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  1. It probably rhymes with grease and resist.
  2. I just now noticed that WWE splitting up the brands is just short of fulfilling the Seven Year Rule.
  3. Iconic doesn't always mean good.
  4. There is something quintessentially American about celebrating our independence by eating a food whose origins are from another country, and I mean that in an extremely positive way.
  5. At least they're not sleeved.
  6. They're far from the ugliest.
  7. That still doesn't change anything about my reply. Mandatory minimums are the biggest reason why prison overcrowding exists, and you're taking discretion out of the hands of the legal system.
  8. Because mandatory minimum sentencing laws are a bad idea across the board.
  9. Harold Ballard came back to life and retook his position in charge of the team!
  10. That video is living proof of a blind squirrel finding a nut every now and then, except in this case it's a racist isolationist squirrel.
  11. Don't worry, the lake doesn't require human intervention to catch fire. What a series. That was fun to watch. I was definitely rooting for the Warriors but that was a hell of a finish to the series.
  12. That's about as much of a burial as you can expect of AJ without an actual Cena win.
  13. The NBA is definitely rigged. The aforementioned favorable calls for Jordan, Kobe, Lebron and Curry are the most common example, but the 1985 Draft Lottery was rigged to give Ewing to the Knicks and anyone with half a brain knows that the league wanted the Lakers in the 2002 Finals instead of the Kings. It's a media-driven business. The league needs money and they get it through ad revenue. They get less of it when smaller market teams are playing.
  14. I'd rather not see my team play in a division named after an alcoholic wife beater.