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  1. Even when he's not in the match...
  2. Stated reasoning behind them aside, there is absolutely no good reason whatsoever for the Ducks to be wearing orange. That's just not right. Ohio State should never wear blue and Duke should never wear Carolina blue. You just don't wear your rival's colors.
  3. llfhockey

    You've simplified the color palette too much. I'd restore the four feathers' colors.
  4. You really don't get it. Bettman has held the position as long as he has (much like his recently-retired contemporaries Selig and Stern) because he has done exactly what the owners have wanted him to do. The leagues' commissioners are chosen by the owners. The moment that Bettman retires, the owners will select another stooge to take his place and the cycle continues. It's a problem inherent in a system that involves the ownership selecting a commissioner. He is nothing more than a public face for the collective ownership of the league. Nothing will change when Bettman retires. If you want to affect real change, then the people who deserve your scorn are guys like Jeremy Jacobs.
  5. The only suggestion I'd make for Arizona is to do with the collars what they did in real life and have a tie-down collar on one of the two. I liked how there was that difference between the two jerseys pre-Edge.
  6. I've read somewhere that the twill is actually perforated.
  7. Because they were the instigators of the fashion show that is college football.
  8. That has been American politics since the turn of the century. I think Bush/Gore really ramped up the rancor because of the controversy.
  9. Step 1: Defeat ISIS Step 2: ???? Step 3: Profit!
  10. I can't be the only one who's tired of the whole post-match interview thing. It seems like they're trying way too hard to imitate UFC in that regard.
  11. In an ideal world, the Ducks would do what the Penguins did: bring back the throwback as a permanent third and then eventually promote it to primary status. At the minimum, they should be emulating the Coyotes and wearing the throwback at least a couple of times per year.
  12. I'd rather have a candidate who can admit that he doesn't know everything than someone who tries to bull :censored: his way through his own ignorance. Presidents don't know everything. That's what they have advisors for.
  13. And the Stars. Both teams dropped their white alternates after the 2010-11 season.