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    North Korean Hockey (Koryo Hockey League)

    These are insanely good sir...can't pick one I like more then any other
  2. dwertman

    NWHL Concepts

    Those are all really good, I think the Toronto one is my favorite though so far
  3. dwertman

    marble21's Formula One 2017

    These are all awesome, kinda sad to see the Manor one since they are effectively out of business now though, since that means all three of those teams that came in at the same time are now gone. I am interested in seeing the look of the McLaren if the rumors of a majority orange livery end up being true
  4. dwertman

    AHL | Chicago Wolves Rebrand | w/ Chicago flag colors

    I really really like that, for some reason the bottom of his mouth looks a bit off to me, but it may be just me lol, but all told awesome job and an amazing update
  5. dwertman

    World Premier League

    I like the idea you are going for, it would never work in the real world, but I like the idea. That being said there is a lot of potential in the idea, but I also agree with the sentiment that these are far to simplistic for what you are trying to do
  6. These are all really really good, I would say that my favorite so far is the Edmonton one, but I have stock in Suncor so I may be a bit biased Good work so far man
  7. dwertman

    St.Louis using Rams name in the CFL

    I would imagine Goodell's fleet of lawyers would have a field day with that one, let alone Stan Kroenke. Besides they wouldn't let Baltimore use the Colts name during the mid 90s US expansion, so why would they let any football team use the Rams...its a nice theory though
  8. dwertman

    16-17 Soccer Kits

    As much as I try not to I really like that Celtic third..nothing will beat the bumblebee though
  9. dwertman

    NHL Defunct Redux - Rockies and QC Bulldogs!

    I would have to agree about the peach..it works for me as a secondary or outline color, not as the main. That being said everything else here is near perfect. I always liked that secondary logo as opposed to the main logo they used. Nicely done all in all
  10. dwertman

    Hartford Whalers Concept Logo

    Insanely good...I have to agree on the wordmark, while i understand what you were going for It just doesn't work for me, but i am also in the minority I don't think it needs blue I like the color scheme as it stands now
  11. dwertman

    English Soccer League (Complete!)

    Just found this today for some reason Following thread now
  12. dwertman

    Defunct Hockey by Adidas

    Kenora Thistles or Montreal Wanderers would be two I have to wonder if Adidas will work the traditional 3 stripes in there somewhere..but other then that nice series so far
  13. dwertman

    2015-16 Soccer Kits and News

    Yeah I am pretty sure i like that...A lot...and I may be in the minority but i really like the Germany away..not exactly sure why but I do
  14. dwertman

    Two Team Skyline Forum Signatures (Taking Requests)

    No problem! I'm glad you like it. Does anyone else have any requests? Hey if your still doing requests could you do one for the Chicago Blackhawks,Green Bay Packers,Manchester United and Real Madrid..you can untint them or tint them either way..but these are awesome sir
  15. dwertman

    2015-16 Soccer Kits and News

    Did they? Unless they've replaced their home kit with that, I like it. Id probably have to concur with you on that one sir..I do like it as well...but i think it works better with the sponsor on the left
  16. dwertman

    Umbro Takes The English Premier League

    the fact that you took Chevy off the Man U kit makes it a win in my book
  17. dwertman

    Star Based Championship Signatures By Request!

    A Blackhawks one would be sweet and would you be upset if i used the Packers one
  18. dwertman

    Bakersfield Condors AHL logo unveiled

    its not the worst of the new AHL team logos IMO...but its far from the best...you guys are right though he does look good in Oiler colors
  19. dwertman

    Hockey SImulators

    Don't have it, but everything I've heard about Franchise Hockey Manager its the red headed step child to OOTP. Not the worst game ever made but I would give it a pass just based on the reviews. To be fair though it was their first crack and they do seem to be pretty responsive to customer feedback. There's also a new game from them out in May. Might be worth the wait. I own it, bought it in the beta test phase, it definitely has a half done feel to it (even to this day) and a lot of things are not very good when it comes to the mechanics of the simulation of the games. It does however have a fictional league creator but it basically just renames the real players. I am intrigued though in the next version that is supposed to be out in a few months, because it looks like they are on the right path to make it much better, but will have to see it in action first
  20. dwertman

    Cincinnati Cyclones new logo/uni

    The logo is a big upgrade..not a fan of the jersey though
  21. dwertman

    2014/15 International Football

    ESPNFC.com is saying that United have finally agreed to pay 75 million euros up front and another 15 in add-ons for Angel Di Maria, and they should finalize it on Monday and give him the #7 shirt...people are complaining that they could by three decent players for that kind of money..but they are kinda at the point where they have to make a big splash like this..i will be interested to see where he fits into the system though
  22. dwertman

    2014/15 International Football

    I really wish they would put the Grand Stade Metropole in FIFA...but you should root for Marseilles my friend...they have Marcelo Bielsa managing...and Thauvin is awesomeness
  23. dwertman

    2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Fairly typical for an AC Milan away. Not a big fan of the bottom of the shirt but Jesus H. Christ what an awful crest. Its actually the logo for Casa Milan...the Headquarters building for the club
  24. dwertman

    2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Is it wrong that I want one of those Everton kits and I'm not a fan Oh and that Bolton kit is a thing of beauty
  25. dwertman

    European Soccer Concept Cup VOTING

    La Harve Dortmund Berlin Stuttgart FC Tyne London La Seine Nottingham