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  1. MLB by NIKE

    Why not both? Having multiple variations on the same alternate would fit with the Diamondbacks.
  2. Welcome to the Continental League  CRichardson !!!

    Looking forward to the Huskies barking up a storm this season.



  3. No. Maybe when the league stops acting like this farce is organic, then I'll stop hating.
  4. Kentucky Fans Check No to Checkerboard Uniforms

    That's the kind of guy who calls into PAAAWWWLLL's show. I guarantee it.
  5. And yet we'll still probably see one of those four win another Cup before the Canucks win their first.
  6. The snossisberries taste like snossisberries!
  7. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

  8. Dear God, please let the trend continue and let the conference final be Winnipeg/San Jose. To lose two insufferable fanbases in the second round would be a blessing.
  9. Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    They're not the same shade of blue. The Jets' light blue is significantly darker.
  10. That expansion team is only doing well because the league gave them the most favorable expansion draft rules in league history.
  11. Name That Font!

    Damn, is $50 expensive to license a font? Looks like I'll need to find an alternative.
  12. Name That Font!

    Does anyone know the name of this font? I believe the Kings' numbers are derived from it but the names aren't. The logo is from Kohler.
  13. The Leafs' mascot is a polar bear named Carlton. Also, as awesome as the cartoon is, does it bother anyone else that the characters aren't lined up properly? They should be standing next to their opponents.