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  1. I'm sure that the title picture won't be resolved by next week.
  2. The Rangers third needs at least a little bit of red. It screams Lightning and/or Maple Leafs in its current state.
  3. It makes me sad to know that NXT is just a developmental territory whenever I hear about one of their events being so good. I just know that more often than not, WWE's going to drop the ball with the big-name NXT talent and :censored: them over when they get called up.
  4. The team is not controlled by USA Hockey. All of the teams have no affiliation with their national federations, as the tournament is being run by the NHL. Thus, Nike has no involvement.
  5. I think the intent was to ask about teams that wear white helmets as an alternative to their usual colored helmets. I could be wrong, of course. If I'm right, then Miami doesn't count, since with few exceptions, they've been wearing white helmets as their primaries for almost 40 years.
  6. If being unable to impede your opponent's ability to succeed is a criterion for being a sport, then does that mean that golf isn't a sport? Golf is based on scoring and not judging, but your play cannot affect an opponent's play.
  7. And have the NBC executives end up just like these celebrities? Unacceptable!
  8. That's exactly what it was for. NBC executives are on record as saying that they have every right to monetize the opening ceremony, but they at least felt that if they tried to insert ad breaks into a live broadcast, they'd have to cut out parts of the opening ceremony and then they'd have to decide which parts to cut, and then someone would end up pissed off that they missed part of it. If you're an immigrant who still has a place in your heart for your native country, I'd imagine that you'd be pissed if NBC cut your country out of the broadcast. If they tape delay it, then they can cut away, air some ads and then pick up exactly where they left off. The obvious solution is to air it live and not air any commercials, but NBC's executives are on record as saying they deserve to be money-grubbing bastards, so we get the next best solution.
  9. The 2006-07 season was the only season that the Thrashers looked good. I'm a traditionalist but I have a soft spot for that asymmetrical jersey, or at least the version they wore before the Edge massacre.
  10. So it's Jets throwback vs. Oilers alternate for the Heritage Classic. I like it.
  11. So Lesnar isn't going to face any wellness discipline because he's just a "part-time" performer. I guess he's a special snowflake. It's pretty funny when you consider that all of their performers are part-time anyways since they're just contractors, not employees. Also, the whole post-match interview thing is a bit too much like they're trying to emulate UFC.
  12. It probably rhymes with grease and resist.
  13. I just now noticed that WWE splitting up the brands is just short of fulfilling the Seven Year Rule.
  14. Iconic doesn't always mean good.