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  1. I can't believe some of the things I'm reading on here. "Modern" is definitely not the word I would use to describe the current Bills. They could clean up the striping some but it's still one of the best looks in the league. I also don't understand the love for the 2000's XFL set. It's so bad that I think some people are starting to sympathize too much with it.
  2. West Virginia vs. Crabtree era Texas Tech
  3. Oklahoma State is a team I feel doesn't have a distinct look anymore. Grey, chrome, alternate logos in every variation possible, and that stupid nike font treatment where they add spikes and notches everywhere just seems uninspired these days.
  4. Yes I'm sure the football team toils day and night deciding what to wear each week
  5. It's probably because this helmet screams OU at first glance. From long distances they'd be indistinguishable. That and the script just looks damn good so they should own it.
  6. Oregon has officially jumped the shark. So I get some sort of membership card for saying this right?
  7. It's almost too ironic that the worst looking teams in the NFL are all from Florida.
  8. It's a fine uniform for one game but at this point it just doesn't look like us. I do expect to see the red helmets again, maybe even next week.
  9. Yea I'm not registering the overreactions to Oregon's latest uniform. It'll come and go just like every other one-off they've done.
  10. Houston looks solid but I just don't like that look for them. I wish they had a little more character to them instead of the bland, traditional thing they got going on.
  11. Agreed. App State looked great out there. I didn't care however, for SCar's look. It looked like a poor man's Georgia blackout uniform and was simply not as sharp as their usual combo.
  12. I get your intention but it doesn't work as well without the appropriate number fonts. The color blocking is also incorrect on all but the Seahawks.
  13. The current Cowboys helmet is one of the most famous helmets in the history of the sport. Why anyone prefers the boring white version boggles my mind a lot more than it should.
  14. Which is embarassing for the 2nd biggest sports apparel brand in the world.
  15. So close yet so far.