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  1. Small details that bother you

    Teams with mixed serif and sans serif numbers (especially 1, 4, and 7). NHL examples: Oilers / Canadiens / Rangers - 1 and 4 have serifs, but 7 does not Bruins - 1 and 7 have serifs, but 4 doesn't Lightning - 4 and 7 don't have serifs, but 1 does
  2. Unique equipment

    Per google, Murphy suffered a concussion from an elbow to the head. He missed 3 games and returned wearing that reconstructed helmet which apparently didn't deter his game at all. I had to check the date of the article - 1980. At first I thought he wound up with a blue helmet because they just snagged one from the old Houston Aeros since they wore blue, but the Aeros were long gone by 1980. Maybe there was still one hanging around the equipment room at the arena fromt the Aeros so they used it anyway? This is entirely possible... The San Jose Sharks left the Cow Palace in 1993 and when the ECHL San Francisco Bulls started prepping the Cow Palace last summer they found Sharks equipment. The Houston Apollos wore blue and white uniforms, almost exactly like the WHA Aeros, playing in the Central League for the 79-80 season and part of 80-81. That's most likely where it came from, especially if they had already folded and there was a bunch of equipment left behind.
  3. CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    Something a little different, the Edmonton Trappers Pacific Coast League rings from '84, '96, and '97:
  4. The Big Ol' Counterfeit Jersey Thread

    Pre-Edge the jerseys were made in Canada. The knockoffs didn't show up until they moved production to Asia, jacked up the prices (the 550s were $90 weren't they?), significantly lowered the quality, and introduced the worst uniform designs in any sport. I don't own any counterfeits and don't plan to, but every lost sale for Reebok is, in my opinion, well deserved.
  5. Post Your Jersey Collections

    No pictures, but my collection of 50 mostly hockey (mostly Oilers) jerseys: Edmonton Oilers 1972-'73 to 1978-'79 WHA 1972-'73 - 1973-'74 | white | Crossbar Athletic 1972-'73 - 1973-'74 | orange | Crossbar Athletic 1972-'73 - 1973-'74 | orange 1974-'75 - 1978-'79 | blue 1974-'75 - 1978-'79 | blue 1979-'80 to 1995-'96 blue & orange 1979-'80 - 1981-'82 | blue | CCM, Vintage Series 1979-'80 - 1981-'82 | white | CCM, Vintage Series 1979-'80 - 1981-'82, Glenn Anderson | blue | CCM, Vintage Series 1979-'80 - 1981-'82, Kevin Lowe | white | CCM, Vintage Series 1982-'83 - 1987-'88, Wayne Gretzky | white | Nike 1983-'84, Grant Fuhr, Campbell Conference All-Star | orange | Mitchell & Ness 1983-'84, Wayne Gretzky, Campbell Conference All-Star | orange | Mitchell & Ness 1986-'87, Grant Fuhr | blue | Mitchell & Ness 1986-'87, Wayne Gretzky | blue | Mitchell & Ness 1986-'87, Wayne Gretzky | white | Mitchell & Ness 1990-'91 - 1995-'96 | white | CCM, authentic 1996-'97 to 2006-'07 blue & copper 1996-'97 | white | CCM 1996-'97 - 2006-'07 | dark blue | Pro Player 1997-'98 - 2006-'07 | white | CCM 1999-'00 | white | Pro Player, authentic 1999-'00 | dark blue | Pro Player, authentic, with 'NHL 2000' patch 1999-'00 | white | Pro Player, authentic, with 'NHL 2000' patch 2001-'02 - 2006-'07 | dark blue alt. | Koho 2001-'02 - 2006-'07, Jason Smith | dark blue | CCM, with 'C' 2002-'03 - 2006-'07, Fernando Pisani | dark blue | CCM current set 2007-'08 - | dark blue | Reebok 2007-'08 - | white | Reebok 2008-'09 - | blue | Reebok Canada 1972 Summit Series, 7 (Phil Esposito) | red | Roger Edwards 1974 WHA Summit Series | white | Nike 1987 Canada Cup, Grant Fuhr | red | CCM, authentic, with 'Labatt Canada Cup' patch 1987 Canada Cup, Wayne Gretzky | white | Nike, with 'Labatt Canada Cup' patch 2002 - 2006 | red | Nike 2002 - 2006 | white | Nike more hockey Edmonton Road Runners | 2004-'05 | blue | SP Edmonton Oil Kings | 2007-'08 - | red | Reebok Philadelphia Flyers | 1982-'83 - 2006-'07 | white | CCM Hartford Whalers | 1992-'93 - 1996-'97 | blue | CCM, replica Western Conference All-Star | 1994 - 1997 | purple | CCM, replica Chicago Wolves | 1994-'95 - 2000-'01 | maroon | Bauer | [iHL] San Francisco Spiders | 1995-'96 | white | Bauer CBC Hockey Night In Canada | powder blue | Roger Edwards Montreal Wanderers | ca. 1917 | white | CBC Dawson City Nuggets | 1905 | black | CBC football & baseball Edmonton Eskimos | ca. late 1980s | green | Champion, authentic Edmonton Eskimos | 2005 - 2007, Singor Mobley | green | Reebok Chicago Cubs | 1990 - 1993 | white | CCM Chicago Cubs | 1992, 31 (Greg Maddux) | white | Mitchell & Ness Chicago Cubs | 1998, Sammy Sosa | white | Mitchell & Ness, with 'Harry Caray' and 'Hey Hey' patches Seattle Mariners | ca. 1995 | blue | Majestic, authentic, batting practice
  6. Name That Font!

