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  1. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    Vancouver Canucks These were done, of course, before the Sedins retired and will be revised if I decide to make any design changes after they name a new captain. The single biggest problem with their current jerseys (the wordmark) is gone, and I've added some green trim to the names and numbers. Also, the V in the sleeve stripes is back. The alternates are West Coast Express fauxbacks. Not really much to talk about when describing them other than that.
  2. Michigan's winged helmet is definitely iconic for them, but it's not unique and they weren't the first to use it.
  3. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    I considered making the home alt blue, but I figured that that’s the kind of thing that would start a riot in downtown Montreal if it ever happened for real.
  4. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    Montreal Canadiens Like I was going to do anything unusual for the Habs. Right... Their alternates, however... the road is a modernization of the 1944-47 white jersey, which is the only jersey the Canadiens should consider for an alternate if they ever decide to adopt one permanently IRL. Since the road alternate jersey is a color swap of the home primary jersey, I decided to make the home alternate jersey a color swap of the road primary jersey. I'm still not completely sold on it, TBH.
  5. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    Edmonton Oilers Pretty simple here: I translated their Adidas jerseys (which have really grown on me) over to my template. Don't fix what isn't broken. I always enjoyed the pre-Edge navy and copper jerseys (owning an early 2000s game-worn navy jersey doesn't hurt) so I decided to use that as the base for their alternates. I removed the red from the color scheme, though, since it always seemed superfluous to me and got lost against the copper stripes. I wish there was a good way to make the stripes look more metallic when in a raster image, since right now it just looks like brown.
  6. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    Dallas Stars These are similar to what they're currently wearing, but I decided to emphasize silver more than black in the color scheme. Also, the striping patterns now match between the two jerseys. This may end up getting some slight revisions before I finish the project since I'm vacillating between thinking the numbers look fine and thinking that the trim is too thick. Also, I haven't decided whether I want to add black back to the overall color scheme or not. The alternates are the team's best past jerseys modernized into my template, using the roundel logo as the primary.
  7. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    I tried but I didn't really figure out a way that would work.
  8. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    Columbus Blue Jackets The home jersey is a revival of their excellent mid-2000s alternate jersey that did well to combine navy blue and black. Both jerseys take advantage of the fact that both of Columbus' alternate logos are really good, so each jersey uses both logos, but have them on opposite shoulders. The alternate jerseys are a much more traditional template and take the striping from the Ohio flag, with a coordinating road version. The cannon roundel logo takes center stage on this one, and like the primary jerseys, there are two separate shoulder patches.
  9. Kevin W.

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    And even then, the made in Canada authentic Reebok Edges weren't even identical to the on-ice jerseys. There are very slight differences between the retail authentics and team-issued jerseys.
  10. Kevin W.

    NHL 2018-19

    They should just do all three. Do the Flying V because it's so iconic (albeit for bad reasons) and do the Skate and original Orca because they both look good.
  11. Unfortunately, that's going to lead to labor trouble. The players' unions will always argue against a hard cap, regardless of the league.
  12. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    Pittsburgh Penguins Their home and road jerseys are their current jerseys with a few small tweaks. I made the numbers two-tone and also brought back the RoboPen as a shoulder patch. Speaking of the RoboPen... Their alternates take the idea of the late 1990s/early 2000s RoboPen black jersey but implement it a bit more subtly. The stripe is derivative of the striping style used by the Steelers, but actually happens to line up pretty well with the horizontal stripes in the RoboPen logo.
  13. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    Boston Bruins Nothing really out of the ordinary for the Bruins. This has elements of their 1981-1995 and Reebok Edge jerseys. Their alternates are a pair of gold and brown fauxbacks. Again, very conservative design. Even when the Bruins went modern (1995-2007) it was still a conservative design. I've maintained that simplicity here.
  14. Kevin W.

    Nike NHL - 8/12 Vancouver Canucks added

    Chicago Blackhawks Not much here since their uniforms are damn near perfect. All I've done is added tie-down collars and a tan outline to the logo. The alternates are one of the few cases in which the two jerseys aren't simply home/road versions of the same look. The black jersey is their old black alternate, but I've made its color scheme more in line with the 2009 Winter Classic jersey/second Reebok Edge third jersey. The road alternate is a vintage white version of that Winter Classic jersey. It's also somewhat derivative of the Rockford IceHogs' alternate jersey.
  15. Kevin W.

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Are you saying that the game should be tape-delayed for ad purposes? You sound like an NBC executive. If if that’s what you’re advocating for, then that’s a ridiculous proposition. You can’t do anything tape-delayed any more. Social media says hi.