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  1. Minnesota's current look is by no means spectacular, but it really doesn't need a facelift resembling anything WMU had. For WMU, I just hope they go back to their classic brown and gold.
  2. Not a fan of that singular S logo and the way the BIG part is lazily tacked on.
  3. I'm just annoyed by the bit about your logo not being "fierce enough." There's this strange fascination that people have with sports logos requiring the look of aggression when that's just plain bull.
  4. Your version is definitely more visually striking but I'm gonna play a little devil's advocate here. I dont think they were ever intending for the original logo's lines to align at that point. Imo the logo itself is fine for what it's supposed to do, and your fix is rather complex. I get what you were going for in the breaks but I'm not a fan of the way they cut into the A and the lightning bolt. An update could do wonders here but that's just my .02
  5. I find it a little odd that the branding for these teams is in English. Sure there's been a recent spike in the number of Mexicans who can speak it, but I'd guessed they do more to appeal to their own market. I'm also very skeptical about the success of this startup league. They seem to be doing well at the college level but I'm not there's enough interest there to warrant a pro league. This will be very interesting to follow.
  6. hettinger_rl

    This is pretty well done. I don't think any of us around here would be opposed if you wanted to make a series out of this
  7. Not feeling any of these concepts. Especially cause I know they won't be anything close to what Nike is likely planning. Hopefully more Vikings, less Bucs.
  8. I'm just here to parrot what others have said about the high school's namesake warranting a more inspired nickname. This would be a great opportunity for them to come up with something pretty :censored:ing cool and unique among the myriad of cookie cutter high school brands.
  9. It's off the fritz. This uniform set would be a significant upgrade over their current one but because it is, they'd never go with it. Fwiw I think your first concept has the best color blocking.
  10. No no no. This set makes too much sense. Back to the drawing board.
  11. I'm elated that they're finally dumping this arena league look. This should definitely be hard for Nike to screw up.
  12. Their previous wordmark was nigh-perfect. There was zero reason to throw it away.
  13. I would like to see them rebrand for the sole reason of wanting to see what kind of crap they can come up with.
  14. I'll concede that I'm merely a casual fan of SW and that my opinion holds no weight, but Rogue One made me feel something that the other movies didn't. It definitely tops my list.
  15. You sob. I'm working on the same template lol. As far as the concept goes, I admire your unique spin on the Browns identity but there's not enough lipstick in the world to save this pig. I am in full support of them imploding everything and starting from scratch.