic is flawed and biased and why should we listen to you about retiring Wahoo in the first place? On the other hand, the current Block C logo and the block INDIANS and CLEVELAND wordmarks they currently use are the most boring ones in baseball. If they aren't going to use Wahoo, they at least have to use an interesting logo, and the 70s C is excellent. They already have interesting wordmarks (the 90s/2000s ones) and the INDIANS wordmark from the 70s is welcome to be brought back.
  11. Any time Chief Wahoo is brought up is a good time to talk about this logo
  12. IMO one of the coolest things about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is the ballparks. Yankee Stadium has a really short right field and Fenway Park has the Green Monster and the Pesky Pole. The only other unique features that affect play like that are Tropicana Field's catwalks (which don't get the respect they deserve), Tal's Hill in Houston (which was removed) and Coors Field's large size + thin air. Something the retro ballpark trend (other than Minute Maid Park) failed to do was include unique features that affected play. Great American Ballpark absolutely should have had its own Terrace in left field, but of course that didn't happen. Unique playing fields differentiate baseball from other sports, so I hope the next set of ballparks includes unique features like the ones mentioned above.
  13. Barry Bonds' 2004 season is magical. His first half and second half OPS were both 1.421, which is crazy enough, but because of rounding his Total OPS is 1.422, greater than the individual parts.
  14. I like it. They should extend it across the wall.
  15. You have to be really arrogant to have a problem with someone using "we" about a sports team. I can't imagine an average Joe having a problem with it.
  16. By that logic everyone should just wear white socks. Stirrups add a bit of color and compliment the rest of the uniform. They are also unique to baseball.
  17. This is why teams should just wear stirrups.
  18. Speaking of Mount Davis, now that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas maybe they will remove it? That is a great view.
  19. I like that more than the original because the Polar Bear is looking forward Johnny Canuck is looking up. It looks like he's frolicking through the flowers or something.
  20. The Wild Bear is honestly underrated. if it had come out in the 70s or 80s it would be the god of sports logos.
  21. The print logo is ALMOST the exact same as the helmet logo. And disliking one of the Yankees logos seems dumb to me anyway. They are all almost the same, it's just those slight differences between all of that are awesome.
  22. Yankees hat, helmet, uniform and print logos all being different is beautiful asymmetry.
  23. I like New Comiskey. I think it's a lot better than what they would have got if they built a "retro" ballpark. It reminds me of Old Yankee Stadium.
  24. LOL I just learned New Comiskey is now named Guaranteed Rate Field.