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  1. No need. They're visible on mobile. We just happened to post at almost the exact same time.
  2. Pictures make everything better. They're very conservative but I dig them. Should've kept the silver face masks though.
  3. Is there such a thing as CCSLC hipsters? Sure sounds like hating the BiG logo is the popular thing to do now.
  4. Imo the H logo is the better of the two. I do like the presentation.
  5. Very glad Kirby Smart brought back the blackout unis. Imo they're the best alts in cfb and should've never gone away.
  6. I'd rather they stay far, far way from this one. It gives me flashbacks of those overdesigned Affliction shirts meatheads used to wear.
  7. As a Bears fan I never thought the GSH was a feature to be proud of. I'm surprised it's being so hotly contested in this thread.
  8. Minor flaws aside, I really like these. It was about time the Lions looked the part in the best dressed division in the NFL.
  9. Every time I see a sweet new template I worry that you'll beat me to it and sure enough... Either way these are slick. I like the stripeless helmet much more than I thought I would. I just don't think we'll be seeing this particular font anymore so you could revisit that.
  10. This is what every crossover series should strive to be. It's incredible. Dare I say I'm extremely envious of your template.
  11. Reminds me of the Hasselbeck era color-way specifically. Fine by me if they wanna take the mantle of double blue and light green.
  12. It's alright. Not a huge fan of the eye and the way the lighter fur is now detached from it. Looked more natural on the previous version.
  13. This isn't particularly on-topic but that front-facing Sens logo never really struck me as a sports logo. It looks like it belongs on the cover of a retro video game.
  14. Me too. IMO Rutgers' recent changes held up well against the rest of the Big Ten teams but now I have a sinking feeling Adidas might wanna tamper with that progress.
  15. You're a wizard, mcrosby.