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  1. Doing bush league things like trying to keep opposing fans out of your arena doesn't help.
  2. What are you watching?

    So basically it's Executive Orders the TV series.
  3. Unpopular Opinions

    There is a reason why the Bulls are the only franchise in the league that has never changed its primary logo. No change is necessary.
  4. Do we count the Lightning winning it in 2004 as the last instance of a team wearing blue winning the Cup or does it need to be their primary color? If not, holy :censored:, it's been 22 years since a team wearing blue won a Cup. Damn.
  5. We are just two games away from a Blues-Predators WCF. I'm going to go shoot myself. Good night, everyone.
  6. My vote is for the 2007 Ottawa Senators. The Penguins may have different colors and different designs between the two jerseys, but the Senators had different designs and different logos between their home and road.
  7. NHL Alternate Series (22/30)

    On the second Oilers alt, I'd move the TV numbers inside the yoke like on the RL orange jersey.
  8. 2016 WWE Payback

    It's really too bad that Reigns can't do what The Rock did back in the day and use the heel heat to actually turn himself into a legitimate singles heel. It just won't work because he's not charismatic like The Rock. The Rock was able to get people to hate the character and eventually became a face because he was overflowing with charisma. Reigns, on the other hand? He's a waste of space, nothing more. He can't get over as a face and he won't get over as a heel. There's just no winning when you're stuck with X-Pac Heat. Too bad WWE management doesn't understand that.
  9. 2016 WWE Payback

    A screwjob? Oh, :censored: you...
  10. NHL Alternate Series (22/30)

    It's the Hybrid Template from HJC.
  11. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    That was a good logo, though. Yes, it was so very late-90s/early-2000s, but it worked far better than their other two logos.
  12. The Hawks will solve their defensive problems in the offseason. StanBo will work some magic and we'll finally be free of Bickell. It'll be sad to see Shaw go, but he has to be trade bait and I'd rather keep Panik and Panarin than Shaw. I'm not expecting something blockbuster like Subban suddenly showing up wearing the Indian head (a man can dream, though) but the Hawks' defense will be better next year. As for me, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the fireworks. :censored: it, I've got no dog left in the fight, so I'm just looking forward to some good hockey. Congrats to the Blues. I hate your guts and I hope the Stars sweep you.
  13. I'm enjoying the hated underdog status this year.
  14. And who's to say that they wouldn't implement similar rules and processes for a paper money series?