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  1. It's not authentic. The jerseys were never made. It's a well-made fake, but it's a fake nonetheless, and it's a violation of trademarks.
  2. I find the talk from Cubs fans about how Sox fans should be rooting for the Cubs because they're somehow "Chicago's team" to be particularly loathesome. I don't recall Cubs fans rooting for the Sox in 2005. I don't care about any "moment." Go Indians.
  3. That's a gorgeous look from Oregon. They really need to look closely at that jersey and understand that using nothing but school colors really does work.
  4. No, I'd still have a problem with it because the logo is an offensive caricature no matter what color the skin is. The red skin just makes it worse. Besides, they could always make the skin a natural tone, like the Blackhawks.
  5. You don't have to be of native descent to know that a caricature of a Native American with red skin is racist. It's no different from blackface.
  6. I get where you're going with this, but the Fire are red, white and blue. They are their own (absolutely awful right now) team, not Liverpool's B team. Red and yellow just doesn't work. You've essentially thrown out a part of their identity that has been there since the beginning.
  7. I would try a double outline on the numbers on Cal. The gold gets lost when right next to the white and adding a second outline would definitely make it stand out better.
  8. Can you try a Kings version that uses the 2000s color scheme?
  9. The Buffaslug would have looked better if it was paired with a better uniform. It would have still gone down as one of the worst logos in NHL history, but it would have been slightly improved.
  10. Money talks. The companies usually supply a good incentive to the schools (in a lot of cases, it's a chunk of the head coach's salary) and I'm sure the outfitters get certain concessions. In the case of the pseudo-owner relationship Nike has with Oregon, I doubt the coaches have any say. The school has bent over backwards to appease Phil Knight in the past.
  11. I agree with hockey week. White numbers with black outlines are visible on any color background.
  12. And a racist penny-pinching asshat of an owner.
  14. Even when he's not in the match...