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  1. Nike, Texas deal not renewed (yet)

    Correct. Commercials which promote your school, guaranteeing your school the latest and greatest over the other schools under the brand, as well as many other factors that would be what was in the manufacturers control. All of which any of the big three manufacturers could offer. As far as money the present value of whatever cash payouts to the school is what would be looked at by the AD when taking the monetary aspect into consideration. If all services are the same, then the AD would look at the present value of the cash payout. So the AD would not want to go for the worse monetary deal. Right?
  2. Nike, Texas deal not renewed (yet)

    Would there be any other option with an open bidding process for a public institution? Going with the lowest bidder would be illogical. Since all three companies are capable of providing the same support, the amount of the bid would be the only other variable to consider.
  3. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    I agree! Four rainbow stripes on the helmet and five stripes at every other rainbow location on the jersey seems odd. Regardless of the presentation of the rainbow colors on the helmet( separated and outlined ), there is no reason to not be consistent with the colors and order of the stripes. Although historically 5 stripes have been used so have 4, with white thrown in instead of green on some of the green jerseys. This isn't an issue of 1 white stripe on the helmet and 2 white stripes on the pants. With an inconsistency through Hawaii history, why not clean it up and be consistent?
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    I like that they aren't using the multiple unbalanced center least on this version of the helmet.
  5. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Thanks for repeating what you had already stated. What I was saying is that the new logo had been used for 3 to 4 years so this was an old logo. Maybe this was confusing. If you had read others replies, you would have seen that I was just letting others know that it was an old logo not a new logo for this year, hence the BTW (or by the way). BTW isn't an attack toward you, just an add on to my post with a little extra info.
  6. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    When I was at Auburn, the managers had a big iron press that they could add numbers or name plates to blank jerseys, or make up practice jerseys. Maybe UA gave them random fonts to play with. BTW the SEC logo is from 3-4 years ago.
  7. TCU Football Mach Speed Uniforms 2015

    Thank you for posting this in its own thread! I am one of many that do not like reading through dozens and dozens of pages to find what I am looking for. Since those that like to read mega threads know where to look for what they like. Threads that like this allow people like me to find what I want. That is the great thing about this website. It has been said in threads before, after people complain, that a new uniform is deserving of its own thread. Some people would be glad if there were only one thread and everything would be put there. I am not one of those people. So again THANK YOU!!!
  8. 2015 MLB Changes

    You do know that Satan or "The Devil" is one of the 1/3 of Heavenly angels that left Heaven. So if the devil is red, then red is an angelic color.
  9. 2015 College Baseball

    Is that a plain white AU logo on the hat of the pinstripe set or is there a small orange border, and what color is the bill?
  10. 2015 MLB ALL STAR LOGO

    I like the overall idea, and the individual parts of the logo, but I don't like how the individual parts are all put together...I don't like the layers layout. 1)The top border around All Star Game goes behind the C, whereas All Star Game is in front. (This is amplified with the bottom going behind and then in front of the C.) 2)The two black cross bats can be seen in front of the back layer and going behind the C...Why does it not continue in the middle of the C?(It just goes away.) I think it should at least be showing below the All Star Game border and above the bottom of the C. 3)I don't like the wavy layout of All Star Game or CINCINNATI being at an angle.
  11. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    I agree. The harder they try to look like the Yankees, the better they look. If only they would get rid of the red completely, they would have a great look....maybe lose the B on the hat, and the BOSTON across the chest, it would be solid!
  12. College Football 2014 Season

    I like the logo, but I think it would look better if the dog was looking forward. Just my opinion. Overall, I would give it a solid B.
  13. Auburn Uniform Survey

    I do wish they would make Under Armour create sleeve stripes that at least mimic a full sleeve wrap-around. The sleeve stripes have become almost a bar on the outside of the sleeve only. Even the fan replica jerseys are made with no attempt to wrap-around sleeve stripes. Also I wish they would fix the pant stripe at the bottom of the leg where it now comes to a point. I know this is all due to the cuts of the uniform, but if Russel Athletic could get this right then then I think UA could also.
  14. Auburn Uniform Survey

    I took the survey. Will you post a link to the results that you find. Thanks. War Eagle!
  15. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    Because of post like this, is there a way to not show single individuals post? There are a few I would rather not have to view constantly. I love this site other than this type of thing. Thanks!