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  1. Although I'd love to see full shoulder hoops come back, I'm not sure how they'd translate to Nike's current template. One can only wait and see.
  2. It is, though slightly tweaked. I'll give him that much artistic credit However I lost everything in my old hard drive so its not like I can prove anything unless the original post and my photobucket count. I'm honestly unsure of what to do. I was on the verge of shooting the guy a message but honestly I don't know what I'd gain. In the end it's just a lesson learned.
  3. I regularly browse Dribbble from time to time and lo and behold I find this: https://dribbble.com/shots/3298937-Sic-Em-Bears This is interesting to me because a while back, I posted the very first rendition of that minimalist helmet on these boards. Some users approached me about sharing it to which I replied they could simply trace over it. My line of thinking was that it was a design that really anyone could have come up with so why not let others have fun with it, which they apparently have. But that's not what bugs me about finding it on Dribbble. I take issue with it because as an outsider, it disappoints me that someone on the inside would post this level of work just to pad their own profile. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that if you get invited to a community of that caliber, you should respect the game and post your own ideas instead of piggybacking off something you found on the internet.
  4. Everything so far is gold. Lookin forward to the rest.
  5. I think it would help if you put a poll up. Gives us at least some form of consensus.
  6. Not gonna lie, those helmets look sweet. The molded facemask is my favorite part, I'm surprised it's not already a thing.
  7. Don't let the amount of feedback stop you from churning out your work. It's good stuff. Also I'm glad we agree Louisville should've never ditched that look.
  8. My eyes may be deceiving me but that does not register as honolulu blue for the Lions.
  9. I'll concede that "regardless" was not the correct term, but you've read too much into what I've said from the start. I've never once indicated that I don't care for player safety. My one and only gripe on the matter is that these innovative new helmets are looking more and more like overdesigned crap.
  10. You've really bent over backwards to try and twist my words into some "he hates player safety" narrative. I'll do the mods a solid and not play your petty little game.
  11. I had this idea as a kid. Oh boy what mindless fun that was. I remember modeling Jack in the Box's team after the Carnivores from one of their football commercials. Can't wait to see what you have in store.
  12. Always a fan of your work but man those adidas stripes really bring these down for me. Aside from that, my favorites so far are Florida and St Louis.
  13. Regardless of the helmet's safety merits, it still looks too complex in design and will distort the uniform elements. I want to reserve judgement until we actually see them on players but I have concerns about how the helmet would handle CSU's ram horns or Michigan's wings, let alone basic striping.
  14. The point is that a safe helmet can be achieved without all the extraneous details we see on the shell of the F7. It's a better looking helmet and doesn't compromise the application of team logos and striping.
  15. The highest rated helmet for reducing the risk of concussions so far is actually quite simple in design. http://www.beam.vt.edu/helmet/helmets_football.php