    It's '123 and...'
  7. Odd jersey choices

    Someone was wearing a Terran Sandwith jersey at an Oilers game last year. For those of you who don't recall his illustrious NHL career:
  8. World Hockey Association Team Colors

    Yeah, I probably did base the colors off of that logo. If that's an incorrect/unofficial logo, I'll change the colors to "unknown"... There is so little information about the Civics, I was hoping you had found a new source. Recently, there was a Civics program / line-up card on eBay from one of their (two?) home games: This is the only printed material I've ever seen from the Civics and it does feature red and black although the only logo mentioned in the listing was the league logo on the back (there was no scan of the other side). Excluding metallic silver, it appears the other colours you listed were used in print by the team. However, if you are listing their uniform colours I believe they would still be the Spurs colours. The story goes that there was some sort of unofficial Civics logo used in print in Ottawa. The logo I linked to on this site is a cleaned up and somewhat modified version of this one from hockeydb which, along with a black and white version, is the first version of the Civics logo I recall seeing. I have no idea what the origin of this version of the logo is - it could be a scan or reproduction of the unofficial logo, but it could also have been created for some unofficial WHA items (pucks, pins, etc.) that were produced after the league folded.
  9. World Hockey Association Team Colors

    What was the source of the Civics colour information? I'm assuming there was no official logo sheet as there was no official Civics logo and the team only existed for 15 days, continuing to wear the Spurs colours / uniforms. Are the colours listed estimated based on this logo or did you have another source?
  10. Counterfeit Scavenger Hunt

    Purely awesome:
  11. Counterfeit Scavenger Hunt

    There have been a bunch of bad Gretzky Oilers jerseys floating around lately. It's such an odd combination of making the effort to include everything that a legit jersey would have and getting the details so very wrong / omitting obvious details. The best part, as with any ridiculous fake, is that people are bidding on them. Here are some of the "highlights": Shoulder yoke missing the white outline, squared off at the shoulder rather than rounded: Old CCM tag at the neck, CCM tags attached: Wrong name font, old style NHL 'puck' logo at hem, new style CCM at neck and sleeve in wrong colours: Strangely, this picture makes it looks like they actually copied the old nylon style numbers with the second layer being blue stitching rather than a layer of blue twill:
  12. Looking for corrections

    1977-1978 Edmonton Oilers Not exactly a correction, but I do have some limited information about a missing logo for the WHA Oilers. For at least part of the 1977-1978 season, the Oilers wore a patch bearing the logo of the upcoming 1978 Commonwealth Games: The players in the photo (Ron Busniuk and Don McLeod, I believe) place the photo sometime during 77-78 as it was the last season either played for the Oilers. The logo in the patch and on the goalie's mask is: As I only have a single, undated photo of the patch being worn I don't know for how much of the season it was worn and I don't know if it was on just the road jersey or on both the road and home jerseys.
  13. Looking for corrections

