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  1. It does that because Venmo withdraws from your checking account immediately to pay for transactions. It's a checkbook within an app.
  2. Because WWE doesn't want those fans. Those are professional wrestling fans and WWE doesn't want to be associated with professional wrestling. They see themselves as an entertainment company first and foremost and they want to have broad appeal. They think that actively connecting to those hardcore fans doesn't mesh with their stated goals.
  3. That can be accomplished with socks.
  4. Stirrups should be left in the history books.
  5. Also, there were the Biker Taker years, so more like 18 years. "Yeah, doctor, you told me to call you if it wouldn't go down after four hours?"
  6. It's just like Justin Roberts said. Vince McMahon doesn't give a :censored: about what the fans want. It's his company and he's on top of the industry. Who's going to stop him?
  7. You misspelled "consistent playoff choker."
  8. WWE will find a way to :censored: it up. Then again, with how behind the times Vince is, I'd be surprised if he's even aware of the Broken gimmick. As for Orton/Wyatt, as much as I really don't give a damn about Wyatt and don't like his gimmick, him dropping the belt was piss-poor booking and Boreton is not the man to be atop the card. The same could be said of Lesnar. There's something fundamentally wrong with one of the two top belts being dropped by one part-timer to another part-timer and especially one who has a free pass through the Wellness Program.
  9. It's "yoke."
  10. NJ's throwbacks are overrated and highly inferior to what they're currently wearing.
  11. "Clint is a piece of sh-"BLEEP
  12. Please tell me you have a link to that.
  13. Foley's going to have a you-can't-fire-me-because-I-quit moment.
  14. No, because firing Bettman changes nothing. He is the face of the league's owners. If he goes, he'll be replaced by another stooge. If you want to change things, get rid of Jeremy Jacobs, for starters. He's one of the worst.