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  1. I get your intention but it doesn't work as well without the appropriate number fonts. The color blocking is also incorrect on all but the Seahawks.
  2. The current Cowboys helmet is one of the most famous helmets in the history of the sport. Why anyone prefers the boring white version boggles my mind a lot more than it should.
  3. Which is embarassing for the 2nd biggest sports apparel brand in the world.
  4. So close yet so far.
  5. Wisconsin looks dope. I just wonder if that shade of red is actually more scarlet than cardinal.
  6. Pretty sure he said "...the best alternates in college football." Which I wholeheartedly agree with.
  7. For Miami, I think it's an appropriate look. But that red band is pretty dumb.
  8. Wow. It was about time UCLA looked like UCLA.
  9. This. Much like Notre Dame, they'll probably only get creative with the alts outside of perhaps a new standard font introduced. Either way I have a good feeling we'll like what they come up with.
  10. whoosh
  11. An awful logo is an awful logo, regardless of what preceded it.
  12. Yes. The same feathers that basically cover up the entire bird.
  13. Gotta admit those collars do look sharp.
  14. I think Ice Cap will beg to differ. And he's not even in the country.
  15. That Skywalkers logo is an eerily familiar font. I don't know that they're 100% safe from a legal standpoint if they plan to run with it long term.