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  1. Aesthetics vs. safety is an easy choice to make.
  2. In fairness to the league, I doubt most people even pay attention to who the trophy was named after. I bet a significant portion of modern hockey fans don't know who Clarence Campbell is either. At least it's not directly named after him so the league can weasel out of it by saying that nowadays the name is a tribute to the title, not one of its holders. Or at least that's what they'd probably do if someone besides us brought up the fact that the trophy is named after a Nazi sympathizer.
  3. So the tradeoff is having the manufacturer logo on the uniforms vs. having sleeved jerseys. That's an easy choice.
  4. The sparkle silver looked just fine when paired with the purple. Without the purple, the entire color scheme looks drab, no matter how much sparkle silver they use.
  5. The stick-in-rink is not good enough to be a primary logo.
  6. Pass. The Flames look infinitely better with black as part of the color scheme. Red, yellow and white is too bright and the colors bleed into each other.
  7. The West Coast Express was the Naslund-Morrison-Bertuzzi line. The jerseys they wore up to the Edge switch are the best the Canucks have ever looked.
  8. The West Coast Express jerseys are the best they've ever looked. If they won't go all the way back to that, put the updated stick-in-rink on the shoulders and switch to the blue and green color scheme and they're all set.
  9. And Nashville.
  10. It's also a logistics issue. If a team has a white home jersey and a dark alternate (which is the case most of the time) then every team has to pack both their road dark and home white jerseys for every road trip.
  11. Put her in a feud with Jericho. I'm sure he can dust off a bit of the old persona and knock her down a peg or two.
  12. A rumor I've been hearing is that Adidas won't be making the made-in-Canada authentics available for sale.
  13. Did you see what Adidas did to the NBA? And that was when David "I'm so traditional that I won't allow the manufacturer's logo on the on-court jerseys" Stern was in charge.
  14. It also has precedent, as the first year of the Edge jerseys had only home and road and thirds weren't reintroduced until the 2008-09 season.
  15. Yep, he makes Tony Skeevonie look like Jim Ross. Not to say that Schiavone was awful because he was far from the worst, but he was also far from the best.