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  1. fouhy12

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Has anybody seen pictures of the field? I'm curious to see if the design will be any different this year.
  2. Yes, it bothers me. There should be two stripes on the helmet.
  3. Seahawks breaking out the gray pants in Dallas. When was the last time they wore navy over gray?
  4. fouhy12

    NHL 2018-19

    The Kings are unique in that they have two, possibly even three, distinct color schemes that have a long history and would make for fantastic branding. Whether you want them to wear purple and gold, black and silver, or purple and black is simply a matter of personal opinion because all three have very valid arguments for being the "true" color scheme of the Kings.
  5. fouhy12

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    LSU-UCF is a pretty good looking game. LSU's uniforms are classic, and they contrast well with UCF. That stadium provides a fantastic aesthetic in addition, IMO.
  6. This is the nightmare scenario for the Super Bowl, right?
  7. fouhy12

    NFL changes 2019

    I don't think the Colts' uniforms need to be touched, except for one thing. Why is there a single stripe on the helmet, but there are double stripes everywhere else on the uniform? That's always bothered me. The helmet should match everything else.
  8. fouhy12

    NFL changes 2019

    The Bills went back to uniforms that are basically their late 70's ones in 2011. When the Giants changed uniforms in 2005, they went back to their 60's uniforms. Same with the Jets when they made their change in 1998.
  9. fouhy12

    NHL 2018-19

    I've always wanted the Bruins to switch the colors on the road yoke. Make it like the Orr-era jerseys with a yellow yoke at home and on the road. It's gorgeous. Also, go back to yellow socks.
  10. fouhy12

    Uniform matchups that never happened

    Despite playing in the same division, the Pats have never worn their standard road white uniforms against the Dolphins wearing aqua over white since their rebrand in 2013. Now that the Dolphins made those tweaks to their uniform, we'll never get this exact one. Since the rebrand, the Dolphins have either worn all white, all aqua, or their throwback alternates against the Pats.
  11. Man, these Dolphins uniforms are nice
  12. fouhy12

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I think a double green/silver/white color scheme could be really cool. It would certainly be unique.
  13. Chargers honestly never need to wear the navy pants again.
  14. fouhy12

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I still think OSU-Mich should be color vs color one of these times.