    1920-1921 and 1921-1922 - 1922-1923 Hamilton Tigers I know these versions have been widely used as official / correct logos for the team, but from pictures in the book Hamilton’s Hockey Tigers it's clear that these are crude reproductions, likely drawn from photographs. Luckily, I found a blog that references this book and includes a decent image of the 1920-1921 logo from a Mickey Roach photo and a poor quality one of the 1921-1922 - 1922-1923 logo. I also found one reasonably clear picture of the 1920-1921 logo in the Legends of Hockey Goldie Prodgers profile. These pictures help to show how much more detailed the real logos were. Given the lack of clear photographs, surviving sweaters, etc. that would allow better reproductions of the logos to be produced I think that listing the two tiger logos on the site as inaccurate or unofficial would be helpful.
  14. NHL to use RBK unis

    That's been one of the big questions / concerns from the start and there has been a lot of conflicting information, especially recently. Reebok did it to the CFL and in other sports, Nike did it at the winter Olympics and in college sports, so I don't think anyone should be too shocked if some of the new designs end up being very similar to one another.The Bulldogs jerseys were the first thing that came to mind when he talked about piping and less horizontal stripes. I didn't realize the Rivermen were wearing the same style. I think the white Bulldogs looks OK, but I don't like the way this pattern looks with the side panels being a different colour than the main body.
  15. NHL to use RBK unis

    Patrick LaForge (Oilers President and CEO) was interviewed by Dan Tencer from the Oilers radio broadcaster 630 CHED (audio here, jersey talk starts at ~5:43). I've transcribed the part related to the new jersey for those who can't or don't want to listen to the interview: DT: One of the big events, you talked about the event down in Dallas, probably aside from the all-star game that will take place on Wednesday, the biggest hype has been around what happened yesterday and that was the unveiling of the new style of jerseys put together by Reebok. What's your initial impression of the new style and the new technology? PL: I've seen it and been part of it I guess for a year and a bit and I just think its fantastic. I think it's gonna give us the modern look we need and our players are so athletic and muscular and so on and so forth the new jersey, it's not skin tight, but it brings it more into an athletic type feel and it's a rejuvenation of logos and colours so on and so forth. Very, very tight, I think. I think Oilers fans are gonna like what they see and I think the bigger more technical thing is that this is, this gear actually takes the moisture away from the players so the uncomfortablility of working in a sweaty jersey is gonna be reduced and so it also is a part of a change in gear, if you will, protection equipment underneath the jersey and so it should provide more protection for our players up and around the hips and in the arms so on and so forth, places that where players like ours who block a lot of shots and get in the way of the play a lot we should be able to count on fewer injuries. DT: The one thing that Oiler fans will or I guess could notice most drastically at the beginning of the 07-08 season is a change in style to the jersey because with the new jerseys coming in this allows teams to kind of make changes to the jerseys if they want. Are the Oilers planning to do anything too radical to the jerseys? PL: Well there will be, we're not going to have a third jersey for that year so just for that season we'll just have the home and away jersey, the white and the Oiler blue. There's no change in the logo of course, the Oiler logo and because of the way the shape, the jersey is shaped it's got a bit of a change in the way the piping will happen. There's piping in the jersey which is a technical term, ha, and I think you'll see fewer stripes, horizontal stripes on the jersey, but basically it's, basically it is a regeneration, it's very cool though. I think it's very good. The comment about "rejuvenation of logos and colours" is worrisome. I think we're in for some unpleasant surprises over the next few months, especially after seeing the jumpsuit look of the All-Star uniforms. It may not be Slugalo awful, but I expect to at least see a few jerseys that are 1970s polyester baseball pullover bad. As for the Oilers specific comments, I'm happy no changes are planned to the team logo (on a related note, I'm almost certain the oil worker secondary will be gone). Knowing Reebok's NHL practice jersey reflective piping and their CFL 'piping for everyone!' disasters this could be very, very bad, but I'm guessing the it will be something similar to the current Hamilton Bulldogs jersey The piping doesn't look so horrible on the white jersey. The coloured side panels on the red jersey though...