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  1. Prince Harry

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    Pretty nice primary logo. Fits the theme of the CFL better, where logos are pretty simple and/or they mostly just use letters.
  2. Prince Harry

    NHL 2018-19

    Really nice jersey but that’s now three fauxbacks in three winter classics for the Bruins. You’d think for a team with so many jerseys in their history, they could do something closer to a real throwback like Chicago generally does.
  3. Prince Harry

    NHL 2018-19

    I’m not a big lady liberty fan but I did like the Rangers’ fauxbacks. Wasn’t big on the cream/vintage white but navy and red usually always look good together. What I don’t like about the Rangers’ set is the double double-outlines on the pants. I know that pant design has been around forever but It just clutters up a uniform that succeeds on simplicity. What they really got right with last year’s WC jersey was using just a lone double outline on the pants. If they used those pants with the regular set the pant stripe would actually match some aspect of their home (arm/hem stripe) and away (shoulder stripe) jerseys. Its a pretty small nitpick I know.
  4. Prince Harry

    Unpopular Opinions

    Worth a try. The team would still have the same nickname, just spelled differently (Sens vs Cens).
  5. Prince Harry

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    Early 2000s were my getting into hockey phase, so the Oilers in copper and blue is probably my number one for nostalgia. 2006 remains my favourite hockey memory. The Macfarlane designed thirds were also special because every kid wanted one back when they first came out and I was the first of my friends to get one. Despite them being rivals, I remember the gradient Canucks thirds and flaming horse jerseys fondly. I also owned both the Sharks teal jersey from that era with the pointed black side panels and the red 3D logo Sens jersey with the big diagonal chest stripe. I definitely loved “loud” jerseys back then which kinda contrasts with how much I prefer subtle and traditional designs now.
  6. Prince Harry

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Has double-purple ever been a thing with the Kings?
  7. Prince Harry

    NHL 2018-19

    The slimmer sleeves from Reebok were better too. I’ve thrown on my old CCM jerseys from time to time and it makes me laugh how baggy the underarms were.
  8. Prince Harry

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Yeah you kinda do that with a lot of teams already, though maybe not as obviously. Coilers, Lames, Casucks, Dead Things, Maple Laffs, Craphawks, Crapitals, Crapalanche (I’m stretching here), the Wild as a name in general. Also maybe it will help their brand if Suckass becomes a meme, what with how people latch onto memes these days.
  9. Prince Harry

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Sockeyes is the best choice. It’s cool, unique, there’s alliteration(!), and you can craft a nice brand around it, as sparky did with his concept. I dont care really care about the Sharks/Orca predator angle, not sure it matters much. Pretty sure every physical namesake in the league could crush up a Maple Leaf pretty easily but it’s still one the best identities in sports. I hope they use all red/maroon equipment if they go with that as the main colour.
  10. Prince Harry

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    I don’t think ever seen light or desaturated purple used. No mauve or lavender anywhere.
  11. Prince Harry

    Unpopular Opinions

    Not sure how unpopular this is. Ball in glove is a better logo but the barley M fits the Brewers identity better, even if it’s corporate inspired. I don’t know what they should do. The current navy and gold is their best colour scheme. I assume that’s not as popular an opinion. Turn the MB insignia into beer mug or something, I dunno.
  12. Prince Harry

    Penguins 3rd

    It looks pretty good. I think the subtle differences from the regular set help it stand out more as a third, while maintaining enough of a link at the same time.
  13. Prince Harry

    NHL 2018-19

    I’m not really up on my NHL banner aesthetics, but after looking at ones from different champions, the Caps’ banner looks no better or worse than the majority. I think the Oilers have probably nicest banners in the league. I prefer the slender looking ones to the wider banners most teams have.
  14. Prince Harry

    Isles Officially Unveil New Third Jersey

    Its a nice update to the stadium series jersey. Got rid of some of the oddities with that jersey. At the same time, its kind of an odd choice as a third. It’s based off a jersey that was already used as a third but the original had the aformentioned ‘oddities’ that made it different enough from the regular set. The white yoke isn’t great but without it the jersey would look to similar to the home jersey. I think they should have made this thing orange. The template is a simple enough to make it work and you could get rid of the white yoke.
  15. Prince Harry

    Canadian Premier League

    Puma’s logo is cool at least, much as I don’t support putting it all over the kit. Macron’s logo is particularly awkward and kind of obtrusive.