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  1. I would also note San Francisco (Chinatown, nuff said) and Houston (Yao Ming) as well.
  2. Lonesome Rider by Volbeat (Feat. Sarah Blackwood) Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson Ashes in Your Mouth by Megadeth Survival by Eminem Eye of the Tiger by Survivor Doc Holliday by Volbeat Rock or Bust by AC/DC Roll to Me by Del Amitri Master of Puppets by Metallica Friends by Blake Shelton I Apologize by Five Finger Death Punch Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash Cult of Personality by Living Color God Knows by Mando Diao Absolute Zero by Stone Sour Down and Out by Tantric Highway 60 by the Hart Strings (a local band from people I went to high school with) The Wanderer by Dion The Sound of Silence by Disturbed (a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's song)
  3. Hey Mr.Nascar, I would like to request my favorite pokemon, Cloyster (All 3)
  4. Thank you for being understandable and you're right all the criticisms about Trump including Trump U and his lack of background in government compared to Clinton. I truly believe that much of his support is due to anger (rightfully or wrongfully so IMO) and that people are tired of the Bushes (in the primary) and Clintons (in the general potentially). For me, I agree more with his policy (2A rights and immigration) than I do with Clinton even I if disagree with his words he says.
  5. Here's my picks: MLB: New York Yankees- The pinstripes are an instant classic and the brand is massive which make them the best identity in the MLB. Honorable Mentions include the A's (Green and Gold), St. Louis Cardinals, and LA Dodgers. NBA: Boston Celtics- Outside of the alternates (which I don't like on them), their identity hasn't changed much at all since the Bill Russell days and with the NBA modernizing the uniforms, seeing their uniforms are a breath of fresh air. (HM include the Kings, Lakers, and Spurs). NHL: Detroit Red Wings- Like the the first two teams, they haven't changed their looks very much and their identity still looks great even in 2016 (HMs include the Pens, Sharks, and Preds) NFL: Minnesota Vikings- Purple and Gold never looked so good with the most recent rebrand yet it has all the charm of the older Vikings uniforms. (HM's include Raiders, Colts, and Packers).
  6. I try and stay away from the thread, but I really don't think Trump is as bad as they say he is. Yes, Trump has said things that I personally disagree with (mocking a disabled reporter for example), but if the worst thing he did was saying "bigoted" things and his casinos failing in Atlantic City (as a businessman BTW), to me, he comes across cleaner than Clinton (even with Trump's issues). Clinton did things that are far worse IHMO than anything Trump did including voting for the Iraq War (Trump said no), letting Benghazi happen (even with the republicans cutting funds on embassy security), and "mismanaged" classified emails that could threaten national security. Ted Cruz said at the RNC convention to vote with your conscience and as bad as Trump could be, I rather take my chances with him than ever vote for Clinton. If Trump does indeed become a bad president, he will definitely be voted out in 2020 (trust me, he will). P.S- I get the thread is not safe for Trump supporters, but there must be some different viewpoints in the thread.
  7. Favorite: NBA: The nicest I went to is the Amway Center in Orlando (my first ever NBA game). I think it is a surprisingly nice arena and we got good seats to the game. Least Favorite: I would say Sleep Train Arena in Sac Town but thank goodness the Kings finally get a new arena. MLB: Favorite: Great American Ballpark: Definitely one of the cooler ballparks in the NL Least Favorite: O.co Coliseuim: As much flak the Trop gets, at least there is no sewage leaks at the Trop compared to the Colisieum. NFL: Favorite: Lucas OIl Stadium: It is my favorite sporting venue and has everything a great venue should have; looks, charm, design, etc. The only issue is that I've never been to a Colts game in Indy...yet. Least Favorite: FedEx Field: Just so boring and move the Redskins (eh, I mean Washington Football team ) back to DC.
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins new away jersey.
  9. I've been a 'Guins fan since Lemieux played for them (and he introduced me to the NHL).
  10. I love this uniform a lot and I wish the Magic did as set based on this.
  11. Or Penguins taking the next 3 to continue the suffering of Sharks fans here.
  12. Let's take this Cup back to the Igloo 2.0!