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  2. Too late.
  3. I agree with both. I've never liked that secondary logo.
  4. I'd love to see your take on the Thrashers.
  5. They were insistent that they deserved D1 status alongside MLS while failing to meet the requirements to be D2 set by the USSF, and they're financially insolvent. I won't celebrate the NASL's demise but I'm not sad to see it go. The USL is doing things right and will be a proper D2 league. Making an attempt to supersede the established top league in the country the entire point of your existence just doesn't work.
  6. The Wolves' ownership isn't selling any time soon. They're very set in their ways.
  7. Indeed.
  8. The primary logo doesn't look right with gold instead of silver.
  9. "LA Galaxy" sounds better than "Los Angeles Galaxy," while "Los Angeles Lakers" works a lot better than "LA Lakers."
  10. I had low expectations and still came out disappointed.
  11. Not even Jeffrey Loria's super-awkward "Hola, Miami!" was this bad.
  12. Another voicemail. Oy...
  13. Well, he knows that the boos don't endanger his job.
  14. No, you've got it backwards. The Fisherman logo wasn't the bad part of those jerseys. The jerseys themselves were the bad part of the jerseys. If you put the Fisherman on a normal jersey, it definitely improves the look.
  15. So Bettman has a sense of humor. That joke was pretty good.