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  1. Now that you mention it, it is a rather strange design. But there are only so many ways to draw a cardinal so I'll give them a pass for creativity.
  2. A full chest stripe and shoulder number outlines and the Wild never have to change their uniforms ever again.
  3. There is also nothing wrong with that set. Just slap an adidas logo on it and call it good Rutgers.
  4. Yup there's something about the grey facemask that just looks better than the navy. This is one of those cases where it's small changes that improve the whole set.
  5. Agreed. One of the rare cases in which the new helmet actually looks like it belongs instead of the usual white helmet for white helmet's sake. That being said, I feel as though Michigan State doesn't get nearly enough love for having one of the sharpest looks in college football.
  6. 5. The 3 different striping elements that don't go together 6. Lackluster number font
  7. As suspected, Tech is rolling with a new font. Worlds better than that flimsy :censored: we had before.
  8. Ignoring their blue field, I do like Boise's all blues on their own. Then again since everyone started mixing and matching absolutely everything for no good reason, I've grown really partial to the idea that more college teams should be striving to establish "their looks."
  9. I really, really dig this new helmet and I'm actually glad they left out the white in the stripes. It's already good northwestern stripe on its own.
  10. I'm glad you embraced the colors for the Hawks. There are literally dozens of Creamerites who want to get rid of them and I'm not sure there is a crime more heinous. Except those on Law & Order SVU of course.
  11. Looks like the silver britches rumor is dead in the water?
  12. See that's a good one. The full Seahawk though is way too overdetailed. There's good reason some of these secondary logos have been relegated to obscurity.
  13. As an aside I really really wish they'd reenlarge the front part of the horns already.
  14. A lot of high praise around here for the Bears so I'm surprised they didn't make this list. Now we truly have nothing going for us 👍🏻
  15. I mean, we already have the perfect uniform we just need to make em permanent.